CC churn 9 is cards in a year too much?

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  1. Extra Pack of Peanuts

    Extra Pack of Peanuts Silver Member

    I'm also on board with those who are believers in the US Airways Barclay card. Some scoff at it because it is "only" 40k but it's got a few great things going for it:
    1. No minimum spend requirement (hello $1 cheeseburger)
    2. Waived first year fee (not uncommon but still nice)
    3. Barclays pulls Transunion, atleast for most of us.
    4. It counted as a hit in this year's GS and will (hopefully) next year.

    Basically, it's a free 40,000 since you don't get an Experian or Equifax pull and you don't have a minimum spend or a fee. I'd take that everytime.

    Lastly, it appears to be churnable. If this is the case, then sign me up (again, and again, and again)!
  2. miles and smiles
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    miles and smiles Gold Member

    USAir card also offers:

    Holders of this credit card get 5K discounts on reward redemptions.

    *Earn 10,000 miles towards Dividend Miles Preferred status
    *Up to two $99 companion tickets annually
    *Preferred check-In
    *Preferred Zone 2 boarding
    *One complimentary US Airways Club day pass annually
    *Discount on annual US Airways Club membership

    Barclays also offers the Choice Privileges Visa which has no annual fee and offers double points on ALL purchases.
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  3. ocmikelaw

    ocmikelaw Member

    As suggested I applied for the US Air Card. The instant result was the lower level card. I really don't want that offer. My TU score is around 750 with no pulls. Anyone have luck appealing that decision?
  4. Simon
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    Simon Milepoint Guide

    Given i`m in a country where churning cards is next to impossible, i`m very jealous if you can pull of 9 in one year . Good luck with applying for all those cards and taking advantage of all the great sign up bonuses!
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  5. infamousdx

    infamousdx Silver Member

    As per the more extensive thread on FT, it doesn't seem that Barclays will change their decision. It sucks when they approve you for the lower offer without even giving you a chance but that's the risk with a Barclays card.
  6. KathInJax

    KathInJax Silver Member

    I ended up with the lower level card - besides the lack of Zone 2 boarding, everything else should be the same. Is there a reason that you don't want the platinum card?
  7. ocmikelaw

    ocmikelaw Member

    The real reason is it's half the points. But if it's as churnable as I hear maybe it doesn't make a difference. I'm trying to put bulk up on points but not for any specific purpose. My wife and I are pretty booked for this year (I paid for everything before I started following this site :rolleyes:). But I might look to book a Hawaiian trip next year - maybe 1st class. I shouldn't be greedy.
  8. infamousdx

    infamousdx Silver Member

    Since people are saying it's churnable (without even cancelling the old card), what is the time frame after the previous application in which people are applying again?
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  9. KathInJax

    KathInJax Silver Member

    What link did you use? Here is the wording from

    The only reason that I know about the lack of Zone 2 boarding is because I read the T&C package with the card, but I definitely received 40,000 miles with first purchase.
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  10. miles and smiles
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    miles and smiles Gold Member

    Please note that not everyone who has tried to churn this card has had success. So, I advise you to proceed cautiously.
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  11. Jeff the Wanderer

    Jeff the Wanderer Silver Member

    Maybe I jumped into this a little heavier than most, but 2011 was my first year playing the credit card game. I was approved for 17 new cards and my wife for 13. Her number was lower just because I didn't do the October churn for her, since some of the cards I was getting had higher spend requirements. We did have to call reconsideration numbers for several of the cards later in the year, but with a little smooth talking we got over 1.5 million miles and points for the year. I just did a January Churn for my wife and went 4 for 4 with approvals for another 175k in bonus miles. If you play the game correctly and have high credit scores, 9 cards should be no problem as long as they are spread out between the major banks.
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  12. KathInJax

    KathInJax Silver Member

    My Mother did just receive a solicitation for the US Airways MasterCard for "40,000" miles - it was 30,000 miles + 10,000 miles for a balance transfer. In the T&C, it says that if you are approved for the Platinum card, you will only be given 15,000 pts.

    Maybe you applied with this link, instead of
  13. particlemn

    particlemn Silver Member

    9 cards is defenitly realistic, I did 9 cards in 2011 but I have a 20 year credit history, If I was starting out with credit I would take it a bit easier. of those 9 cards 3 of them were citi hilton hhonors cards, apply, spend, cancel, repeat
  14. LarryInNYC

    LarryInNYC Gold Member

    Could you post your list of cards?
  15. Jeff the Wanderer

    Jeff the Wanderer Silver Member

    December 2010 - Citi AA Visa (wasn't aware of churning yet)
    March 2011 - Chase Southwest Visa, Amex Platinum, Delta Gold Amex, Hilton Amex, Citi Hilton Visa, Capital One Venture
    May 2011 - Chase British Airways Visa (not a churn day, but too good of a bonus to not try)
    July 2011 - Citi AA Business Visa, Bank of America Alaska Visa, Bank of America Spirit Mastercard, Chase Continental Onepass Plus, SPG Amex
    October 2011 - Chase Sapphire Preferred, Citi Thank You Premier, Bank of Hawaii Hawaiian Visa, Barclay's US Airways Mastercard

    I am not necessarily recommending you do this same thing. Many of the bonuses that I got are not nearly as high right now as they were when I applied and I got a couple of cards that I might not apply for if I knew as much as I do now (ex. Spirit MC). I made some mistakes, but I was still learning, and I guess you could say that I was quite successful for my first year. These are only my personal cards. We also did 13 for my wife, but they were mostly the same so I didn't see the need to list them here. All of these cards are still open except the Citi AA Visa, which I closed at renewal due to the annual fee. Hope this helps.
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  16. Sweet Willie
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    Sweet Willie Gold Member

    some lenders (I used to sell credit info) would decide which bureau to use down to the zip+4 level.
  17. LarryInNYC

    LarryInNYC Gold Member

    Thanks, just trying to gain some perspective on the whole thing.
  18. TheTravelAbstract

    TheTravelAbstract Silver Member

    Another fun fact is that BoA Alasaka Airlines, BoA Hawaiian Airlines, Barclays US Airways cards are all churnable every 90 days.

    Alaska you do not even need to cancel the previous cards.

    Hawaiian has seen people get approved w/o canceling the card. But I would lean towards canceling just to be safe.

    Barclay's is the same as Hawaiian. But you can also get the Business cards on top of that. Plus if you get demoted to the different version of the card you still get miles, just a little less.


    But those have been recorded often enough to be mentioned as some of the last true CC churns.

    This thread is talking more about applying for 9 different CC's over the course of a year and not churning the same CC's every 4 months.
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  19. tondoleo
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    tondoleo Gold Member

    Please remember the annual fees are not waived on the BofA Alaska card. This may be tempered for some by the $ 99.00 companion ticket and 2 boardroom passes.
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  20. miles and smiles
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    miles and smiles Gold Member

    Are you now aware that Citi is very generous in giving statement credits for the fee and/or other benefits if you renew?
    I now consider my Citi AA MC to be a no-fee card because I have no renewed it twice without having to pay anything.
  21. Jeff the Wanderer

    Jeff the Wanderer Silver Member

    I am aware, but thanks for mentioning it because I would guess that many people do not know that. I did call a month ahead of time to talk to the retention department. They gave me an $85 credit (equal to the renewal fee) and offered a 750 mile bonus on the first $750 spent for each of the next 16 months. I happily accepted and used the credit. Then I called and canceled before the fee was charged. Even with the 750 bonus miles per month, I would only be earning 2 miles per dollar and it would not have been my choice card to use. I am usually working on minimum spend for new cards and I can often do better than or equal to 2 miles per dollar in bonus categories with other cards. The fact that this card is rumored to be churnable every 18 months was the final factor in my decision. I can just wait a little while and try for the bonus again.
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  22. miles and smiles
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    miles and smiles Gold Member

    I'm glad to hear you know.
    It is not necessary to cancel before applying for a new card. I held my Personal MC while I applied for the business Visa and the personal Visa. I believe that Citi has even let folks have two of the same variety (two Visa, two AMEX, etc.), but my memory is getting hazy on that detail.......
    I've now gone in the other direction. I only apply for cards I intend to keep long-term; either they have no annual fee or their fee is offset by benefits like a free hotel night, etc.
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  23. dildooba44

    dildooba44 Silver Member

    How is Amex on churning? I recently received an Amex Delta Gold and have been considering going for the Amex Platinum in the near future (September) since I'll start traveling overseas. How long should one wait with Amex, considering that I have excellent credit (got the SPG in 2007).
  24. Kalboz
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    Kalboz Gold Member

    6 months between AMEX cards
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  25. Extra Pack of Peanuts

    Extra Pack of Peanuts Silver Member

    I just had my mom call in the retention department for the Citi/AA cards and this is the deal they offered her:

    25,000 AA miles and 3x AA miles on EVERY PURCHASE!

    I have absolutely NO CLUE how she pulled this off, but that has to be the best retention bonus anyone has ever gotten, right? I mean, 25,000 miles to keep the card open is awesome in and of itself (I told her to shoot for 7k-10k) and then they are going to give her 3x on EVERY PURCHASE? Insane!

    Needless to say, she kept the card open.

    Anyone else have stories of something crazy like this happening?

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