changes to delta's vouchers policy affecting tomorrow DEC 15, no more than 1 voucher per purchase!

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  1. daemon14

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    Glad I just used up a $400 voucher a little while back. Still have another $400 and a $100 one that expire this summer ... it'll be tougher to use if I can't combine them!
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  2. TravelerRob
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    Sorry but I'm going to call bull$hit on this one. This *will* be a permanent change - DL will make money off of this and has absolutely zero reason to change the policy back. I'm referring to the ability to combine vouchers for a single ticket. They may allow the transfer of a voucher but even that I'd call BS on.

    It seems like DL is saying there's a problem (someone can create vouchers because they figured out the numbering scheme) and can use them to buy tickets without the voucher being valid and they're going to lock it down by a) requiring a SM number for each voucher; and b) restricting the ability to transfer said voucher; and c) no longer being able to combine vouchers for future tickets.

    The only solution to the problem is "a" - require a SkyMiles number and tie them to an account. I suspect DL can't do this because anyone could create bogus SM numbers.

    And if someone can randomly generate a number that happens to be an eCert ticket number why can't they do the same with actual flights in an itinerary?

    No, I think the DL agent fed you a complete line of crap. If the vouchers are indeed being "stolen" then tying them to an SM number is all you need and the problem is solved. But DL didn't stop there - they came up with a customer unfriendly practice again.

    Lastly, I'll add that I see this as an opportunity for elites to get *more* bumps. Why? Because the gate agents will be too busy (or lazy) to create a SM account for Joe Schmoe who wants to volunteer their seat on a flight; the agent would rather just take the person who already has a ticket issued with a SkyMiles account attached to it.

    <Done ranting>. Personally this change doesn't bother me as I never knew you could combine eCerts anyway - I never had to use more than one per ticket. And I never tried to transfer mine either. But DL continues with the unfriendly customer practices...

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  3. Handleman20

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  4. Delta Points
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    Delta Points Silver Member

    Here are the new T&C's
  5. riceoven

    riceoven Silver Member

    i just found out about this the hard way. last time i got a bump voucher was before these rule changes, so I had a ticket in mind when I accepted the $600 bump voucher on a recent flight. The agent actually "ran out of funds" and had to give me a $400 voucher and asked another gate to lend her a $200 voucher to make my $600. When I called to redeem a $605 ticket for my father, the agent told me I would be violating two of the new policies: cannot combine multiple vouchers, and the voucher is non-transferable to another customer. In the end, I spoke to a manager who made a one time exception for me (she claimed it was only possible since my dad shared the same last name as me) and booked the ticket with both vouchers (since it was their fault they couldn't give me ONE $600 voucher). Next time I'm going to think twice before volunteering.

    Question: I've never personally seen oversold flights offering miles instead of vouchers. Is it possible to ask for a miles option (or other options) instead of vouchers?
  6. USAF_Pride
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    USAF_Pride Gold Member

    I've never been offered miles nor would I take them (well, I would if there MQM). 25K miles does not a free ticket make!
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  7. Delta Points
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    Delta Points Silver Member

    DL still not budging on this rule. So sad!:oops:
  8. Stils

    Stils Silver Member

    So the residual value is definitely true correct? If I have a $400 voucher and my flight is $250 then I should have the remaining amount to use on my next booking? This is the first voucher I've gotten... and I have to say I'm extremely pumped about it. I think that just means I am easily bought. :eek:
    As long as the skymiles were equal to the dollar amount I'm okay with it. A $400 voucher to me is the same as 40,000 skymiles since you can pay with miles. Although poster Redtailshark keeps going on and on about how skymiles will be even more completely worthless any minute so maybe I should change my thought pattern.
  9. daemon14

    daemon14 Gold Member

    Yes, if you have a $400 voucher and use $150, you'll have $250.

    HOWEVER, from past experience, the 24-hour cancellation rule does not apply to vouchers, so use it only if you're sure of it.
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