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  1. jmcnyc

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    I'm staying at the Westin St. Francis in SF later this week and due to a big sales conference will need to move to the W SF on 3rd & Howard. Is there a service to move bags between hotels as they're both Starwood? When I called the hotels they seemed baffled.
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  3. newbluesea
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    Despite being both SPG they are after all completing properties (perhaps for different demographics) so no surprise they would be baffled.:)
    Is there a similar service anywhere else at least in US, that you know about?
  4. 7Continents
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    Can you be more specific on what you want to move? The W is an extremely easy 8 minute walk downhill. Would you need more than a taxi? Or are you looking for one of the St. Regis butlers to come, pack you up, move you and unpack? After all, they are Starwood as well >>> :D
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    You're lucky to be moving. The Westin St Francis is definitely not one of my favorite hotels and IME it doesn't do well at handling large convention crowds. I would expect the W to be a better experience overall.

    If the W offers Acura car service, they might be willing to pick you up before check in....or you could walk to the W, check in, and then take the Acura back up to Union Square to pick up your luggage, although the tips for bell persons to store your luggage and the driver wouldn't be much less than taxi fare, so this would just be a waste of time unless you're really cheap....With a normal amount of luggage on wheels, the best option is just to walk between hotels.

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