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[Charity Fundraiser] Rockies/Reds Baseball Game (Saturday)

Discussion in 'Charity Event Bidding' started by Randy Petersen, Aug 24, 2011.  |  Print Topic

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  1. Randy Petersen
    • Original Member

    Randy Petersen Founder

    When: Saturday, September 10, 2:10 PM game time
    Where: Coors Field.
    What: Colorado Rockies vs. Cincinnati Reds. VIP lounge tickets joining United pilots, Tommy777 and Randy Petersen with free drinks and food
    Quantity: First registered, first to eat a hot dog.
    Time: 2:10 game time. You will not be able to join the Hyatt 2PM session, and it may be tight for the event at 5PM on Saturday night.

    Instructions: Please register your bid by posting the bid to this thread (you may update your bid at any time to qualify for the top 20 spots—only the top 20 bids are accepted).

    Tick Tock: Bids for all auctions close Sunday, August 28, Noon Central Time

    Charity Proceeds:100% of the net proceeds will go to the Captain Jason Dahl Scholarship Fund and their amazing scholarship work for aspiring pilots. Prompt payment via Paypal will follow shortly after.
  2. mommypoints

    mommypoints Gold Member

    $110 for me. Go Rockies!
  3. legalalien
    • Original Member

    legalalien Gold Member

    $100, but only if I don't win UA simulator time, or if I win and can make both.
  4. tommy777
    • Original Member

    tommy777 Co-founder

    Bidding 100 bucks x 4 for four seats. Firefly, Randy, Tommy and Pizza
  5. Mr. Max

    Mr. Max Silver Member

  6. Canadi>n
    • Original Member

    Canadi>n Gold Member

    A Royal Ambassador referral certificate to be raffled off in flight and proceeds to the Scholarship Fund.
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  7. Switch2

    Switch2 Silver Member

    $150, if this conflicts with the trip to the base, i'll pick this. Do we get transported there and back too?
  8. rehoult
    • Original Member

    rehoult Silver Member

    $100 each for 2
  9. GlobeTrotter1

    GlobeTrotter1 Silver Member

  10. ParanoiaTX
    • Original Member

    ParanoiaTX Gold Member

  11. Whiskarina

    Whiskarina Silver Member

    $125 I want some quality time with the organizers. Go Red Sox!!
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  12. rdraper

    rdraper Silver Member

  13. jetsetr
    • Original Member

    jetsetr Gold Member

    Bid $51
  14. peteropny
    • Original Member

    peteropny Milepoint Guide

    Not Boston Red Sox but Cincinnati Reds.
  15. ex-seatguru

    ex-seatguru Silver Member

  16. Sean Colahan
    • Original Member

    Sean Colahan Gold Member

  17. Whiskarina

    Whiskarina Silver Member

    Sorry to confuse you Peteropny. I am aware the game is between the Colorado Rockies and Cincinnati Reds. I am a diehard Boston Red Sox / NE Patriots fan and that was a simple shout out to the Boston Red Sox. I'm actually not interested in who is playing, but interested in spending quality time the organizers. Perhaps you would like to put in a bid for this event?
  18. tommy777
    • Original Member

    tommy777 Co-founder

    Pizza and myself are die hard Yankees fans (did you happen to watch the game Thursday ;)) should be interesting...
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  19. jetsetr
    • Original Member

    jetsetr Gold Member

    Pizza, tommy777 AND jetsetr are die-hard Yankees fans. Bring it on. :)
  20. reedonworld

    reedonworld Active Member

  21. rdraper

    rdraper Silver Member

    Upping my bid to $60
  22. rehoult
    • Original Member

    rehoult Silver Member

    UPDATED.x3 With 2 minutes to go....

    1) Switch2 150
    2) GlobeTrotter1 126
    3) Whiskarina 125
    4) Mr. Max 125
    5) mommypoints 110
    6) alliance 110
    7) legalalien 100 (contingent on not getting sim)
    8) tommy777 100
    9) tommy777 100
    10) tommy777 100
    11) tommy777 100
    12) rehoult 100
    13) rehoult 100
    14) jetsetr 51
    15) ex-seatguru 77
    16) Sean Colahan 77
    17) peteropny 62
    18) rdraper 60
    19) reedonworld 56
    20) paranoiatx 52
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  23. peteropny
    • Original Member

    peteropny Milepoint Guide

    A bid for my +1 (I really should attend the Hyatt event) - $62.
  24. jetsetr
    • Original Member

    jetsetr Gold Member

    I'll increase my bid to $80
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