Chase UA/CO Which to Cancel?

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  1. hashj01

    hashj01 Active Member

    I'm trying to decide if I should cancel my Chase CO OnePass Plus MasterCard now (would have to pay my first annual fee on 2/14/12) with the hopes of possibly getting the Chase MP Explorer card later. I signed up for the CO card before they set the requirement that if you'd been a cardholder before, you can't go for the Explorer.

    I also have the UA Select visa (3x UA/CO, 2x Gas Groceries Restaurants, 1x everything else). I wouldn't need to cancel that one if I wanted to apply for the MP Explorer card later, would I? I'm still too new to the card churning game and don't fly often enough to want to pay the annual fee on 2 cards for the same airline. Then again, who would?!? :)

    Any suggestions?
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  2. genemk2

    genemk2 Gold Member

    Don't forget that the Chase United Select also gets you up to 5000 EQMs per year - 1 per dollar spent at For that reason alone, I kept the United card and merged my credit limit from the CO card to the UA one.
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  3. tassojunior
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    tassojunior Silver Member

    Close the CO fast. Otherwise it will automatically be turned into a United Explorer card and you can't get the bonus. Even if you had the United card before you can get the bonus for the United Explorer.
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  4. theBOAT
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    theBOAT Silver Member

    Do not get rid of the United 3x card! There's no way to get it back once you do (not accepting new applications), and it's benefits are vastly superior to the Explorer card. At least IMHO :)


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  5. hashj01

    hashj01 Active Member

    Thanks for re-affirming my line of thought, everyone. I called and cancelled the CO card this morning. I had moved all but $500 in credit line to my UA card a few months ago figuring that's what I'd do then, but wanted to wait in case a better offer came along. I didn't mind losing the small amount of credit limit since there's always a chance I'll be able to get the Explorer card (and maybe a lucrative sign up bonus) in the future.The rep said I'd have another pull on my credit report if they looked to approve moving that last $500 over to the UA card, and since I just signed up and was approved for the AA 50K offer, I didn't want another pull. I'll probably want to wait until later in the summer before I do another pull for the Explorer if there even is a good offer going on then anyway.
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  6. Scottrick
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    Scottrick Gold Member

    I agree with everyone here. The CO card is essentially the same thing as the new Explorer card. If you want to open a new UA account in the future, close the CO card. I just did the same thing two weeks ago and also moved my credit line. $500 is nothing when I routinely get approved for $10K+ on each new Chase card.

    The UA Select card is already a superior card if you have any kind of elite status, and there's no indication something like it will be offered again in the future. If you close the CO card and later decide you made a mistake, you can always open a new Explorer account.
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  7. bmg42000
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    bmg42000 Gold Member

    I do like the United Card > CO card.
  8. traveltoomuch

    traveltoomuch Silver Member

    I currently have the UA Select, CO One Pass Plus, AND the UA Explorer card. The Explorer was issued within the last two months. Chase balked a little, and I closed a different chase account to appease them.

    Longer term, I absolutely intend to keep the UA Select card and I'll probably merge the One Pass Plus and Explorer credit lines into one card. I'm contemplating closing both the CO One Pass Plus and the Explorer -- there are only two benefits that would compel me to keep them open: the primary rental car cover and the upgrades on award tickets. If they offer award upgrades to Select cardholders, I might look for another place to get the rental cover and save myself that nasty annual fee.
  9. United Connection

    United Connection Silver Member

    As others have said, close CO and apply for MP Explorer. You can find a 50k offer after 1st purchase if you have UA/CO status. (Will be advertised as 60k, but 10k are only after making $25k worth of purchases in a calendar year).

    I just did exactly this about 3 days ago.
  10. LAXtraveler
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    LAXtraveler Gold Member

    My wife has a CO OPP but not a UA card at the moment. However, she doesn't have any other Chase cards currently, but is also not being offered the 50k UA bonus as of now. Is it worth closing the CO card now so she doesn't get stuck with the new UA card and miss out on the bonus? Should we just apply for that card at the current lower offer and try to bump it up?
  11. United Connection

    United Connection Silver Member

    1) Go to and log into your wife's MP account.
    2) Click this link:
    It should show as a 60k offer (50k +10k) after you do do that, assuming you either have UA status (what some folks are saying) or >0 miles in your UA account (what other folks are saying).
  12. boxergal

    boxergal Silver Member

    When I logged into my United MP account this morning, I did see the 60K offer, but when I tried to apply, it said that the offer is no longer offered.
  13. OnTehWings
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    OnTehWings Gold Member

    Likewise as well...
  14. LAXtraveler
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    LAXtraveler Gold Member

    You think the offer has been terminated?
  15. boxergal

    boxergal Silver Member

    It says the offer is not currently available ... don't know if that means terminated, but the 60K offer is still shown when I log into my United MP account this morning.
  16. genemk2

    genemk2 Gold Member

    A friend just got an email for the 60000 mile offer yesterday, so probably still going on, just targeted.
  17. My readers have reported, as I have experienced, getting 25K+5K bonus miles making one purchase with both CO OnePass AND UA Explorer cards, eventhough Chase seems to say you can only get one bonus. My hunch is that it is not a big enough problem to track or restrict. Back on October 19, 2011, I saw clearer wording about only getting a bonus on one card. I no longer see that.

    When in doubt, get CO now, and cancel before they turn it into UA. You can find this somewhat ambiguous ("may not be...") language in both cards' Ts&Cs now:
  18. EggSS4

    EggSS4 Silver Member

    I was under the impression that if you already had a United card and a CO card, and then canceled the CO card that you would not be eligible for the Explorer card since you already had a United card. Is that accurate?
  19. catgirl
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    catgirl Gold Member

    I too have the MP Select Card (LOVE this card and will never close it) and the OP Card that I got last April'ish of last year. I was debating what to do with the CO Card. I thought about moving the CL over to my MP card and just closing out.
  20. Regarding your credit limit, definitely (in the words of the great George Thorogood) move it on over.
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  21. United Connection

    United Connection Silver Member

    Not in my experience.

    At the time of my MP Explorer App I had or had had:
    -UA MP Visa Signature (2 - one closed one downgraded to:
    -UA MP Visa Gold (0.5 RDM / $ card)
    -CO OP MasterCard

    I was approved for the Explorer and then immediately canceled the OP card as it was coming due for an annual fee. Seems clear from other posts in this thread that YMMV, but they are definitely not blanket declining people on the basis of already having other UA/CO cards.
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  22. Stephen
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    Stephen Gold Member

    I have a PresPlus CO card, and they just sent me a new one, and lowered my interest, and raised my credit limit....odd change in a time of flux, but Chase probably owns CO more than the shareholders, so I guess they know what is going on ;)
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  23. genemk2

    genemk2 Gold Member

    What do you like most about that PresPlus Card? I was debating getting it (because it comes bundled with the United Club Membership and you can earn EQMs)
  24. TheTravelAbstract

    TheTravelAbstract Silver Member

    I'd be more interested in people getting the 50k+10k bonus on both CO OnePass AND UA Explorer cards, even though Chase says you can only get the bonus once.

    Any readers give feedback on that?
  25. Stephen
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    Stephen Gold Member

    FlexEQM bank.
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