Chase UA/CO Which to Cancel?

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  1. United Connection

    United Connection Silver Member

    I got both, though my OP bonus was earlier last year, so YMMV if you are looking to apply for both cards now.
  2. Photonerd71

    Photonerd71 Silver Member

    I just upgraded my Onepass plus card to the presplus card. (Just came in the mail today actually). My main reason was lounge access, plus 2 checked bags vs 1. The annual fee is about the same as annual club membership (more or less) so that pretty much evens out in the end. Now all i have to do is wait for my club member card to arrive i guess.
  3. catgirl
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    catgirl Gold Member

    Limit was nothing to write home about since it was was my 4th chase acct. thanks!
  4. cvarming
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    cvarming Silver Member

    I have the CO OP from last year and I just got an instant approval of the new United card. So the computer does not kick out your application just because you already have a CO/UA product. Now, fingers crossed for the 50k.
  5. Explore
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    Explore Silver Member

    I have a Chase OP Business card acquired just a couple of months ago (which I probably can't cancel less than 6 months after getting it). And a standard basic United card I've had for almost 2 years, but rarely charge anything to.

    Can I probably get the bonus on a new Explorer card application?

  6. bjcleaver

    bjcleaver Silver Member

    I'm in the same boat as many, with a Chase OP card with an annual fee that is due. I'd like to be able to one day get the United Explorer card so I'm going to cancel the OP. But how do I move the credit limit that I currently have on my OP card to some of my other Chase cards before cancelling?
  7. cvarming
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    cvarming Silver Member

    I also wanted to be able to get the explorer card one day and decided that the best way to ensure this is simply to apply now. I got an instant approval so I am happy. As I got $100 for not cancelling my OnePass card I will be able to keep both cards until next year.
  8. bjcleaver

    bjcleaver Silver Member

    Actually, I just decided to call, said I wanted to consolidate credit and close the OP card, easy as pie! Moved over $14,415 of my $15k (there was an $85 annual fee coming due on the OP card so they needed to reserve $585 of the limit.)

    Next stop, apply for United Explorer 60k!
  9. LAXtraveler
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    LAXtraveler Gold Member

    Just call them up and shift them. Or you can apply for the UA card and if its not approved call the reconsideration line and offer to close your OP or shift some of the credit over.
  10. boxergal

    boxergal Silver Member

    I decided to try the 60K application link for the UA card again earlier this week and this time the application form worked and I was approved. My CO card will be cancelled this month since the annual fee is now due.
  11. cotter77
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    cotter77 Silver Member

    a few months later it too late to cancel the Chase Onepass plus MC???
    they never sent me a new card. Did it acutally change to the Explorer card yet? officially?
    i noticed logging into CHase website, the logo on the account has changed.
    if i cancel do i get a prorated annual fee credit back (only kept about 6 months at this point?
  12. hashj01

    hashj01 Active Member

    I kept my UA Select visa and canceled my OnePass card, but recently got a letter in the mail from Chase stating something to the effect of "the merger is now final. No need to worry, your card will still work and there will be no changes to it. No need for a new card, etc." Thus, I'm assuming that those of us with old UA cards (and those with CO ones too) will still have cards that show the old logo until they expire and are required to be replaced.

    On another note, I noticed the wording on the new MileagePlus Explorer says that the bonus miles are for those who haven't had any MP card before. Thus, it sounds like those of us who have had the MP Select or Signature Visa cards in the past are no longer eligible. I canceled my OnePass Plus card before it converted to an Explorer because I wanted to remain eligible for a potential bonus in the future. If I'm understanding their terms correctly, this may no longer be possible.

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