Chase United Club One-Time Passes

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  1. traveler
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    traveler Gold Member

    I have 4 Chase United Club One-Time Passes that expire 12/30/2012 that I won't be able to use. If someone can use these please send me a PM and let me know how many you need. I prefer these go to someone who will use them. ( not to sell or trade)
  2. BWIflyer
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    BWIflyer Silver Member

    I can use two passes.
  3. foxberg

    foxberg Gold Member

    I can use a pass too. Flying 21st of November.
  4. traveler
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    traveler Gold Member

    One left!
  5. I can use one..I am travelling on dec 14... Thanks so much
  6. traveler
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    traveler Gold Member

    All gone:(
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  7. airshadow
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    airshadow Gold Member

    very generous traveler
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  8. traveler
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    traveler Gold Member

    Just a simple gesture, no since letting these things go to waste. I hope others will pass on unused items to fellow milepoint members. Might as well pay it forward than to let them expire in my travel drawer...
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  9. NYCUA1K

    NYCUA1K Gold Member

    Since we seem to be already in the Thanksgiving/Xmas giving spirit, I too have goodies to dispense, some of which I can give away because I had an especially good year with upgrades, and traveled mostly in premium cabins:

    1. I have 10 beverage vouchers that expire on 01/31/2013, all of which I will will give away to the first 5 people who PM me (I will give 2 to each person) and provide an address where I can send them.

    2. Like the OP, I have two United Club one-time passes but these are good until 12/31/2013 (a year away). I just got the UC membership through the Chase UC card and no longer need the coupons. Please PM me to request one or both, but only if you intend to use the them!!!
  10. traveler
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    traveler Gold Member

    This is great! Like I PM'd I would love to have and use the passes. But I am very thankful for the spirit of this regardless of I get them or not. Thanks....
  11. airshadow
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    airshadow Gold Member

    and thanks for your generosity too NYCUA1K!
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  12. NYCUA1K

    NYCUA1K Gold Member

    As you might image UC passes are quite popular so mine are already gone.:)
  13. Knight Rider

    Knight Rider Active Member

    Looks like you're all out, but if anyone comes up with one extra pass, I would really appreciate one. I'm flying my grandparents through IAH over the holidays and can guest one in with my priority pass but need either a one-time pass or pay $27 to get both of them in.

  14. cvsara
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    cvsara Gold Member

    I think, that if you take grandparents, in there, with just one pass, the 'desk person' would allow both in on one pass. Just look 'lost' and say that you thought that it would cover two persons. Only a UAL Grinch would turn a senior couple away. Been there, done that. Good Luck.
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  15. Knight Rider

    Knight Rider Active Member

    Just an update. I ended up getting *G Status through NZ last month, so I figured that would eliminate any possible problems.

    This morning I took my 84 and 82 year old grandparents to the IAH lounge and was told I'd have to pay for the 2nd guest because I couldn't combine my *G and Priority pass benefits. I would have through that I could guest one with *G and one with Priority Pass. It wasn't a big deal as we only had at max 30 minutes to spend there before heading to the gate, oh well.
  16. Shana

    Shana New Member

    Is this a freecycle sight? I have 2 Chase one-time passess I don't need, but really wanted to get something for them, but didn't want to violate the rules for your page.
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