Chicago Seminar October 29 and 30, 2011

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    Seminar Registration is NOW OPEN

    Here is our first post about the Chicago Seminars 2011. This post #1 will again be our most effective way of communicating news and updates. Here is what I can tell you now with registration for the hotel and seminars soon to follow:

    Our dates are October 29th and 30th with two evening sessions on the 28th.

    You will only be able to register for the hotel through the links we will provide shortly. All other reservations or award nights will be cancelled. The host hotel again is the Holiday Inn Elk Grove Village, and our one and only overflow hotel is the Holiday Inn and Suites O’Hare/ Rosemont. We have approximately 250 rooms available to start. Rates are comparable to last year and will include one or two breakfast coupons per day. The first night’s rate is NON refundable. Hotel registrants will have first priority for registration. I anticipate putting up the hotel registration link before the seminar registration link.

    Seminar registration this year will be $75. Why the increase? We added for online registration (hooray), money to fly in our speakers, and lunch and coffee breaks for both days are included in your registration. This event again is 100% non profit and an all volunteer effort. Any excess proceeds will be given to charity. Seminar Registration will also be NON refundable. There will be no waiting list and you will only be able to register through the online links we will provide.

    The areas of concern last year have been addressed to the best of our ability.
    1. With the closer overflow hotel and the promise of more frequent and larger shuttles, transportation issues will be minimized.
    2. The reception will be a cash bar and costume party (it is Halloween weekend) so there is no first occupant only issue.
    3. The menu has been upgraded to include fresh fruit and oatmeal at breakfast and Aaron will enjoy his fresh Michigan or Wisconsin apple with lunch.
    4. The hotel has upgraded their entire internet system. We are still not sure if it will handle all of us, but they have promised enhanced performance.

    And now the Seminar Program as we have it so far:

    Bikeguy will again do Rookie Bootcamp and we are adding Dlouise37 with another rookie session on Friday night and fti and friends discussing turning Skypesos into successful awards with open jaws and stopovers.

    Gleff will handle Award Booking, and I’ll catch Credit Cards. We have a session on Priceline, Expedia Best Price Guarantee and how to really take advantage of the timeshare market by GoMike. Lucky9876Coins is doing a two hour Mileage Run Seminar with a follow up evening “hands on” technology session. We have Pudding and Pickles in another two hour blockbuster and Cherry Picking with Beaubo. Our special guest this year is Mr. Randy Petersen. We’ll give Randy “run of the house” for whatever he’d like to do. We will also be joined by Captain Denny Flanagan of United Airlines who'll share a seminar with Lucky9876coins.

    See you in Chicago

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    Hotel Reservations are OPEN

    The Host Hotel Holiday Inn Elk Grove is SOLD OUT

    When registering for your hotel room remember the first night is NON refundable and please use the same name and email address on your registration as you will be using for seminar registration.

    OverFlow Hotel Links Holiday Day Inn Rosemont/O'Hare Accepting Reservations

    Without Breakfast Enter Group Code FYN

    With Breakfast Enter Group code FY1

    Thanks for all your cooperation.
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    We need registration help, Friday afternoon,, evening and Sat Morning
    Friday Afternoon: gsmart???
    Friday Evening:?? natebaumgart, jefftf1, sagy
    Saturday Morning:??? Aktchi, Braynes, fti

    The infamous "gopher position" must have car, cellphone and be a local

    Friday afternoon setup: zippyonthego

    and Sunday breakdown

    Our Charity Raffle will be handled again by the fantastic: SkiAdcock

    Projector donations and operators:
    dlouise37 and fti

    T-Shirt Committee:??

    And New this Year: Moderators for the Sunday Breakout Sessions. If you consider yourself an expert in any one program and want to lead a discussion group, send me your interest by PM

    Break Session Moderators:
    SPG: Basil K 15 year member
    Hilton ???
    Marriott SkiAdcock
    Other Hotel Programs???
    United: Lucky9876coins
    US Airways and others: DCPatti
    American ????
    Delta geoffco

    And We Need Apples Not anymore; to and fro will be bringing Wisconsin apples for your lunchtime enjoyment. It is amazing how working together we can solve last years issues.

    You go: to and fro
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    Friday October 28th Early Bird Specials 7-8PM
    "Maximizing Delta miles and Delta award tickets – from SkyPesos to SkyGold" with Fti and ffi or

    "Technology Skills You Need To Know" with Dlouise37

    Saturday October 29th
    Breakfast 8-9AM
    9AM to 9:45 "Rookie Bootcamp" with Bikeguy
    9:45 AM to 10 AM Coffee Break
    10AM to 11:45 "Award Bookings" with Gleff or "Hyatt and PC" with Lucky
    11:45 to 1:00Pm Lunch
    1PM to 2:45 Priceline Bidding, Expedia BRG and Timeshare tips with GoMike or Lucky, SPG and UA Captain Denny Flanagan
    2:45PM to 3PM Coffee Break
    3PM to 5PM "Mileage Runs" with Lucky9876Coins or "Credit Cards and Membership Rewards with Ingy and Brian the PointsGuy
    5PM to 6PM Breakout Session for "Mileage Runs with Hands on Workshop" or "Meet the Speakers"
    8:30PM to 10PM "Costumes and Cocktails"

    Sunday October 30th
    8AM to 9 AM Breakfast
    9AM to 10:45 Sponsors Workshop
    10:45 to 11AM Coffee Break
    11AM to 12:45 "Pudding and Pickles or Moderated Breakout Sessions on AA, DL, CO/UA, US, SPG, Hilton, Marriott, Priority Club
    12:45PM to 2PM Lunch
    2PM to 4PM "Cherry Pickin' with Beaubo and the BOSS" __________________
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    Speaker Topics

    Gary Leff Award Booking: “How to identify the best value uses of your points, find award seats, and navigate the call with your mileage program to turn a ‘no’ into a ‘yes!’”

    Lucky Hyatt and PC:"Forget Priceline, I'll show you how hotel loyalty programs can be just as lucrative, if not more lucrative, than airline loyalty programs."

    Mike Goff: Advanced priceline bidding techniques and how to take advantage of the timeshare market.

    Ben Lucky9876Coins :How to identify mileage run fares of interest, how to construct and book a mileage run, how to maximize miles earned while minimizing costs, and comfort/efficiency of mileage runs considerations.

    Rick Ingersoll The latest on the highest source of free miles around and how to keep your scores from suffering.

    Pudding Guy:A coach-class perspective on how to maximize the value of miles & points.

    Beaubo (Steve Belkin): The Mileage Game Value Proposition: Is It Still Worth It To Play?
    * The Thresholds Of When To Purchase Ticket Or Redeem Miles/Upgrades
    * Mileage Outsourcing: When Over-The-Pond Programs Offer Under-The-Radar Advantages

    Brian the PointsGuy: Will give us all the update and latest techniques on using and transferring American Express Membership Rewards Points
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    Sweet. Thanks for organizing again, ingy et. al.
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  10. WaterSki
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    Much like college, last years seminar was fantastic as much for meeting other FTers as for the seminar content itself. We will likely attend this year for the same reason.

    I highly encourage "experienced" FTers to attend. It will be fun I guarantee. Even if you think know all the tricks:

    (1) You don't, and
    (2) Meeting others who are as crazy (and normal) as you is always great.
  11. Gargoyle
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    Gargoyle Milepoint Guide

    Looks great, I hope to attend this year. Does this mean that local residents who don't need a hotel have to wait to register for a set period after you open the registration?
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  12. AmericanGirl
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    I hope to attend as well and it will be my first one if I make it. Thanks for organizing.
  13. alpinesoccer
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    alpinesoccer Silver Member

    Thanks Rick, I will seriously consider attending.
  14. Blue Skye
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    following this thread on both sites now. [​IMG] don't want to miss out as last year was great!
  15. Frugal Travel Lawyer

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    Thank you for organizing this event again. I will be in the country this year and I am looking forward to attending. As we discussed I am available to help as a volunteer, please let me know when you would like me to arrive to help with the setup.
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    Hotel Registration is now open. See post #2 in this thread
  17. Blue Skye
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    thanks, Rick. hotel reserved.
  18. JohnnieD
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    Thank you Rick!! Registered for the weekend!
  19. airshadow
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    Wasn't able to make it last year, so I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone this year. Thanks Rick et al.
  20. TexasYankee

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    I am in! Can't wait ...
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    Thanks to Rick and everyone for organizing all of this, I'm sure it's quite a job! I'm in, too - this will be my first time at this or any other DO so I'm really looking forward to it!
  22. HPN-HRL
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    I just confirmed my room - looking forward to signing up for seminars.
  23. scubaflyer
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    How did you manage to snag the first post (after Ingy) on this thread? Nice job. :)

    I completely agree with you. Last year's session was great. I'll definitely be headed back this year.
  24. scubaflyer
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    Rick, last year's event was great! I'm in for this year as well. See you in October.
  25. scubaflyer
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    Hotel room is booked. Looking forward to the event.

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