Chicago Seminar October 29 and 30, 2011

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  1. gleff
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    gleff Co-founder

    There may be fewer registrants but
    * the intial number is still pretty impressive
    * we're still 7 months out!
    * you'll have far fewer drops this year since there's a financial commitment attached to an RSVP

    Last year the $20 fee to reserve a place meant thatt things ostensibly 'filled up' and then folks who wanted in later couldn't do it.

    This year is a definite improvement I'd think.
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  2. scubaflyer
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    scubaflyer Silver Member

    Last year's event was great. Regardless of the minor hiccups that occurred (many of which are likely to occur anytime an initial event of this size is put together by volunteers), everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves. The organizers and presenters did a fantastic job.

    I'm registered and booked for this year. Looking forward to seeing friends and making new ones :D.
  3. BeachMiles
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    BeachMiles Gold Member

    I learned a lot last year, and met some nice people. Might have to skip the Halloween Party I usually go to on Saturday Night.
    No I am not packing my costume .
  4. Fredd
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    Fredd Gold Member

    We're back, registered for sessions and paid up. Already looking forward to it. :)
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  5. Sweet Willie
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    Sweet Willie Gold Member

    that was the question I had:D
  6. PatBateman
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    PatBateman Active Member

    I registered and paid, however I have the following problem: Where can I find a list of the seminars I chose during registration - I cant remember my choice. Where can I look it up ? Thanks.
  7. PanAm
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    PanAm Silver Member

    I can't remember either! :eek:I jotted them down on a piece of paper but of course can't find it now (which isn't unusual for me!) The confirmation email doesn't have the info
  8. Go to Log in with your email and password. Click on Chicago Seminars 2011. Then click on Manage Orders. You'll find everything that you registered for.
  9. PatBateman
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    PatBateman Active Member


    that all that is shown:

    But how the f*** can I see the sessions I registered ???
  10. Really, it's there. You may have come to a screen and you may have clicked on "Chicago Seminars 2011". You don't want to click "Chicago Seminars 2011". Instead try clicking "Manage order". Hope this helps.
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  11. PanAm
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    PanAm Silver Member

    That indeed does the trick! The "Manage Order" link is just underneath the "Chicago Seminars 2011" title. It's in light grey font so at first I didn't notice it either, especially as it's right beside a bright blue link for "Event details" Thanks!
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  12. bonnerbl
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    bonnerbl Gold Member

    Is there any way to monitor the host hotel for a cancellation so you can switch you room reservation to them?
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  13. MrHalliday
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    MrHalliday Silver Member

    I am looking at the SPG hotels in that area,
    thinking C+P is good value compared to $99+ at overflow hotel.
    Aloft ORD, Sheraton Elk Grove, and Four Points are 1600 pts+ $30.

    I booked Courtyard about .7 mile up the road
    for 7500 Marriott Points each night....
    I'll be registering as soon as my TPAC flights get set.
  14. karung99
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    karung99 Gold Member

    I am register and paid for the seminar :)
    Looking forward for good event and meet some of you again.
  15. scubaflyer
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    scubaflyer Silver Member

    You're still invited to these events Willy? ;) Glad to see that you will be there.
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  16. Jubileesmom
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    Jubileesmom Gold Member

    Now,what does THAT mean? hehe
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  17. scubaflyer
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    scubaflyer Silver Member

    He's always invited to EVERYTHING. Just poking a little fun at that ;)
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  18. Jubileesmom
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    Jubileesmom Gold Member

    No worries. Just haven't seen him around in a while either. I am sure you all will make the most of it. Enjoy. (and dang, this cat on my arm? geesh )
  19. General_Flyer
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    General_Flyer Gold Member

    You over-quoted, J-Mom! :D

    Sounds like a fun seminar.. Maybe next year or this year when I get extra VDBs.. :)
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  20. WanderLuster
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    WanderLuster Silver Member

    Just registered. Moving back to Chicago in a couple of weeks --- excited to be able to attend this year!

    If you're still looking for volunteers, I'd be happy to help out with registrations or whatever else needs done.
  21. Sagy

    Sagy Gold Member

    Low priority question.

    Is there a way for me to check which of the seminars I registered to? I just looked at my order confirmation from early April and the ticket doesn't show the seminars. Clearly, the only difference is knowing now as compared to having a nice surprise when I show up in October.


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  22. PanAm
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    PanAm Silver Member

    See posts 60 & 61 for instructions
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  23. 1. Where can I find a synopsis or brief description of each of the sessions?

    2. If I register for a session that I later change my mind about, can I switch to a different one?
  24. Minnesota Bruin
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    Minnesota Bruin Silver Member

    (1) see posts 4 and 5 of this thread.
    (2) it is not clear that this is possible.
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  25. toomanybooks

    toomanybooks Silver Member

    We are up to 301 registrants now!
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