Chicago Seminars October 12-14, 2012

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    Welcome to the Chicago Seminars thread. Registration for the seminars themselves will begin on March 1st. See the link below. The registration this year is $85 which includes seminars, lunch and coffee breaks for both days

    Registration is CLOSED. The Event is SOLD OUT

    We Need Volunteers

    Please see post #5 of this thread for volunteer opportunities

    Confirmed Speakers to date:
    Mommy Points on US Airways Grand Slam
    Ben Schlappig on Mileage Runs
    Cara Kretz Itasoftware
    Chris Lopitino Expert Flyer
    Marshall Jackson MJonTravel
    Rick Ingersoll Frugal Travel Guy
    Brian Kelly The Points Guy
    John Nielsen fti
    Cliff Stratton dlouise37
    Dave Homyak. Rookie Bootcamp
    Dave (Pudding Guy) Phillips- Frequent Flyer Miles 101
    Randy Petersen
    Captain Denny Flanagan "Author"
    Greg Kane the Frequent Miler
    Hans Mast HansGolden

    The schedule of events is in Post #4

    Post #2 of this thread is live with a link to hotel reservations at our host hotel the Holiday Inn Elk Grove Village. Only reservations made through this link will be honored. The hotel will be a sell out again. Your reservation will be with a non refundable first night's deposit and non transferable.
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    Host Hotel Reservations

    Registration Link

    *Award Nights are not available nor are any other discounted rate. The only applicable rates are:
    $79 per night plus tax includes one breakfast coupon
    $89 per night plus tax includes two breakfast coupons

    *Transportation is included in the room rate to/from O’Hare Airport as well as to/from our sister hotel, the Holiday Inn & Suites O’Hare

    *Included in the seminar registration price is lunch and coffee breaks.

    *Please note that the reservation must be guaranteed to a credit card and the first night is non refundable

    *Through this link is the only method of confirming sleeping rooms. Once the Holiday Inn Elk Grove Village is full, we will supply a link to our overflow hotel, the Holiday Inn & Suites O’Hare.
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    Overflow Hotel Reservations - Holiday Inn and Suites/Rosemont

    Room Rate without Breakfast

    Room Rate with two breakfasts
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    Tenative Schedule subject to change:

    6:30-7:20 PM Rookie Bootcamp: with Dave Homyak
    7:30-8:30 Delta SkyPesos to Delta Gold: with John Nielsen OR
    Travel Technology with Cliff Stratton

    7-8:15 Breakfast
    Beginner: FF 101 Pudding Guy and Credit Cards for Newbies with Rick Ingersoll
    Advanced: Itasoftware and Expert Flyer with Cara Kreft and Chris Lopitino

    10-10:15 AM Coffee Break

    10:30 to Noon
    Beginner: Elite Status- Challenges and Fasttracks with
    MommyPoints and Amtrak Redemptions with Bikeguy
    Advanced: Captain Denny Flanagan Author

    Noon to 1 PM Lunch

    1-2:45 PM
    Beginners: Mileage Runs with Ben Schlappig
    Advanced: Transfers and Bonus Category Credit Cards with Brian Kelly

    2:45 -3PM Coffee Break

    Beginners: Award Booking with Ben Schlappig
    Advanced: Moderated Airline Breakout Sessions with Geoffco (top tier status all 3 alliances)

    5-6PM Meet the Speakers: Cash Bar/Hotel Lobby

    Advanced: Q and A Mileage Runs and Award Booking with Ben Schalippig and Steve Belkin
    The Cruising Crowd with Marshall Jackson

    Sunday 7-8:30 Breakfast

    8:30-10 AM Sponsors Workshop

    10-10:15 AM Coffee Break

    Beginner: Belkin (Beaubo) as a Beginner

    Advanced: Hotel Breakout Session

    Noon to 1PM Lunch

    Beginner: Gift Card Churning with Frequent Miler and Shopping Mall Bonanzas with Hans Golden
    Advanced: Blogger Questions and Answers

    3-4PM Randy Petersen State of the Industry
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    Volunteers Needed

    First off, thanks to all of you that volunteer to help with this years seminar. It is an all volunteer event and any excess proceeds are donated to charity at the end of the accounting.
    Here is where we need help:
    • Set Up. We’ll start setting up sponsor tables and building the easels for the display boards around 3PM on Friday afternoon. Contact Rick on FT by PM to Frugal Travel Guy if you can assist there.

    • Registration: We need four individuals on Friday from say 6 to 10PM to help Howie with registration and four more on Saturday morning from 7 to 8:30 AM. Contact Howie by email.

    • We need Michigan Apples — “to and fro” brought a terrific selection of Wisconsin apples last year and its time for some Michigan ones this year. If you are driving from Michigan for the seminars and can pick up about 8 bushels of different varieties that would be greatly appreciated. Send a private message on FlyerTalk to Frugal Travel Guy and of course we will be paying for the apples. Thanks

    • Balima and legalalien have volunteered to be our local Chicago contacts and help with the purchase of local materials and getting the logos on to the display boards. Howie will be in contact as he has the logos. Would each of you touch base with the ThePointsGuy to see if he needs any help with the Saturday night cocktail event? PM on FT should work.

    • Skiadcock is running the charity raffle again and she needs volunteers. You may contact her by PM on FlyerTalk at skiadcock to offer assistance with this very important job. Thanks.

    • DLouise37 is again handling the projectors and set up of the PowerPoint presentations. I believe we have an assistant for him this year but if you can lend a hand there, I know he would appreciate the backup. Dlouise37 by FT PM for that one.

    • Sponsors: Make sure Howie has your logo if he doesn’t already!

    • Attention All Bloggers: One of the seminars is Ask the Bloggers and you are all welcome. I’ll need your name, blog name, and email address asap if you will be in attendance and want face time with your readers. I’m sure some of the questions will be quite interesting. As I don’t know how many will be there the format is still up in the air at this time. Get to me as soon as possible so I can get a head count. will work for that one.

    To all those attending and volunteering, thank you for making your event another success. Lots to learn, people to meet and fun to be had. If I missed anything send me a PM on FT at Frugal Travel Guy
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    ingy Silver Member

    Charity Raffle Information
  7. ingy
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    ingy Silver Member

    All the Other Stuff
  8. Silver Springer

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    Just tried to register and got messag "no rooms available for these criteria" and I clicked to the site through your link.
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  9. tondoleo
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    It works this evening. I just reserved a room.
  10. Explore
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    Explore Silver Member

    Can someone give the approximate start and end times of the event? Need to know which nights to book based on this information.

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  11. TheTravelAbstract

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    +1. I second this motion.
  12. TheScooter

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    I got same error also - I must have had some "cookie mess" with Priority Club profiling going on. I was succesful by using Google Chrome and opening up an "Incognito Session" - and then the link worked clean for reservations :)
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  13. bartla

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    Booked. Coming all the way from Brussels, Belgium. Looking forward to meet you guys.
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  14. FrequentMiler

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    Booked! And, wishing we didn't have to wait 10 months...
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  15. Scottrick
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    Scottrick Gold Member

    I'm booked. Excited to be going to my first get-together! (Too bad I can't visit when people are in Seattle for the OWMD, but it seems to be registered attendees only.)
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  16. aaucello

    aaucello Silver Member

    I'll be there! Just waiting on full details/schedule before booking
  17. OceanBreezes

    OceanBreezes Gold Member

    I am also booked. Had a great time last year and learned a lot. Looking forward to seeing everyone again.
  18. a.khondee

    a.khondee Active Member

    Hotel is booked! I wanted to go in 2011 but just couldn't fit it into my schedule. I will be happy to finally meet everyone!
  19. ffI

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    I will be there this time, I hope, schedule permitting. I have booked the room and flights.
  20. WanderLuster
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    Had a great time last year, and looking forward to this year.

    Now to try and figure out whether I'll want to be close to the action at the host hotel or if I'll be scrambling for the nights to keep status in my programs by October.
  21. seanco89

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    I booked my room. Never done anything like this before. Excited to attend and gain some valuable knowledge.
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    The hotel is only coming up with smoking rooms at this point. I guess I'll miss this year's seminar.
  23. Scottrick
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    Scottrick Gold Member

    I booked a queen, but it said for some reason that I wanted two doubles in my special requests section. I don't remember writing anything like that. Anyone else get a similar message?
  24. canucklehead
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    Same situation. Hopefully non-smoking rooms will open up -- otherwise my allergies will probably dampen the fun factor!
  25. FrequentMiler

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    Maybe it knows that you'll be bringing friends along. You just don't realize it yet ;)
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