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Churning Amex SPG

Discussion in 'American Express | Membership Rewards' started by fewtreezy, Dec 13, 2011.  |  Print Topic

  1. fewtreezy

    fewtreezy Active Member

    Does anyone know how often you can turn this card over? I applied in August and received it. When would be the next time I can apply and do the bonus? I'm assuming I should NOT give them a spg account number? Thanks for any advice!
  2. cotter77
    • Original Member

    cotter77 Silver Member

    i have read on FT and other bloggers that ANY Amex card is a 2 year churn at best
    i have never seen or heard specifics on it
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  3. MLW20
    • Original Member

    MLW20 Gold Member

    I've never heard of success churning the SPG cards. If this can be done, I'd definitely like to know too.
    I did get the personal & biz SPG so far & also get my wife a SPG card and then transfer her points to my account.
    • Original Member

    TAHKUCT Gold Member

    Same here. Never heard of anybody churning SPG cards. Would love to know if it is possible. :)
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  5. cotter77
    • Original Member

    cotter77 Silver Member

    I would really like to here from somebody who has gotten SPG card more than once.....maybe they waited 2-3 yrs and had success?
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  6. wheat27
    • Original Member

    wheat27 Silver Member

    I've had both SPG personal and business cards more than once and received the sign- on bonus each time. In my case, there was at least 2 years between canceling the card and signing up for the new one
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    • Original Member

    TAHKUCT Gold Member

    When was the last time you have applied?
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  8. wheat27
    • Original Member

    wheat27 Silver Member

    August for the SPG Business, May for the SPG Personal. I believe it had been just over 2 years since I had canceled the last SPG personal card and about 3 1/2 years for the business one.
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    • Original Member

    TAHKUCT Gold Member

    That is nice to know. Might consider my wife applying again next year once she hits her 2 year cancellation anniversary next year.
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  10. sargenet
    • Original Member

    sargenet Silver Member

    I believe it was also 2 years for me. I didn't think I could get it again, but about 2 years ago they sent me a promotional flyer. I applied figuring that once I made the "min spend" they would deny me the bonus...but they did not. I cancelled a little over a year ago and do not plan to apply again till 2013....
  11. riverchica
    • Original Member

    riverchica Silver Member

    I've gotten the bonus for the SPG Amex (personal) twice. It could have been as much as 5 years between my applications, but was definitely no less than 3 years.
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  12. tondoleo
    • Original Member

    tondoleo Gold Member

    I received two bonuses for the SPG personal card. There was a 10 month period between canceling the old card and obtaining the new one.
  13. TheTravelAbstract

    TheTravelAbstract Silver Member

    What was time between SPG apps?
  14. tondoleo
    • Original Member

    tondoleo Gold Member

    The first app was in April, 2008. The second in October, 2010. I canceled the first card in January, 2010.
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  15. sagefemme52
    • Original Member

    sagefemme52 Silver Member

    I have had the same SPG personal card for many years. I have churned the biz card, and gotten the bonus twice. Once probably two or three years ago, and then again last August. I had closed the biz card originally when the annual fee came due, then waited for the best new sign-up bonus. I was very happy with the 30K point bonus for $4,500 spend in 3 months that I got last year.
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  16. alohastephen

    alohastephen Gold Member

    I got it twice within two years. Points did not post, so I called to ask.
    They manually posted the 2nd bonus.
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  17. upgrade

    upgrade Gold Member

    SPG Amex churnability depends on which part of the bonus you have in mind, the first-purchase points or the miles-for-spend-in-X-months bonus. The former requires a wait per the many comments above. The latter can be earned repeatedly without any time limitation.
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  18. cotter77
    • Original Member

    cotter77 Silver Member

    This is the type of good news stuff and advice you DON'T hear enough about from the bloggers: The points guy, frugal travel guy, etc. This is the important info that no one spreads....everyone KNOWs that the SPG is freakin' valuable and a no brainer for an AMEX card, and everyone KNOWs that your CR is so damn important, but no one bothers to offer subtle more important long term clues as to how to manage your CCs.

    And here it is spelled out above. If you get both the SPG personal and biz (which is wise), and the one year of no fee is up, cancel the biz card, in preference to the personal (if willing to keep one at all), since the biz is more easily churned.

    I didnt realize this and kept the biz card and downgraded the personal SPG card to a blue cash card no annual fee (another tip those DBs dont tell you about). My original thought process was to keep the biz card and write off the annual fee as a biz expense. Looking back on it now, I would have ditched it and gotten ready to churn it.
  19. PointsCashMiles

    PointsCashMiles Silver Member

    I'm not sure that the info here tells us that the business card is any easier to churn, I'm on my 3rd personal SPG card and have received the bonus each time. I've had the business card twice now and had no problems getting the bonus twice there either. I'd probably keep the business version of the card due to the additional Amex OPEN savings but it's really just personal preference.

    I went at least 1 year and probably more like 2 years in between canceling the card and getting the new one with both flavors.
  20. upgrade

    upgrade Gold Member

    It's typically a 2-part bonus, so it would be helpful if you could clarify what you're referring to:
    1. the first-purchase points
    2. the miles-for-spend-in-X-months bonus
    3. both of the above
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  21. PointsCashMiles

    PointsCashMiles Silver Member

    Good Point! To clarify, I have received the first purchase points each time I have signed up for each of the cards. I once failed to receive the second part of the bonus on a personal card as I missed the spend-in-x-months by a couple of hundred bucks.
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  22. schnitzel
    • Original Member

    schnitzel Gold Member

    I really wasn't planning to churn, but I did. Cancelled a biz card about a year ago when the fee came due.

    Earlier this year, with the Schwab card truly dead, I needed a biz card. So I applied, figuring I'd get no bonus, but I just wanted the SPG points for the regular spend. First month, I actually charged about $27k, and I got the total 25k points bonus. I was pretty surprised.
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  23. PointsCashMiles

    PointsCashMiles Silver Member

    I had never really intended to churn this card either - I was hoping to get the 1st year free again when I signed back up for the second time. Since I had gotten the full points bonus too, I figured I might as well try it a third time and with the business card as well.
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  24. benlucanada

    benlucanada Member

    be cautious of SPG personal card, i cancelled 2009/11 and applied 2012/3, got approved and they denied my bouns, this is even worse!!! i.e., you thought you can churn after 2 years, and AMEX didn't tell you they actually will deny your bonus. I've charged quite a lot before they denied my bonus and i am still aruging with them now.(AMEX said they will investigate, it takes up to 4 weeks. jesus)
  25. mgn57

    mgn57 Active Member

    I live in Canada. I cancelled my SPG card and got a new one with bonus points in few months. Going to cancel My second card in July 2012. Third card, I dont think they will give me one. But will try.
    Maybe the rules In USA are different.
  26. miamiandy

    miamiandy Active Member

  27. julielou2
    • Original Member

    julielou2 Silver Member

    I opened an Amex SPG in 7/2010. I received 15,000 pts after my first purchase and 15,000 pts for spending $1000 in three months. I closed the account in 7/2011, because I didn't think it was worth the $65 annual fee. I reapplied in 6/2012 in the hopes of using the card during our family vacation in California. Though I didn't get instant approval...I was eventually approved...unfortunately, too late to use during our time in California. I received 10,000 pts after my first purchase. I'll let you know if I get the 15,000 pts for making the $5K spend in 6 months. I did not reference our Starpoints account number during the new application process. I'm figuring I have a second Starpoints account now...though I can't confirm.

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