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    No more free breakfasts for Diamonds here. If you look at the website, the only difference between Diamonds and Golds at this resort is that Diamonds get a free bottle of sparkling wine, while Golds get non-sparkling wine. Breakfast, a standard Diamond benefit if you choose it in MyWay, will no longer be given here.

    This is not a smart move by the hotel, and Hilton corporate should step in here. When one is paying, through cash or through points, a high price for a stay, cutting a standard benefit for the highest level elites is not a good idea.

    Please reconsider.
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    Wow. If there's one Hilton unique selling proposition it's breakfast. Crazy.
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    That is indeed crazy. I still have a reservation there that states breakfast as a benefit, but it just seems to go blatantly against the Hilton standard. And while I think they will still honor the benefits from the reservation confirmation, I'm afraid they will try to add that money onto any paid upgrade to a nicer room.
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    Wow they even did away with the excursions. They really cut back on benefits.

    I was thinking of going for Diamond next year because of the differences it can make at these resorts. If Rangali is a sign of things to come, why bother?
  5. AroundTheWorld
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    AroundTheWorld Active Member get one bottle of SPARKLING wine instead of just wine! That should be worth the 12 extra stays! ;)
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