Continental OnePass miles after merger?

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  1. hbt


    What happens to continental reward points I have not used after merger with United?
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  2. 744
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    Do you have a UA MP account? They'll be merged up as long as the miles arent due for expiry.
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  3. Halothane
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    As previously stated Mileage Plus and OnePass accounts are going to be merged into one account.
  4. Wandering Aramean
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    They will merge into a single account. The account number will remain the same but it will be called a MileagePlus account rather than a OnePass account. This will likely happen in March.

    And, among other significant bits, the miles will have an expiry policy going forward while OnePass miles historically did not. The policy is that any activity - accrual or redemption - within the past 18 months keeps the points alive so it isn't all that hard, but the policy is there.
  5. mauld

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    Has it been decided which number will remain-- OnePass or Mileage Plus ??
  6. ab3i
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    think its a combo like the program being called MileagePlus, however using the Onepass system and membership number
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  7. Wandering Aramean
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