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  1. suenam

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    I have used Delta miles to book a business class ticket to Australia. The flight is LAX-SYD-LAX-JFK. Is it possible to change the date of the outbound flight without cost? Also, there were no available flights from JFK to LAX at the low level when I booked initially. If a flight were to open up at the low level, would I be able to add it to my ticket? Thanks for any advice. By the way, the trip begins at the end of June. Looking to move the outbound to mid June. LAX-SYD-LAX is on V Australia. Thanks.
  2. redtailshark

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    Changing SM award tickets...

    This experience will demonstrate why DL SM is - in Jeff's own words - [​IMG] best in class [​IMG]
  3. MyTravels
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    platinum & diamond have redeposit fees waived, otherwise it is $150 per ticket.

    When booking business you can mix classes if business/first is not available. If NYC-LAX (or with stopover) is not available in first but available in coach one can book NYC-LAX in coach & still book LAX-SYD in business.
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    I don't understand the response. Is there supposed to be a link?
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    Ignore him!
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    sarcasm is the link
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    :) You have got to know, that whenever anyone on an internet board tells you to ignore another poster, your ears/eyes should perk up. Because you're going to hear counter-cultural truth-to-power speech.

    In 2009, Jeff Robertson (Jeff Robbo Style) stated that DL SM was [​IMG] best in class [​IMG] This was trumpeted all over the world including in Sky Mag, on the LAX T5 checkin billboards and in email announcements.

    Although the phrase was theirs, the stars indicate deep irony. SM is in fact worst in class, by a large margin, and it's rapidly plumbing new depths.

    To your case. You will find that when you attempt to change a DL award ticket, you will encounter all sorts of problems, a few real, most of them made up by DL SM agents or the system that demands 635000 SM for one seat from PHL to FCO, not all of which was in J. So - do not be surprised when the DL SM agents quote you mileage amounts that vastly exceed anything published in their own award chart, and do not become frustrated when they do. If you post on here with outrage, having been assessed double mileage to change the award, because previous LOWs have vanished and now it's all MEGA, you will be reminded that it is...
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    Shark has this habit of exaggerating the negative and claiming that rare glitches are by design. While there's a lot of uncertainty surrounding Skymiles, the current situation is quite detached from shark's ranting.

    You can change dates and add flights. There will be a $150 fee for any changes unless you are platinum or higher. This fee is assessed for any and all changes in awards - nothing is free, absent elite status or a schedule change.

    With all airlines, agents will make up rules on the fly and generally be able to screw things up. It may be a bit worse with Delta, particularly if you are a nonelite, but the same problem exists for all airlines. Know what you want, understand the rules, and make sure you confirm with the agent what they are going to do and if there will be any cost in money or miles before they do it. This advice applies when dealing with any airline.

    Maybe I'm just lucky, but I've not had any problems finding and booking several awards over the past year or so - everything from domestic awards to expensive markets around the holidays, coach awards to mexico, business awards to paris/maritius/reunion, and business awards to australia. No website horror stories, able to book all of them online, able to make a couple of minor changes on the phone with no ghastly repricing attempts, etc. For the most part, everything just worked.
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  9. redtailshark

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    Another good time to point out that DL apologists - most often those who work for DL or have family members working there - are notorious for trying to pretend that the problems are "glitches" - as if they arose by accident, despite their number and brazen effrontery... and that those who complain are "out of line" or "isolated" or "ill-informed."

    "For those that have ever tried to redeem Delta SkyMiles at, you know how difficult that can be. The system is broken and has been for years now. But now it's really broken, to the point of total non-functionality."

    "Average time to get a ticket or reissued with DL this year: 30 minutes. Last year: 1 hour. Two years ago: 3-4 hours (yes, that bad). It's not uncommon to spend not just as much time as the whole set of flights, but even a few fold more than that, on the phone trying to ticket it. That is just how DL works, as they do not believe in self service. (What now takes many hours with Dullta on the phone could be done easily online instantly at But, of course has practically no self service. Well, almost nothing that works, I should say. Trying to change a ticket there just deletes it with no refund or notification, for example.)"

    etc. etc.

    Now, since I was banned from the DL FT board before any of those quoted threads appeared, none of that litany of denunciation has anything to do with me...just hundreds of frequent flyers expressing their recent frustrations with DL SM :)

    Of course, to apologists, all this is "exaggerated," and rapacious behavior like the "broken" award calendar - a masking device intended to systematically encourage SM members to redeem at higher than stated mileage levels to reduce DL's total liability - is a "glitch." Remember, it's been a "glitch" for almost four years, despite DL executives posting on a DL blog in 2009 that they would attend to it.

    It's a joke for an intelligent person to believe that DL SM is in any way competitive with other major FFP. The mountain of evidence is unassailable regardless of the apologists' attempts to marginalize the complaints.

    There's one important fact that I did uncover, which was DL SM's demand for 635k from PHL to FCO, not all of which was in J. For some reason this one really sends the apologists wild. Some of them even debate the factual nature of the presentation, despite the posted screenshot. Very Orwellian, how close some of those folks are to Virginia Ave. They often claim it has no meaning, despite showing DL's contempt for customers because the number does not correspond to any published redemption multiple for that itin - it's enormously HIGHER than HIGH. Somehow, though, it's all a "glitch"......

    It's all [​IMG] best in class [​IMG]
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  10. Davescj
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    FWIW, I've had mixed experience with checking random flights for a free ticket. Rarely, at least in the random dates I chose, was I forced to get a "high" ticket. Usually, if it was in Y, it was because one link was a short flight in a CRJ (say PHL- JFK, when going to I did in real life once).

    That said, SM could use improvement. But, none of the US carriers have a "great" program anymore. It is about what you can best get for your travel dollars.


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