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  1. rwoman
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    rwoman Gold Member

    Hi everyone,

    Well, the next time you go to you'll definitely see a difference! At least in the surface. Initially I had some issues logging in via Safari on my iPhone, but am in now.

    Curious to see if these are real changes or just aesthetic.

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  2. jparker

    jparker Silver Member

    Definitely agree. It is a huge interface change and hope this wasn't the only part of the overhaul!
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  3. jparker

    jparker Silver Member

    It shows my flight back to DTW from LON yesterday with all the details, but the miles and MQM's are not included on my total at the top of the page. I've never noticed a lag time between the detail and totals before so will be interesting to see if it is just out of sync for a few hours or a bug.
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  4. BondAir007
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    BondAir007 Gold Member

    Why Delta? Why the change now? Why no pre-view or beta page before the change. Specially while people are planning their holiday travel. Couldn't you (Delta) do this during the slow season. Next time ... at least give an 30 days notice or a email notice ..sort of a 'FYI: SkyMiles flyers etc. (sigh) :)

    Now... I am gonna have to explain to the other SkyTeam partners about the website changes. j/k ;)
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    DTWBOB Silver Member

    Thanks for the head's up --- Delta has manage to do it again! -- make a set of 'improvements' that make their website even more user hostile -- starting with the log in process. Just wonder how buggy it is now !

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  6. jparker

    jparker Silver Member

    Update: The totals on my account now match so will be curious to see if there are future lag times between details and totals or if this was one time issue with update. Just logged in from my iPad and could still log in with the old method even though I was asked to set up a special password this morning from my PC.

    Did a couple of searches this morning (didn't book anything) and did not notice much difference other than interface.
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  7. Handleman20

    Handleman20 Silver Member

    Wow, that was... different!
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  8. USAF_Pride
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    USAF_Pride Gold Member

    Wow, account activity is FUGLY!!!!

    In case anyone was wondering, the award calendar is still functioning as it always has!
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  9. Gargoyle
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    Gargoyle Milepoint Guide

    That's a relief. It would be too shocking, too hard to take if they suddenly fixed it. :eek:

    BTW, I do like the "wallet" on the MyDelta page- I discovered a $45 certificate that I didn't know about.
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  10. DeltaExpert
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    DeltaExpert Gold Member

    I can't login to Keep getting an error "The email address you've entered is already associated with one or more accounts. The primary email address must be unique to each individual's account. Please enter a unique primary email address.

    This occurs when I just enter my Skymiles number and pin and no email. Also, my account is the only one with my email address.

    Anyone else heard of this?
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  11. redtailshark

    redtailshark Silver Member

    I can log in but I can't see any of my upcoming trips on DL.COM. It says:

    "We're sorry. We can't show your upcoming trips right now. Please try again later."

    Obviously Jeff knows that these upcoming trips - all of which are in paid BE - are notorious trips. Regardless, the site is worse than the previous version. Which itself was indubitably:


    It's unbelievable how a large corporation can justify a primary sales platform that is so dysfunctional, hard to use and ineffective.

    Even DL apologists can't understand how this happened - although it reflects the same shortcomings in DL's understanding of its relationship with customers as, for instance, the notorious multi-year award calendar fiction/saga.

    It's the product of a company whose award program offers you one seat for 635k from PHL to FCO, not all of which is in J. Truly, Jeff. Jeff. Jeff Robbo Style...
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  12. frequentflyer

    frequentflyer Silver Member

    Change usually provokes negative reaction. Having said this, the Website change requires more clicks, starting with login; it went from number, pin, last name to number, pin, click, last name. AND a pop up saying a password will be needed, replacing the pin. Wow! a pie chart!! Neato keeno. More clicks to see recently posted activity. bleh. A basic Website morphs into graphics but ease of use declines.
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  13. TravelBear

    TravelBear Gold Member

    One thing I noticed, and it could just be learning curve, is that I would often check flights without logging in and get to the price page and it wouldn't show mileage. From that page it was easy to log in and it would then update that page to include mileage for the flight....not now.
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  14. Ryan Bingham
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    Ryan Bingham Silver Member

    Has anyone else wondered if their status on upgrade lists seems to have changed since the website roll out? Suddenly all 4 itineraries since the change I'm seeing my status for upgrades at places like 8 out of 21 (SLC-LAS) today; 6 out of 15 (SLC-GEG) a week ago. I can't ever recall a time as a Diamond where I wasn't in the top 3. I realize it's possible that there are all Diamonds ahead of me - but based on a decade of experience in the highest tier, I've never seen lists like this. Wonder if anyone else has a hunch?
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  15. Stils

    Stils Silver Member

    If you create a regular password then it becomes much easier. Then you just need to use your email address and a password to login. Putting in your pin is worthless now it seems.
    Also I agree that adding graphics and stuff just to have a new website is stupid. I don't mind the new landing page etc but to look at your account history now is very annoying and makes me long for the big long graph that spelled everything out easily before.
    I do like seating charts and plane information page when booking/changing seats though.
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  16. ConsultingChris

    ConsultingChris Silver Member

    Not really impressed, but it is has been less buggy than Marriott's site.
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  17. TravelerRob
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    TravelerRob Silver Member

    The talk over on FT says that this is a screw up. DL is listing all of the standby passengers on this list as well. The airport upgrade list is still correct and you will see yourself jump significantly when you get there.

    Or, DL is showing all general pax who booked a "Y" ticket ahead of you so they are being misplaced on the list as a "Y" fare for upgrade which trumps all elites on lower fares.

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  18. redtailshark

    redtailshark Silver Member

    Well I must say, there has been some improvement in functionality in terms of management of existing reservations. I can now see my itins, and even the receipts show correctly, including those issued by OALs. A very small step in the big scheme, but credit where it's due.
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  19. Ryan Bingham
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    Ryan Bingham Silver Member

    Yep, that's what it is. After messaging DeltaAssist, we figured that's what was going on as well. Thanks.
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  20. jbcarioca
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    jbcarioca Gold Member

    The first day was a real nightmare. A colleague and I, a Diamond, were both trying to amend bookings for the same domestic flights. First, the Secure Flight data showed missing (later we discovered this was a presentation layer problem because ALL the data was still there for the TSA transmittal flies so we had PreCheck as usual). Second, both of us had huge add-collect showing for our changes which ended out being incorrect because neither of us had any fare change at all. Third, the upgrade info was incorrect as several of you have already posted. I ended out in economy for the first time this year, although I doubt that had anything to do with that since I was #11 on a list of 28, all seeking one vacant FC seat.. When we called the Diamond desk, once for each of us, the agents were calm, professional and fast, correcting the problems without incident. It may have helped that we both apologized at the outset for contributing to their problems of the day. They were pleased that we understood.

    Luckily the iPhone CR code BP worked perfectly on both flights last week, so the problems,t least fro the two of us, seem confined to presentation rather than content. That is a relief. Now we'll see what happens today; I have two more flights.

    The new password still does not work correctly. In a call last night to correct another error the password was not recognized nor was the old one, but I passed through directly to an agent anyway with no further ado .
  21. Stils

    Stils Silver Member

    Who stole redtailshark's computer? ;)
  22. KyRoamer
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    KyRoamer Gold Member

    Working well for me so far but I only have two booked trips right now. I do like the seating chart but some seats have * and no explanation that I saw. Wonder why the *?
  23. ballardFlyer

    ballardFlyer Gold Member

    It meant limited recline on the old site.
  24. KyRoamer
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    KyRoamer Gold Member

    Thought so but in a row of similar seats only middle seat had *.

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