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  1. Titans26

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    My secy was reviewing first class tickets from Los Angeles to Atlanta on August 3, 2011. There's a Delta #200 Departs 10:20am - 757 - Business Class $666.70 or Delta # 1754 Departs 11:50am - 767 - First Class $616.70. Which flight would be best to select? Is there a difference in meals or service?

    My meeting is on Thursday, August 4.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. MSPeconomist
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    On domestic DL flights, there is no distinction between business (sometimes even labelled as BE, although BE JFK to/from LAX/SFO is enhanced and somewhat different) and FC. Some flights, typically lower flight numbers, are continuations of international flights after connections and usually an aircraft change (after passengers do USA customs and immigration) at a gateway airport. The service is exactly the same, as are the ground perks. (It only matters if someone is doing the "direct" international flight with the stop/aircraft change, in which case an elite would not be eligible for a free upgrade on the domestic segment if it is booked as through "direct" service with the same flight number.)

    The aircraft type is also independent of the FC vs biz designation. On LAX-ATL and vv, there are sometimes internationally configured aircraft used, which would mean more space in the front cabin and different AVOD (no GoGo wifi usually but more movies, etc.). The way to check is to look at the seat map. In this case, if the 757 has about 24 rather than 16 FC seats, it's a domestic bird. If the 767 has four rows of FC, it's domestic but if it either has five or six rows of 2-2-2 seating or nine or ten rows of 1-2-1 it's international and, in the 1-2-1 case, it's new flat beds. (If it's the 764, meaning 767-400, it will be international with flat beds, 1-2-1 in a herringbone staggered arrangement.)
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  3. KyRoamer
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    Check seating and if both show domestic FC cabins, pick the one most convenient as all will be the same. If one is an international flight with international BE seating, if alone consider it. If with a companion, be warned on herringbone arrangements working together in flight can be difficult.

    Also, even if it shows BE seating, equipment changes happen and you can end up with FC anyway.
  4. Cholula
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    Cholula Milepoint Guide

    Delta 757-200 Business Class Service from LAX to JFK (and JFK to LAX) has nearly lie-flat seats very similar to those found on their international service. There is a choice of three entrees for lunch or dinner, served multi-course and also a dessert course. And flying on a Business Class ticket to or from LAX to JFK allows entrance into the SkyClub on day of flight. All in all a very pleasant experience.

    The Delta 767 service in First Class is the same as all domestic DL First Class. Regular FC seats and limited meal selection in First Class. Nothing special IMO.

    I'd definitely select the Business Class 757's on the LAX/JFK/LAX route. And I believe there is similar service offered on their SFO/JFK/SFO flights.
  5. NYBanker
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    This pax is traveling atl-lax, so the JFK service isn't really applicable. The JFK-SFO service is the same as the JFK-lax service.

    From Atlanta to lax, there is one flight a day on a 777. This is the flight that continues to SYD. If this flight fits for your schedule, and you don't need to talk to a companion, this is the flight for you.

    If it doesn't fit for your schedule, or you need to speak with someone during the flight (or need wifi during the flight), the 777 isn't the plane for you. If you see a 757 with 16 seats in front (versus the usual 24), and it fits your schedule, go with this one - as it will have DL's light form international configuration. (which is far better than the normal domestic f cabin)

    Other than the 777 flight, however, beware there's always a risk that the equipment changes before your flight.

    Enjoy your trip.
  6. NYBanker
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    Transcon travel from JFK gets lounge access, but domestic transcon travel from atl (in any class) unto itself doesn't get lounge access.
  7. LAXtraveler
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    I remember in December I was looking at a DL flight from ATL-LAX and it was on an A330 which looked like a pretty updated C class... is that still around?
  8. Cholula
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    Cholula Milepoint Guide

    My bad.

    I read that as LAX/JFK earlier for some reason.
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  9. Gargoyle
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    Gargoyle Milepoint Guide

    That's because you're a southern californian. ATL, JFK, MSP- all those big east coast cities look the same to you.
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  10. NYBanker
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    I appreciate your default assumption that all travel should be to or from New York. ;)
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  11. Titans26

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    I purchased my Business Class ticket for $666.70 last Thursday. Today the price is $564.49. Does Delta normally reduce prices on First/Business tickets? I usually fly AA - EXP or UA/CO - 1K/PLT, however my non stop flight preference overrides my elite status on those carriers. I did receive a status match to GOLD on Delta. I'm seriously considering replacing AA with Delta. My home airports are JFK, LGA and EWR.
  12. MSPeconomist
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    Like other major airlines, DL revenue management practices dynamic pricing based on available inventories, which usually means that prices rise over time. You might want to look carefully at the fare codes to see if this might be the case of A versus P fares, both discounted FC.

    However, since the ticket was purchased last week, the difference might represent the federal taxes that are suspended during the FAA "shutdown." although I would not have guessed that this would be close to a hundred dollars. If you fly before the FAA gets its budget, you might be able to get a refund of these taxes.

    Of course, you could cancel the first ticket and purchase a new one at the lower price, but the change/refund on the first ticket is probably $150 or more, so that you wouldn't save any money by doing this.

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