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Delta SkyMiles Gold Amex upgrade to Reserve- is it worth it?

Discussion in 'Delta Air Lines | SkyMiles' started by chaz4449, Mar 2, 2012.  |  Print Topic

  1. chaz4449

    chaz4449 Silver Member

    So, I currently have the Amex Delta Skymiles Gold CC. I noticed that they have an offer of 10,000 MQM's if you spend the $450 to upgrade to Reserve. I'm currently just over the 25K MQM's and barely SM. I have enough travel planned with them that I'll be close to 40K MQM. The 10K bonus would of course push me up to GM territory. Other than the published benefits of Sky Priority and more milage earnings what other benefits would GM give? How likely are you to be upgraded on average routes (I know better than to think about u/g on ATL to SLC ;).)? Would essentially buying gold status for $450 be worth it over silver?
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  2. Delta Points
    • Original Member

    Delta Points Silver Member

    Upgrade upgrade upgrade. NO! Why? Get the BIZ card of any flavor, ( no need to have a biz to get the biz ) and once you have it cancel the personal. Next year, get the personal. Once you have that, cancel the Biz. Next year, get the personal with it's bonus etc etc etc forever ( every 24 months you can get the new card bonus ). :)
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  3. NYBanker
    • Original Member

    NYBanker Gold Member

    With all good questions, the answer is "it depends."
    1. The Reserve Card gets you SkyClub access. Do you value that?
    2. The Reserve Card gets you a buy-one-get-one coupon for a domestic round trip companion ticket - in first class or economy. Will you be able to use such a coupon? How much will you save by using one?
    3. The Reserve Card breaks ties for upgrades. While as a GM, your upgrade chances depend highly on route and day/time of travel, if there's another GM in the same fare bucket, you'll be ahead of them. Modest benefit, but it helps at least some of the time.
    4. If you spend $30k on the Reserve Card in a year, you get 15k MQMs (and redeemable miles) as a bonus - so roughly 1.5 miles per dollar. If you spend a second $30k, you get another 15k MQMs (and redeemable miles). (I usually put $60.5k a year on my Reserve Card...gets me the 30k MQMs...turns this FO into a PM. :) )
    5. The Reserve Card comes with free roadside assistance. I used this once. It was very quick.

    I elaborate more on the card here:

    I carry the Reserve Card. It's not my primary card, but it is an important part of my spend strategy. I use the First Class companion ticket each year, so the savings on that alone more than pays the annual fee.
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  4. chaz4449

    chaz4449 Silver Member

    Thanks. I've got some thinking to do.
  5. Stils

    Stils Silver Member

    Have you considered the platinum delta amex? It's only a little bit more expensive than the gold and you still get MQM mileage boosts I believe. I had the gold and just bumped to the platinum. In my opinion there is now no longer any reason to have the gold.
    For $50 more a month (150 total) you get a voucher for a free companion ticket as opposed to a $100 companion ticket. That right there pays for the difference itself. Also it is my understanding that the gold card got rid of the spending mileage boosts but the platinum still has it.
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  6. MileCards

    MileCards Silver Member

    Any pattern to the routes you frequent that would be eligible for upgrades? How far down the list are you typically now as a Silver?
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  7. chaz4449

    chaz4449 Silver Member

    Don't know yet. Just got it.
  8. flyingdawg
    • Original Member

    flyingdawg Gold Member

    Welcome to MP, MileCards.

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