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DL dedicates a 757 to servicemen and women "Spirit of Freedom"

Discussion in 'Delta Air Lines | SkyMiles' started by N670DN, Nov 10, 2012.  |  Print Topic

  1. N670DN
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    N670DN Silver Member

    Ship 694, a 75X, was dedicated in ATL to honor those who serve in the military on Friday. It follows the same idea of "Spirit of ___" on other a/c.

    Interestingly I was on this bird earlier this year.
  2. gregm

    gregm Gold Member

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  3. N670DN
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    N670DN Silver Member

    Thank you for posting that video. I just watched it yesterday and was going to post it when I had the time.
  4. gregm

    gregm Gold Member

    You're welcome!

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