Do You Use the "Job Well Done" Certificates for DL Employees ?

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  1. I have used two of the certificates for change charges that could have hit me hard in the wallet, but were waived by agents on phone. I am told that they have some nice gifts available in the program for employees. I just wonder if everyone else uses their certificates and for what reason. Some wag in lounge told me he "dangles" for flight discount codes, but I have doubts. What do you think of these certificates ?
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  2. MSPeconomist
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    Welcome to MP. I think many of use use the JWD certs and wish we could get more. It's a nice way to express appreciation for someone who goes above and beyond, either in person or by phone (you can read then the code numbers, I believe). Most DL employees seem to value the gifts as well as the thanks.

    Instead of a JWD cert, you can enter a compliment through the complaints/feedback form on delta.dumb. DL does seem to take these comments seriously. In the paper days, I would sometimes fill out a form during flight and then show it to the purser or FA (for them to read) and ask them to drop it in the mailbox for me, especially handy on outbound international flights.
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  3. Gargoyle
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    I always carry them with me when I travel, but I also "hoard" them to make sure I use them properly for employees who go above and beyond. With only three per year, I try to be sure they go to special people.
  4. USAF_Pride
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    I use them for "DL Employees". The WN (Southwest) employees do not know what to do with them!!! ;)

    Welcome to MP!!!
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  5. rwoman
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    The first year I had them, I seemed to use them mostly for FA's. Since then, I've used them for a combination of FA's, Customer Service Reps, and Airport Agents. If I do not have a JWD cert or have run out I ask for their name and send in an email via

    It seems most are always willing to criticize promptly, but not praise - I try to provide feedback for both. :)
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  6. Davescj
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    I use the JWD also. I keep them at home, but can note the employee if I want to call in the cert (directions are on it). Like Gargoyle, I tend to hoard them towards the end of the year. I gave a couple out last year to SC agents who were superhelpful.

    As to bonus gifts, I'm told they go as high as large appliances (washer/dryer) if they employee gets enough. Considering that PM get 3 and DM 4 per year, it really is a limited number of certs out there.

    I also agree w/MSPe about the comments. I find DL does respond.
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  7. icurhere2
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    I make sure mine get used but three/four per year is a challenge. The last one I used in 2010 was for a SC agent who was able to put me on an oversold AA flight (DL could not get me home after flight delays) specifically so I could get to MEM, drive my car home that overnight, get my passport, and start another itinerary (to SYD from BNA) the next morning. Above and beyond is a modest description of that evening.
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  8. cliburn
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    I gave them all away in 2009. I sorry to say last year I never saw a reason to hand them out (although I carried them on every trip).
    I still have them and this year's stash....
  9. Gargoyle
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    Gargoyle Milepoint Guide

    I get the impression that some of the top lounge angels in the major hubs collect quite a number of those certs.
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  10. jrp2

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    I like the idea of JWD certs and I have handed out a few out. I have never given one to a phone agent, but would if they did something that warranted it. I guess I have been lucky enough not to need extraordinary measures with anyone on the phone. Using SWUs is the most complicated thing I think I have had to do over the phone. Even that wasn't that hard.

    I have handed mine out to FAs for attitude. e.g. I had one FA on a flight who was very friendly and was every entertaining. Friendly banter with the passengers and other FAs. Really made the flight go by fast.

    I also handed one out for a FA who seemed to care enough to come back with options and other ideas when I declined the pre-landing meal which didn't have cereal as an option. The FAs in B/E seem to be rushed to get out the meal before we landed. So instead of thinking "great, one lest meal I have to hand out and pick up", this one FA out of the group, kept coming back offering things like milk and other items to me. Maybe I'm strange, but when an FA does and demonstrates that he/she might give a darn about me, I choose to reward it.

    Or maybe I'm going soft in my old age. :D
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  11. snc1019

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    I agree. Doing your job does not qualify a Delta employee to recieve a JWD cert. I have a few go to people who continue to provide service above and way beyond for me and always make sure they get one. Special people deserve something in return.
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  12. Frozentech
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    I've given 2 this year, one to a DTW club agent who put me up in the Hyatt with meals for a weather canx, one to a GA who got me UG'd from ATL to ANC, for a "direct" flight that stopped in MSP, when no seat was open all the way through from ATL-ANC. She had me hop across the aisle into a fresh FC seat (so my two BP's were Flight 400 seat 3A, and flight 400 3D). Why couldn't have done that and cleared me at the window, I have no idea, but that's a different issue. Actually you could say, I give JWD's for overcoming's weirdness.
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  13. Mike1625
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    I'm about to become Plat for the first time. Looking forward to being able to reward exceptional service. Wish I could go back in time and give a few out to some really great employees who helped me in the past. I can only hope that the employees who were exceptional to me, most likely were exceptional to others and ended up getting plenty of those certificates.
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  14. MSPeconomist
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    Of course I use them and I wish I could get a couple more sets of them. If we complain when things go wrong, it's only right to express appreciation when someone does something exceptional. I also compliment particular DL employees using the website feedback when appropriate, but I avoid being specific if they may have broken a rule for me.
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  15. Frozentech
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    Had opportunity to use another JWD yesterday in MCI, when the friendly local Delta Connection operator - SkyWest, swapped in a CRJ200 to replace the CRJ700 for the first leg of our MCI->SLC->ANC trip, losing me my FC seat. The problem wasn't so much me losing my UG, as it was Delta wanting to bump my two travel companions (coworkers on separate PNR's and no status). The GA in MCI got all 3 of us all confirmed in F MCI->MSP->ANC, along with $300 certs and $12 food vouchers each. Good PR for DL, now those two guys think DL at least tries to make things right.
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  16. MSPeconomist
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    Based on your other report in the DL lounge, I wonder whether the GA was trying to bribe passengers so that the FA on the CRJ-200 doesn't get in trouble for bad behavior. The outcome was good for you and your colleagues, but it probably didn't address the rest of what happened. Did you observe the FA deplane or call the GA? I wonder what was said for the previously upgraded people to be taken off the flight.
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  17. Frozentech
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    No the FA never left her post by the door, except to go verbally harass the individual in 5B about his "sour expression". I think the GA was taking initiative to go pick the most likely "volunteers" , they had called for 17 to VDB, and initially I wasn't going to, but when she said both legs would be confirmed F, and I would arrive in ANC at almost the same time, I went for it. I figured it would be better to let the passengers whose final was SLC ride.

    The DL GA's there at MCI seemed pretty miffed at SkyWest for not informing them of the equipment change earlier so they could have handled it without the hassles that ensued. I had to score that one DL 1, OO 0 (that comes out looking kinda' weird, but "OO" is SkyWest's IATA code)

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