Does Hilton have Senior Rates like Hyatt?

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  1. Steven Schwartz
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    Steven Schwartz Gold Member

    When I go to reserve a room at Hilton, I see no option for a Senior Discount. Is it hidden somewhere or just doesn't exist?

  2. MyTravels
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    MyTravels Silver Member

    Hilton typically has AARP/CARP rates rather than senior rates, availality veries property to property.

    The "Date & Preferences" page sometimes has a checkbox that you can click to see the rates. If there's not checkbox, you have to know the "Corporate Account Number" to enter or call to Hilton to book the reservation.
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  3. kenbo
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    kenbo Silver Member

    Yes, Hilton does have Senior Rates. I did a quick check for the San Francisco Financial District without inputting any codes or checking off any boxes for different prices.

    The Senior Rate was about $31 less than the BAR and approximately $10 less than the Advance Purchase for the same room type. I'm not sure which hotels you're searching and/or why the Senior Rate isn't showing up. Maybe if you call in your reservation they could assist you in finding that rate. Here are the rate details:

  4. sunseeker
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    I have booked senior rates at many Hilton brand properties. The rate is usually but not always available. For Hampton Inns, you have to input an AARP number to get a senior rate.
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  5. 2soonold
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    One can be told anything over the phone. What I was told was that Hilton had AARP rates.:)
  6. ella
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    ella Silver Member

    When I go to reserve a Hilton property, the senior rate is listed along with all of the others - usually at the bottom of the list after their "romance" or "shopping" -type packages. It's AARP or age 62.
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  7. lili
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    lili Gold Member

    I find the senior rates except for European hotels. They are usually identical to the AAA rate. Both allow cancellation so I prefer them to Advance Purchase, which is sometimes slightly cheaper.

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