E-Rewards again offers AAdvantage Miles as reward option

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  1. Max M

    Max M Gold Member

    Just a heads up to everyone.

    E-Rewards is again offering AAdvantage miles as a reward option, after discontinuing that option for a few years.

    $25 in Rewards= 500 AAdvantage Miles
    $50 in Rewards =1000 AAdvantage Miles
    $100 in Rewards=2000 AAdvantage Miles
    I haven't redeemed E-Rewards in a while, but last time I did they would restrict how frequently one can redeem for each sponsor type of reward. In other words, if you redeem for 500 AAdvantage Miles, you would have to wait a period of time before redeeming for any other AAdvantage mileage reward option. Not sure if this is still the case.
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  2. brockb

    brockb Silver Member

    Nice! I guess I'll start responding to more surveys again as I'm just shy of getting 2k miles :)
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  3. 2soonold
    • Original Member

    2soonold Gold Member

    As I've moved into the senior citizen age group, I've been getting fewer surveys.:rolleyes:
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  4. Skye1
    • Original Member

    Skye1 Silver Member

    I suppose if one can only claim an AA reward every so often, then in between same, one can claim an award for another airline (Delta, etc.). It's not a bad way of keeping a secondary, rarely flown/used FF account "active" thru mileage input.
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  5. Status Traveller

    Status Traveller Gold Member

    This is great news.
    I will only transfer the minimum to USDM when the Grand Slam returns and keep the rest for AA now;)
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  6. Lyssa
    • Original Member

    Lyssa Silver Member

    I don't know what's going on with e-Rewards. I used to have several airline partners, including Southwest and US Airways. I transferred to Southwest earlier this year as I was working on my companion pass and I transferred to US Airways last year as part of the grad slam.

    I just logged on again and now the only airline partner I have is United. Southwest and US disappeared and AA is not showing up. I have several hotel partners still. I sent a message to their customer service, but it's just really strange. Has anyone else had this happen?
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  7. Pizzaman
    • Original Member

    Pizzaman Co-founder

    Anyone have the ability to refer someone? I used to have an e-rewards account many moons ago but it seems to have been purged.
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  8. Toula
    • Original Member

    Toula Gold Member

    thanks for that as I needed some activity for my AA account. Now I have to build my account back up for the Grand Slam hit.
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  9. Pete
    • Original Member

    Pete Silver Member

    I also lost US as a reward option.
  10. jwsky
    • Original Member

    jwsky Silver Member

    I just looked and did not see AA. I usually use them for Delta, but might use Flexperks this time. I had been saving for a half year subscription to the Wall Street Journal, but it says sold out.
  11. schnitzel
    • Original Member

    schnitzel Gold Member

    I don't think that works. Generally, if you are sponsored by an airline, then you can only transfer to that airline (but to several hotel chains).

    Likewise, if you are sponsored by a hotel chain, that's your only hotel option, but you can choose among a few airlines.

    So this invite won't likely get you to US Airways.

    EDIT: I stand corrected. I just used my AA enrollment code, and AA along with several other airlines (including US Airways) is there.
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  12. Toula
    • Original Member

    Toula Gold Member

    In the past 8 months I have managed to do a transfer to US Airways, another to Alaska and now the AA.

    Bizarrely enough doing the AA redemption took me down to a balance of $17. Within 30 minutes of redeeming I got offered on two surveys which I qualified for and took me back to $29 so I have enough for my GS hit. I must admit I don't really enjoy doing these surveys that much and normally I am off the hook as I never seem to qualify.
  13. Redhead

    Redhead Silver Member

    I used to have AA many moons ago (that's how I got referred) but have lost all other airlines. I'm happy to have AA back but was hoping to use Delta since I need 2k to get to the next reward level.
  14. chef4u
    • Original Member

    chef4u Silver Member

    Just redeemed $25 for 500 miles...only down side is the 4-6 week posting time. Delta was almost instant.
  15. ella
    • Original Member

    ella Silver Member

    I'm glad to see AA is there. I'm trying to build that account. I've been alternating between Delta and Hilton as it will only let me deposit into Delta once a year. And I always get the "four to six week" notice, but they usually post within a few days to Delta or Hilton - or the rare instance when I had put the points into Continental.
  16. 737823

    737823 Silver Member

    It's not showing as an option for me. I tried signing out and back into refresh the page but still no luck.
  17. phuucnguyen

    phuucnguyen Silver Member

    is 7000 HH for $100 e-rewards still the best overall redemption deals? Thanks
  18. Pizzaman
    • Original Member

    Pizzaman Co-founder

    If you plan to participate in the US Airways Grand Slam this year (assuming they offer it again) the value of an incremental GS hit should be worth more than this.

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