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    Hi Everyone, I know we’ve all been on the edge of our seats regarding the fate of our Economy Plus product, and I believe the headline and press release says it all. Economy Plus is here to stay.

    Specifically, we will be retaining our Economy Plus seating on all current United aircraft and will be adding an Economy Plus seating section to our fleet of Continental aircraft starting in 2012. To set expectations, this will be a multi-year effort, and the specific timing won’t be provided until we have a better sense of our modification schedule. Factors including aircraft availability, hangar schedules, are still being determined.

    I’ll do my best to answer some your questions, starting with some obvious ones below:

    1. Why wait until 2012 to start? As with any major cabin retrofit program, there’s a fair amount of engineering and planning that needs to be done before we can start on the first aircraft. This is the amount of lead time we need to get the process started.
    2. Will Economy Plus be installed at the expense of First Class or Economy Class seats? This is yet to be decided. It’s an important decision, especially for our domestic fleet, and one we’re putting a lot of thought into.
    3. Will Elites still have complimentary access to Economy Plus? The short answer is yes. As many of you know, Continental and United Elites have different policies for accessing extra legroom seating. Currently, on Continental-operated flights, extra legroom seats (select bulkhead and exit row seats) are complimentary to OnePass Gold/Platinum/Presidential Platinum and Mileage Plus Premier Executive/1K/Global Services members in advance, and to all Elite members from both programs at check-in. On United-operated flights, Elite members of both programs have access to Economy Plus both in advance and at check-in. We will be harmonizing this policy in the coming year as we further synch up our two loyalty programs.
    4. What about the p.s. transcon product, 3-cabin First Class, and other configuration decisions? There are indeed several more aircraft configuration blanks to fill in, which we expect to announce throughout the year. Stay tuned!

    I think those are the key points, but if I've missed anything please let me know.

    Scott O’Leary
    Managing Director, Customer Solutions
    United Airlines​
  2. Mackieman
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    This is most excellent news!
  3. Sean
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    Welcome to MilePoint! Thanks for conveying the great news!
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  4. tahewett
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    BRILLIANT! Here's hoping you decide to keep complimentary advance access to all Elite members!

    ETA: also hoping that the space for E+ comes from regular economy and not F. Otherwise, what's the point?
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  5. sobore
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    Let's face it. It was one of the smartest UA moves over the last decade, it holds many captive and would be really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really stupid to get rid of it.
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  6. Renard
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    Celebrate!! And Welcome to Scott, our CO UA Insider :)
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  7. Hannaman
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    Glad it's staying. E+ must have been making bank to convince $misek and the COers that it should stay.
  8. Hartmann
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    <cue complaints by someone about something>

    Great news. And glad to have you here Scott.
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  9. sfogate
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    You guys had such little faith. [​IMG] Now do you like "some of those changes"?
  10. Meh, not relevant for me.
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  11. fozz
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    I didn't even realize Scott made his way over here. Welcome and good news on E+.
  12. Art234
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    Art234 Milepoint Guide

    Thanks for the update Scott, and WELCOME....
  13. Hannaman
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    Hannaman Silver Member

    In fairness, it's not a net positive to the UA flyer, it's a net neutral in terms of legroom.

    That said, if they keep this up, you may see some changes to my profile pic in the months ahead, and I think you'll like it. ;)
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  14. mowogo
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    I now feel comfortable planning on staying with United, as this was the one feature that made it worth me going out of my way to fly UA
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  15. tjtenor4
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    Good stuff. My guess is some planes will lose F to install E+, and some won't. I realize that's pretty open-ended... I'll try to post further analysis at some point.
  16. cheepneezy
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  17. ifly153
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    Great news! Very excited UA came to the right conclusion.
  18. sdcarver
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    Great News Indeed!!!!
  19. tommy777
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    tommy777 Co-founder

    Very cool! Welcome aboard, Scott!
  20. avflyer
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    Great news! Now, what about channel 9?
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  21. Renard
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    Yes! :D
  22. ifly153
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    Scott - you need more posts so we can help you get to Original Member. [​IMG]
  23. hopscotch1
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    This was a wise decision by the combined United/Continental. It will keep me around.
  24. Pat+
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    Awesome news. Now please keep F intact. Alright? :)
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  25. Captain Oveur
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    Thanks for the information.

    And for making the right move.

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