Exclusive offer for MilePoint Users, free AwardWallet Plus memberships

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  1. DrG
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    DrG Gold Member

    AwardWallet.com has given me a coupon code exclusively created for MilePoint members!

    Awardwallet is an indispensable tool for tracking the balances and status for all of your programs. If you currently do not use a frequent flyer mile management website, now would be a great time to start. Or if you are using a different rewards tracking website this is your chance to see how they compare. It is quite fun, and addictive, to watch the balances climb.

    The coupon code: newMilePointUser (See Below)

    Terms - Valid for new AwardWallet registrations, Expiration March 11th, 2011.

    How to use:

    If you don’t use AwardWallet yet, signup for it here.

    After you register as a new user, click My Account > Upgrade to Award Wallet Plus > Enter price $5.00 (you won't be charged) > Choose a method of payment (again, you won't be charged) > Add the promotional code "newMilePointUser". You will then have access to all the features.

    This is an excellent opportunity to try out the additional AwardWallet Plus features for free. If you like them as much as I do, you will not hesitate to pay and keep the upgrade after the 6 month trial. Of course, AwardWallet Basic will remain free after the 6 months.

    Enjoy the freebie while it lasts!

    Update: Here is a new code valid until the end of March

    The coupon code: gimmieAWplus

    The coupon code expires March 31, 2011.​

    The coupon may, or may not, work for pre-existing accounts.

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  2. AwardWallet

    AwardWallet Z Representative

    AwardWallet is pleased that so many frequent flyers have taken advantage of our recent coupon code blitz!

    For anyone that has, we'd greatly appreciate it if you'd "Like" our Facebook page and maybe even write a review about us in the Reviews tab.


    Thanks and happy travels,

    The AwardWallet team
  3. joesmoe
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    So nothing for us current awardwallet members? Maybe an extension or somethin?
  4. JohnDeere19
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    JohnDeere19 Gold Member

    There's another thread here with a code that worked for me as an existing member...I believe it's also on GLeff's blog "View from the Wing"
  5. Thanks! I have been wanting to upgrade!
  6. DrG
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    DrG Gold Member

    Just a reminder for anybody who hasn't gotten in on this. This code expires tomorrow March 11.
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  7. Robin
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    Robin Silver Member

    Thanks for the coupon code. Just signed up.
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  8. Thanks for the coupon. I just signed up there as well.
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  9. aussieflyer
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    aussieflyer Silver Member

    Seems like Award Wallet is really looking to get out there. Multiple travel sites/blogs giving out codes for free Award Wallet Plus.
    Love the site!
    Hope they keep it up and keep on adding.
  10. travelingmore
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    travelingmore Gold Member

    Thanks for the reminder - just signed up and will give it a try.
  11. santafefran
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    santafefran Silver Member

    Thanks for the tip. I just enrolled and used your coupon code.
  12. DrG
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    DrG Gold Member

    I have updated the OP with a new coupon code valid until the end of March.
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  13. rajuabju
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    rajuabju Silver Member

    AW is A mazing
  14. toddreg
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    toddreg Silver Member

    I had an existing basic account and the code worked for a free upgrade on my account. Thanks AW and MP. Free stuff is great isn't it?
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