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EXP travelling Intl what lounge can I get in?

Discussion in 'American Airlines | AAdvantage' started by TRYING2BPLAT, Jan 8, 2013.  |  Print Topic


    TRYING2BPLAT Silver Member

    I am travelling to japan, Hkg n shanghai on coach but can I use first class lounge in LA, HKg n NRT or I can only use business lounge? What do I need to show to enter the F lounge?
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  2. beaktor

    beaktor Silver Member

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  3. tom911
    • Original Member

    tom911 Gold Member

    Just remember your access is based on One World Emerald status. You should see an emerald oval on your EXP card. I've always carried my card in the past but some partners are content with just seeing the boarding pass for entry.
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    TRYING2BPLAT Silver Member

    My boarding pass will print my status even for Intl flight?
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  5. DestinationDavid
    • Original Member

    DestinationDavid Milepoint Guide

    Yes. :)

    But as noted, there are some lounges that will require you to present your status card as well, so make sure you have that on hand. Just in case.
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  6. jbcarioca
    • Original Member

    jbcarioca Gold Member

    I have observed people being asked for proof of Emerald status at CX F lounges, for example, although I have no personal experience, having never been asked anywhere myself, but I'm usually traveling F anyway.
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  7. jasher926

    jasher926 Silver Member

    A couple of years ago, the JAL first class lounge at NRT asked me to show them my card even though I was in business class. I told them I didn't have it and referred them to the Emerald status printed on my boarding pass. After a little tappity-tap-tap on the keyboard they let me in.
  8. DestinationDavid
    • Original Member

    DestinationDavid Milepoint Guide

    I should hope so. If you based it solely on your class of service, being in business only entitles you to the business class lounge, not the first class lounge. ;):D

    Back to the card vs boarding pass issue, my personal experience has always been that agents will accept the status printed on your boarding pass as valid. I've actually never been asked for my elite card that I can remember. Some airlines, like CX, will often print you a lounge invitation card along with your boarding pass which completely alleviates the need for your elite card.

    On the other hand, it is important to note that the official OW lounge access policy does require that those seeking entrance to the lounge present their elite card reflecting OW status: LINK.

    The fourth bullet point under the "oneworld lounge access for frequent fliers by tier status" section reads:

    You must be prepared to show your frequent flyer membership card, with oneworld Emerald or Sapphire status, to access a lounge.

    Annoying, yes, but them's the rules. So if you want to guarantee your lounge access it's wise to keep your elite card handy, just in case. :)

    TRYING2BPLAT Silver Member

    If I am flying LAX/BNA/ORD/NRT on AA, can I use the flagship lounge in LA and ORD?
  10. HNL
    • Original Member

    HNL Gold Member


    TRYING2BPLAT Silver Member

    awesome, now I CAN REALLY EXPERIENCE AA FLAGSHIP SERVICE for both cities. Any recommendation, any not to miss? , how many flagship area in ORD?what gate?very excited. thanks
  12. DestinationDavid
    • Original Member

    DestinationDavid Milepoint Guide

    ORD has only one Flagship lounge (in fact, all airports that feature FLs have only one) and it is located down by Gate K17.

    Sadly the ORD FL is the worst in the system, so I wouldn't get all that excited about access. It's still nice to have unlimited free booze and snacks for the duration of your wait at the airport though. It's a small, cramped space that often has quite a few people crammed in. I think you'll find that the LAX FL is a much better experience. Similar food and beverage offerings, but much more spacious and nice views of the tarmac (though the LAX FL lets you see AA and DL birds, the regular AC space at LAX has AA birds plus TBIT views, much nicer IMHO). The LAX FL is located inside the AC, so no need to hunt for anything like at ORD.
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