Famous Los Angeles Cemeteries

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    For a century now, Los Angeles has been well-known for its celebrity residents. In the natural course of things, this has meant a substantial number of famous corpses. Below is a listing of the illustrious cemeteries where these famous bodies have found their final resting place:
    Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park and Mortuary (1218 Glendon Avenue 90024) — This smaller cemetery (just over 2 acres) was founded in 1905, with graves on-site dating back to the 1880s. Gravesites of the famous found here include Roy Orbison, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Zappa and John Cassavetes. The place is dense with celebrity graves; here is the seeing-stars.com guide, hollywood-underground.com list, and the wikipedia.com entry.
    Dee Dee Ramone grave in Hollywood Forever Cemetery
    Hollywood Forever Cemetary (6000 Santa Monica Blvd 90038) — Originally founded in 1899; after its near bankruptcy and subsequent purchase in 1998, Hollywood Forever has embraced its celebrity image. It does this both as an actual Hollywood filming location and also by being welcoming of visitors and tourists (for example they have an interactive gravesite map on their website). Celebrities buried here include Rudolph Valentino, Douglas Fairbanks and Cecil de Mille. Here is the seeing-stars.com guide, hollywood-undergound.com list and the wikipedia.com entry.
    Statue in Forest Lawn Memorial Park
    Forest Lawn Memorial Park (6300 Forest Lawn Drive 90068) — This huge cemetery (300 acres) next to Griffith Park was founded in 1906; in 1917 Dr. Hubert Eaton took over operation. motivated by his principle of creating a cemetery with an optimistic, beautiful landscape. In any event the place is chock full of famous bodies, from early cinema luminaries like Mary Pickford, Clark Gable, and Humphrey Bogart to more recent celebrities like Michael Jackson. Overall this establishment is rather indifferent towards the casual visitor so maybe keep a low profile while walking around. Seeing-stars.com guide, hollywood-underground.com list, and the wikipedia.com entry.
    Inglewood Park Cemetery seen from the descent into LAX
    Inglewood Park Cemetery (720 E. Florence Ave 90301) — Founded in 1905; the graves of Chet Baker, Sugar Ray Robinson, Ella Fitzgerald, and Ray Charles are at this location. Again, the seeing-star.com guide, hollywood-underground.com list and wikipedia.com entry.
    Evergreen Cemetery (204 N. Evergreen Avenue 90063) — The Evergreen Cemetery, with 67 acres and 300,000 graves, was established 1877 and is the oldest cemetery in Los Angeles. This cemetery does not have many celebrity graves, but does host some real historical heavyweights like George A. Ralphs (founder of Ralphs), Biddy Mason (co-founder of the First African Amerian Episcopal Church), and many Hollenbecks, Lankershims, and Van Nuyes. Evidently the Pacific Coast Showmens Association bought land here in 1922 which has been used as the burial ground for over 400 carnies (carnival workers). Other websites about this place: cemetery angels blog and hollywoodland blog.
    Los Angeles Gravesite Websites:
    Google online copy of Forever L.A.: A Field Guide to Los Angeles Area Cemeteries & Their Residents
    [Photos courtesy of loop_oh, AtomicPope, joguldi and dsearls]

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    The Al Jolson grave is clearly visible as one drives along the San Diego Freeway (I-405) in Culver City (Hillside Memorial Park):

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    I didn't realize that was Jolson's grave.

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