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  1. garyst16
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    Hello fellow MP’ers and AA-aholics! I have 1 eVIP that expires at the end of February 2013 that I am unable to use (I hate when that happens). I am willing to part with said eVIP, but of course, there are rules…. damn I hate rules…

    I want to thank “noam” for his similar post - since I plagiarized a good portion of it!

    (EDIT) Additionally, I would like to thank DestinationDavid for some pointers on this contest!

    1. Your flight must be on AA metal (well duh!)
    2. Flight must be single TATL or TPAC over 5,000 miles, however, the upgrade MAY work for connecting flights if also on AA metal – no guarantee!
    3. There must be upgrade availability “This means C inventory if you want to upgrade from Economy and A inventory if you want to upgrade from Business. If you don't know how to look this up (e.g. Expertflyer), you can call AA and ask if there is available inventory to use a system wide upgrade from a friend”
    4. Your flight must be ticketed! (kinda hard to upgrade you on a flight that hasn’t been booked!)
    5. Post your flight's date, flight number, and start/end airport codes. I will use this to make sure there is upgrade inventory availability before a winner is selected.
    6. Submit your response on this thread… I don’t want to be searching high and low through MP to find it and,
    7. The best for last? Hardly! The final, and probably most important rule – I decide the winner based on:
    a.Best story on why you should be awarded the upgrade​
    b.Class of booked service​
    c.Distance of flight for which you will be stuck in “preferably” coachd.How likable you are… because those of us on MP are a cut above those on TOBB - and yes, I will be reviewing your other posts! Kind of like a repeat of Christmas - cause I’m gonna find out who's naughty and nice!​

    So as you can see, these rules and the selection process for this contest are completely arbitrary and subjective - I love making the rules! Are you in? If so, post a response to this forum by Friday, January 11 at midnight Pacific Time.

    Good luck!
  2. JALPak
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    Thanks for your generosity!

    My brother has a PHL-ORD-NRT-HKG trip coming up ticketed on AA3877 and AA153 on Feb 2. But unfortunately there's no C inventory on the ORD-NRT leg right now even though J cabin is more than half empty :( I was going to put him on JL009 and upgrade him with my JMB miles but AA canceled the early morning PHL-ORD flight before I ticket and he has to travel on AA153 instead. So he is probably destined to stuck in Y for this 23+hours trip. LOL

    If no one else responds by the deadline, hopefully you would consider him if AA releases more award inventory.

    FYI, last time I almost got into trouble with this kind of eVIP giveaway. AA called me a day before my trip questioning whether I bought the upgrade from another person. Luckily I was able to straight things out before my trip. So you might want to make it clear this is a giveaway to online friends/stranger when you make your reservation.
  3. anabolism
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    Ticketed and booked are two different things. You can apply an SWU to a flight that's booked (held) but not ticketed. However, you might reasonably choose not to when applying the SWU for someone else, as there is a risk the recipient won't ticket. On the other hand, the recipient may be afraid to ticket until the upgrade had been applied (risk of ending up unupgraded). As a compromise, you might consider allowing unticketed reservations but requiring them to be ticketed within x hours or else you move on to the next person on the list.
  4. Carlee

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    I am on an AA flight 42 feb5,2013 from ord-cdg. I booked thru El Al and am headed to telAviv. Will be my first trip since major andominal surgery in Dec. and I'm a little worried, but want to go so badly!
    I am going with two travel bloggers I met on twitter and have only met 1 in real life!! This is truly an adventure for a middle aged southern Mom- love twitter/if you can follow me at Southern Travel Girl and you will find a great community of travel enthusiast/bloggers/crazy people who help and inspire each other! There is upgrade availability;)

    I am a first "virgin" and would love to experience what I am working towards! Thanks for your consideration. Reward the daring!!
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    THREEA4ME Silver Member

    Way to go Carlee. If it doesn't work out for some reason, Gary, I'm on AA 136 on Feb 14 to LHR and could use a eVIP so I don't have burn one of mine...(I have none expiring). But hope Carlee gets it!
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  6. Carlee

    Carlee Silver Member

    Gary, what have you decided?
  7. foxberg

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    I'm probably late into the game, but I'm flying JFK-SFO on January 29th and SFO-JFK on February 3rd. Being just Gold I don't hold my breath to get a sticker upgrade, chances are about 5%.
  8. garyst16
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    Sorry for the lateness of this has been a hectic week at work! JALPak's entry has been selected as the winner for the eVIP based on the length of his flight. Thanks for the posts and good luck to all in the chasing of miles and points!
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  9. DestinationDavid
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    DestinationDavid Milepoint Guide

    Very generous of you, and great give away. Hope JALPak's brother enjoys it. :cool:
  10. JALPak
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    JALPak Gold Member

    Thanks a lot Gary! Hopefully the upgrade will clear soon. This will be my brother's first time traveling on international premium class and definitely will make this long trip to HKG 100x more enjoyable :)
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  11. JALPak
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    JALPak Gold Member

    With garyst16's help, the upgrade finally cleared at check-in and I have received some pictures from my brother and will post them with his comments later :D
  12. garyst16
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    garyst16 Silver Member

    Glad to hear the SWU finally cleared!
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  13. DestinationDavid
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    DestinationDavid Milepoint Guide

    No picture of the amenity kit I'm assuming.... :D
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  14. JALPak
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    JALPak Gold Member

    Ha don't remind me of that! I was so looking forward to adding that to my collection :( Should have reminded him before he boarded.
  15. JALPak
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    JALPak Gold Member

    As promised, this is the mini-trip report from my brother

    Background/Online Check-In
    My brother was flying PHL-ORD-NRT-HKG, all AA coded but the first leg was operated by MQ and last leg was operated by CX. I tried to book him on JL codeshare but no seat was available at that time and I reluctantly booked him on CX, which I am not a fan of. At T-48, I went to CX website to do an OLCI for my brother, got the Seq No 1 for him and an Y seat near the front. At T-24, I went to AA site to try to secure him a better seat but purposely didn't OLCI for him because I want to have the option to change the seats if better seats open up. At this time, the eVIP upgrade still hasn't cleared so I paid $59 to get him 20H bulkhead seat on AA153 to NRT so he could at least be a bit more comfortable on the longest leg of this 23+ hour trip. Gary is nice enough to give AA a call one more time to make the arrangements so that my brother can use the eVIP at the airport even when he's not present.

    Check-In at PHL
    At PHL, my brother went to the self-check-in kiosk and tried to check in for his flights. But he could only do that for the first leg and the AA agent told him he needs to go to the ticketing counter because the upgrade has cleared. My brother was a bit confused and didn't know what the agent meant (Let's say I am the travel agent of the family and he has no idea on all the terminologies when it comes to ticketing LOL). It just happened that I gave him a call at the same time so I was there to assist him over the phone the entire time at the ticketing counter.

    I was thrilled that the upgrade finally cleared but little did I know how much trouble is waiting for us ahead :eek: At first the check-in agent said she has to make a call to make sure my brother was upgraded. Maybe she's confused why Gary is upgrading this stranger LOL. The entire process took around 30 minutes and lots of boarding pass tearing happened. She kept assigning my brother to the wrong seat on the first leg too, somehow the boarding pass showed 14A instead of 7A I selected for him on the CR7. At some point, the agent was confused and asked for his AAdvantage number when his JMB number is on the record. She even said his JMB number was incorrect (which isn't true LOL). Finally she finished processing the eVIP.

    Now that she's done with the ticketing, we thought it would be easy and my brother can go to airside soon. But for some reasons, she couldn't check my brother in :confused: My brother told her he has online checked-in for the CX flight already and asked if she needs the document. She said no but from what's she mumbling, we knew it's the CX codeshare flight that's causing the trouble. Finally another agent came over to help him but she couldn't get it done either. At the end she told my brother it will be a while and she has to give CX a call. After the call we though it's done but she told him she has to wait for CX to call her back!? At this point he has been waiting for 60 minutes at the counter :eek: And time is ticking as the checked luggage cut-off time for international flight is an hour. My brother missed the 45 minute cut-off time at LAX and was worry that he will miss it again this time.

    Eventually CX called back and AA was able to check my brother in finally. The entire process took about 75-80 minutes :eek: Turns out my OLCI at T-48 has screwed things up and they had to uncheck-in my brother and re-check him in. In the process he lost his assigned seat and now sits in the back of the cabin!? So if you are flying on AA codeshare operated by CX, you might need to think twice before you do an OLCI on CX website!

    Before my brother left the counter, the check-in agent told him to check again at ORD to make sure he has been upgraded (so she's still not convinced that Gary used the upgrade on him?? :p)

    ORD-NRT Flight
    After an uneventful flight to ORD, my brother spent some time at the Admirals Club. Ate some cookies and had some OJ. Then it's time to board the ORD-NRT flight. This is his first time flying on an international Business Class so he's definitely excited.


    It's snowing at ORD so flights are delayed. De-icing has to be done before the flight. At this point we were a little worry whether he would make the CX connection at NRT given he only had 105 minutes between the flights. After a short delay, boarding finally started so we thought he should be fine.

    After he settled down, he messaged me, said goodbye and promised to take some pictures for me. So I thought everything should be fine but passed the scheduled departure time he suddenly messaged me again. He told me the plane is still at the gate and doesn't look like it will depart any time soon! So he asked what he needs to do in case he missed the connection and he was worried about being stuck at NRT even though he has been to that airport and Japan for more than 10 times! By now you can probably tell it's his first time traveling alone LOL. I gave him different options and told him an agent should be waiting for you too.

    So while he's still waiting to depart, he asked me whether he could take the slippers home and what else LOL I made fun of him and told him not to take the pillow, not the duvet and definitely not the Bose headphones :p More message exchanges and finally the plane was ready to depart. At this point he's about 45 minutes late and I told him he probably wouldn't make it if the flight is delayed for another 15 minutes. After that we said goodbye one more time and he's off to Tokyo. And of course with his luck, the flight is delayed for another 15 minutes waiting to depart LOL But there's nothing we could do at this point.

    After he turned off his phone, I noticed I forgot to remind him there's an amenity kit! Turns out there's only a pillow and duvet in his seat. Sounds like the kit is hidden in the hole at the back of the seat in front of him. Of course he didn't know there's a kit and didn't bother to search for it even though he saw people using sleeping mask and he didn't get one :mad: I was looking forward to adding that to my small collection but too bad :(

    Given my brother has only traveled in Y before, he found the seat very comfortable and was able to get some sleep on the plane. Definitely didn't complain about the angled flat bed as he knows a flat bed is better than a Y seat even if it's angled. He didn't slide down on the bed either. He said the IFE had a good selection of movies although I don't know what he actually watched.

    Now finally comes to the food! My brother is a really picky eater and doesn't like a lot of food e.g. vegetables, fruits and cheese. He doesn't even like the food served on codeshare flight operated by JAL from NRT to LAX (How could he not like AIR KFC LOL) Out of all the dishes served, he said he likes the sundae the most (surprise surprise! :p) followed by the sushi snack and chilled chicken. He also enjoys the bread too (it was highly recommended by me too). Below is the menu for his flight

    photo-6.JPG photo-7.JPG photo-8.JPG photo-9.JPG photo-10.JPG


    IMG_0320.JPG IMG_0318.JPG

    He didn't touch the salad (vegetables!) and said didn't like the thing on top of the salmon which later he found out it's poached pear (fruit!)



    For main, he picked the Adobo Chicken which he said it tastes OK (so picky!) He was going to try the steam rice too but he was so full after having the mashed potato and had to pass on that.



    For dessert, there's only one choice for him because the other two are fruit and cheese LOL I am glad that he went for and LOVE this AA signature dessert.

    Mid Flight Snack

    IMG_0330.JPG IMG_0332.JPG

    Later during the flight, he saw his neighbors were having sushi and wanted to have some too. I have told him just order the snack if you are hungry before his flight but somehow he still didn't do it and waited for a FA came to his seat and offered him the snack. He said the croissant doesn't look appealing at all so he went for the sushi and glad that he did!

    Out of the three pieces of sushi, he enjoyed the bean curd skin one the most. And once again he didn't touch the fruits!

    Light Meal

    IMG_0337.JPG IMG_0343.JPG IMG_0342.JPG

    Finally the light meal. He went with the chilled cilantro chicken. Once again he didn't pay attention to the menu and thought the FA forgot to heat his chicken LOL He almost asked his neighbors whether his is cold too but good that he checked the menu first :D He said he didn't taste the cilantro (which I know he doesn't like and of course he didn't pay attention to the menu otherwise he wouldn't have ordered it). Overall he likes the chicken dish but thinks it will taste even better if served warm (chilled chicken served warm!? LOL)

    Connecting at NRT
    When my brother was enjoying the flight, I was also having some fun monitoring his flight status and reservation. I knew he probably wouldn't make it to the CX flight and AA agreed as I saw they have added another flight to his PNR. First they added the first CX flight next morning and booked him under Y (the first option I told him before he departed). I was happy because I will get an extra 912 miles and my brother can pick up the items I want from Japan LOL But later, it was changed to the DL flight later that evening (the second option I offered) and I was trying to look for his KE FFP number and be prepared to request for original mile credit LOL. But 10 minutes later, AA changed his flight once again and put him on JL735, the one I originally wanted to put him on LOL. This was the 4th option I offered but told him it is almost impossible because the JL flight only departs 5 minutes after the CX flight. It's highly unlikely that he could make the JL flight. So I was really confused what's going on at that point.

    The flight finally arrived at 5:34pm, 1hr 14 min late. The FA told him there will be an agent waiting for him at the gate. And the JL agent was there, apologized and told him he has missed his CX flight (my brother was definitely worried by now) but then the agent said they have booked him onto another flight. Gave him the new boarding passes and documents for insurance claim, told him most likely the luggage wouldn't make it and then escorted him through security and to the gate. Turns out my brother is the only passenger connecting from AA153 to HKG that evening! By the time he boarded the JL flight, the CX flight he was originally on hasn't even departed. And the JL flight ended up departing a few minutes EARLY! So CX could have waited for him but they chose not to. My brother isn't too thrilled about that. And now you could probably tell how happy I was when I found out about that LOL

    Here are the bonus pictures from his JL flight. This is the meal served in Y on ex-NRT flight to China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. JL now only offers ONE option on these flights :( But somehow my brother likes this meal :confused: Maybe he's just not into fine dining lol

    Also hagen daz ice cream is served as dessert which is missing from the photos

    IMG_0346.JPG IMG_0351.JPG IMG_0349.JPG IMG_0345.JPG

    And at HKG, he found out his luggage made it onto the same flight to HKG! So JAL rocks (ok these are my words not his :p) And it couldn't have turned out any better. My brother gets home on the same night and got to fly on MY preferred carrier LOL

    It's amazing that AA and JL works well together to get my brother home the same night. So thank you AA and JAL, and of course Gary for his generous upgrade! Sorry for the long report on details that probably don't matter much. I didn't expect to type so much but just couldn't stop once I started :p
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    TRYING2BPLAT Silver Member

    Nice report, I hope I will not be delayed in March asI will be in the same route from Ord to Hkg with CX from NRT since I want to use the Sakura F lounge in NRT, hope no agent will pick me up for a transfer! :) that would be sad.
  17. garyst16
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    garyst16 Silver Member

    Glad it all worked out!
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  18. JALPak
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    Even without delay, you probably won't have much time in the F lounge. But at least now they keep the satellite F lounge opens in the evening which is closer to the CX505 gate
  19. anabolism
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    Couldn't you or Gary have had AA reissue his ticket over the phone, so he could have stayed airside, and pick up his new BP at the gate or AC or FL?

    I don't understand why he had to be un-checked-in, since his CX flight was not affected by the upgrade, unless it's because reissuing the ticket meant that he had been checked in on a now-invalid ticket so he had to be un-checked-in, the ticket re-issued, then re-checked-in. But even so, why would he lose his seat? The seat assignment should be in CX's PNR, so being checked-in or not shouldn't matter, right?

    I've only seen it in pictures, but the photos sure make it look nar-stee!

    Why would you get an extra 912 miles if your brother flies on CX in Y the next day? From booking him a hotel room?
  20. anabolism
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    Early march or late March? You know the old saying, "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb."
  21. anabolism
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    anabolism Gold Member

    I may be crazy, since I just booked CX award tickets (in F) for late December out of ORD. The SFO flights opened up a day or so after I booked ORD, but I figured it wasn't worth changing.
  22. JALPak
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    JALPak Gold Member

    I have no idea. The agent sounds unsure whether my brother is upgraded or not and probably want to tag his bags accordingly?

    Yes, that's my guess too. The e-ticket number has changed because of the ticket exchange and probably that's why they have to uncheck and recheck him in. NO idea why he lost the assigned seat though.

    Because of a higher booking code used on the CX flight.
  23. JALPak
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    JALPak Gold Member

    Nah stick with ORD and look for JFK instead to maximize your time in F :p
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  24. DestinationDavid
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    DestinationDavid Milepoint Guide

    The last two years ORD has had amazingly good winters. Hardly any snow, and only a few days where delays were needed. If things continue as such next winter, chances are you'll be just fine.

    Or we could snap back to our normal winters and you'll be trapped here for days. ;)
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  25. JALPak
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    JALPak Gold Member

    So my brother is lucky enough to receive the upgrade AND fly on the day with snow LOL

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