Free Personalized Luggage Tags from KLM

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  1. katstarr

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  2. chrislacey
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    chrislacey Milepoint Guide

    Thanks for posting, katstarr. KLM has offered this promotion in the past. The problem is that the tags don't last. But I guess you can't complain when the price is free :)
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  3. edekba

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  4. milchap
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  5. marcwint55

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  6. hulagrrl210
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    hulagrrl210 Gold Member

    Amazing how fast they are going! Thanks for sharing!
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  7. katstarr

    katstarr Gold Member

    its now SOLD OUT!!!

    I hope lots of you got in on this.

    until next time......
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  8. edekba

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    A lot of blogs posted about it.
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  9. katstarr

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  10. katstarr

    katstarr Gold Member

    strangely, USA is not listed as a country in the drop down menu. Are the KLM luggage passes no longer available to residents of the US? I filled one out, and listed all my relevant info, and chose US Minor outlying areas as my country. will it work? we'll see.
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  11. mrredskin
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    server fail
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  12. katstarr

    katstarr Gold Member

    now website expressly states: Due to the great success of this campaign, tags are currently sold out for residents of the United States.
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  13. edekba

    edekba Gold Member

    Good thing I found this thread.

    Thanks Again.

    BTW did anyone get any shipping/order confirmation when you ordered? I Haven't received anything.
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  14. jmjgp12

    jmjgp12 Silver Member

    Thank you for the post -- Sadly they are now sold out in the US :(
    Hopefully they will run this again in the future!
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  15. gobluetwo
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    gobluetwo Silver Member

    I got a few the last time they ran this promo. Not terribly durable, but has stayed intact on my backpack. I really just wanted to picture :)

    Of course, now I have to contend with the fact that the phone number I put on there is no longer in service :p
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  16. edekba

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    GoogleVoice :)
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  17. dayone
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    dayone Silver Member

    Has anyone received their new tags from this promotion in June?

    KLM sent me the following on July 23, but no tags yet:

    Your luggage tag is now on its way to your suitcase! Please note that delivery can take up to three weeks, so don't worry if it takes a little while.
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  18. cliburn
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    cliburn Silver Member

    Mine arrived today.
  19. dayone
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    dayone Silver Member

    Mine finally arrived today.
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  20. flyingdawg
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    flyingdawg Gold Member

    It should be a rule that the luggage tags last as long as the junk (e)mail:cool:.
  21. kdw038

    kdw038 Gold Member

    Our tags arrived today.
  22. katstarr

    katstarr Gold Member

    got mine too!
  23. sellthesedownfalls

    sellthesedownfalls Silver Member

    Me too!
    For some reason when I entered my address when ordering, there was no selection for USA or United States of America, so I put US Outlying Minor Islands, but with the rest of my address correct. It still got here, so....hooray :)
  24. bthobe
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    bthobe Silver Member

    Still haven't received mine yet.
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  25. merice107

    merice107 Silver Member

    I put my address as outside US as well and got mine a couple of weeks ago. I ordered them in June.

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