Free US Airways, Delta, and SPG Miles/Points for Broadway Tickets and Trivia

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  1. WideOpenSpaces

    WideOpenSpaces Silver Member

    US Airways, Delta, and SPG teamed with Audience Rewards to let you earn miles when purchasing Broadway shows in select cities.

    US Airways-Audience Rewards Link
    Delta Airlines- Audience Rewards Link
    Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG)- Audience Rewards Link

    One might also be interested in collecting Best Buy Reward Zone points via Audience Rewards because of the ability to transfer points on
    Best Buy- Audience Rewards Link

    It looks like the only current cities participating in this program are:
    - Charlotte, NC
    - Durham, NC
    - Los Angeles, CA
    - New York, NY
    - San Diego, CA
    - San Jose, CA

    I've run some numbers to see if there are any "opportunities," and it only appears to be worth it if you were purchasing the tickets anyways.

    However, there is some trivia questions on their website allowing you to earn up to 12 free miles or points in the various programs. Click on Points Play to answer questions. It's not a lot of miles, but it can help extend your expiration date.

    The latest questions and answers can typically be found in this thread as well as on
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  2. JohnDeere19
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    JohnDeere19 Gold Member

    This was available a while back wasn't it? I believe many people did this for the US Airways Grand Slam promo last year.
  3. upgrade

    upgrade Gold Member

    I recall checking the T&C at the time, and they said that points earned from trivia could not be transfered to US miles. It appears that the T&C have changed since then, and that now you get a double-dip (points plus miles) for correct trivia answers.

    For last year's GS, some people successfully bought show tix & earned a partner activity. Perhaps that's what you're recalling.
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  4. JohnDeere19
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    JohnDeere19 Gold Member

    Sounds about right.
  5. goheerow

    goheerow Silver Member

    I just clicked the link and It seems there are different trivia questions that popped up so the questions/answers on InACents are different. Thanks for the link though.
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  6. Kaiser
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    Kaiser Silver Member

    Here are the correct answers. Not sure if everyone has these same questions or not though...​

    For The Lion King, which of the following jobs did Julie Taymor NOT have for the show?​

    True or False? How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying is based on a book of the same name.​

    What regional theatre originally produced Baby It's You?​
    Pasadena Playhouse

    Which of the following actors has NOT played the role of Ned Weeks in The Normal Heart?​
    Al Pacino

    True or False? Stephen Schwartz purposely made notes in Wicked to sound like the first 7 notes of the song "Over the Rainbow" as a tribute to Harold Arlen.​

    The writer of Born Yesterday also directed what musical on Broadway?​
    Funny Girl

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  7. sc801
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    sc801 Gold Member

    Thanks OP and Kaiser!
  8. Kaiser
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    Kaiser Silver Member

    You can also do this for Delta... Here is the link

    And here are the answers... Only 10 miles. Does anyone know how often you can answer these?

    Which of the following shows did Julie Taymor NOT direct on Broadway?
    Spring Awakening

    True or False? The song "It's My Party" is NOT featured in Baby It's You.​

    How many songs are in the show of Naked Boys Singing?​

    Which legendary stage veteran was in the original company of The Normal Heart?​
    Joel Grey

    True or False? There is NOT any piece in Wicked that has a similar start to Over the Rainbow?​
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  9. WideOpenSpaces

    WideOpenSpaces Silver Member

    Thanks Kaiser. It looks like the questions might get updated weekly, so it's worth a watch to keep certain accounts active.

    Also, you will need to have a separate email address associated with each account. I, for example, have accounts with each airline for each member of our family, so every single account needed a unique email address. If you have a gmail account, you can luckily move the period (.) around anywhere in the email and it's considered unique and you will still get the message.

    Is there any way for me to be able to revise the Title of this thread to include Delta? It allows me to update the OP, but not the title like on some other forums.
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  10. penumpang
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    penumpang Gold Member

    I was trying to do the Delta one and the website asked for my PIN. I'm not familiar with the company. Are they reputable and is it safe to give the PIN?
  11. Kaiser
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    Kaiser Silver Member

    They also have SPG...

    It seems like you can add more than one miles/points earning preference by going to and clicking on edit details in the top right under your point total. I was able to add Delta, US and SPG but only 1 can be active. The miles for the trivia answers are still shown in the recent activity for each respective program so hopefully miles will post on all of them not just one.
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  12. sc801
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    sc801 Gold Member

    Yep will need to keep a watch on this thread.
  13. Kaiser
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    Kaiser Silver Member

    Miles and points for Delta, US and SPG posted within a week. New Delta questions are up for a total of 30 miles if answer correctly. The US and SPG questions have not change from last week.

    Catherine Zuber was the costume designer for which shows this season on Broadway? (2 Miles)
    Born Yesterday and How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

    The Araca Group is a producer behind all but which of the following shows? (2 Miles)
    The Book of Mormon

    What is the name of the school in Wicked? (2 Miles)

    How many total previews did Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark have? (2 Miles)

    What theatre does Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo play? (2 Miles)
    Richard Rodgers

    Catherine Zuber, costume designer of Born Yesterday this year, has what musical on her schedule for this coming year? (20 Miles)
    Funny Girl
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  14. MyTravels
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    MyTravels Silver Member

    What show moved out of the Brooks Atkinson theatre so that Rain could move in?
    Rock of Ages

    What new musical are the composers of Mamma Mia working on now?

    In How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, Hedy LaRue is who?
    Biggley's mistress (My best guess after I selected "An office secretary" and the site said I was wrong)

    How many Tony Awards was Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo nominated for?
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  15. sc801
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    sc801 Gold Member

    My US miles posted this week. Wow! Was that fast or what!
  16. WideOpenSpaces

    WideOpenSpaces Silver Member

    US Airways updated their questions.

    - The new revival of Follies is transferring from what city? Washington, D.C.
    - What was the name of the song that “The Wizard and I” later replaced in Wicked? Making Good
    - How many Broadway theatres has Rock of Ages played at so far? 2
    - The predominant color associated with Wicked is what? Green
    - Matt Caplan (the Peter Parker understudy in Spider-man: Turn off the Dark) has been in all but which of these shows on Broadway? American Idiot
    - Robin Williams of Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo is from what city? Chicago
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  17. sc801
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    sc801 Gold Member

    Thanks again.... played.... all correct :)
  18. Kaiser
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    Kaiser Silver Member

    New SPG questions as well...

    In what show did Savannah Wise make her Broadway debut? (2 Starpoints)
    Original Les Miserables company
    The Araca Group is a production and general managementcompanythat got their start with what musical? (2 Starpoints)
    Which of the following has NOT been the name of the theatrewhere Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark is playing? (2 Starpoints)
    Palace Theatre
    What future Tony Winner made her Broadway debut in The Lion King? (2 Starpoints)
    Heather Headley
    True or False? The Normal Heart is a semi-autobiographical piece by author Larry Kramer. (2 Starpoints)
    Which of the following shows has Beth Leavel of Baby It's You NOT been in on Broadway? (20 Starpoints)
    Women on the Verge
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  19. sc801
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    sc801 Gold Member

    Now, I am right in thinking that you can only choose one way to earn points... either US, or Delta, or SPG?
  20. WideOpenSpaces

    WideOpenSpaces Silver Member

    If you have multiple programs linked to your account, you can go into the account settings and choose which one to be active.

    That's why you might be better off creating a unique account for each program. While it is a lot to manage, I have separate accounts for each program, and each member of our family. The SPG program was the only one I somehow doubled up into one of our accounts, and it never prompted me to create a new one.
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  21. IkeEsq

    IkeEsq Gold Member

  22. Gary Steiger
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    Gary Steiger Silver Member

    My new researcher, Kelly Posey, intends to promptly provide me with the answers to all of the questions as soon as they are updated. I will post them on my website below on the Buying Stuff page in the Other Shopping Loyalty Programs > Performing Arts section. I will then post on my What's New page that I have done this. Simply subscribe to the service mentioned on that page that notifies you of any new post to that page (something all serious miles collectors should do anyway) to promptly have access to the answers.

    I will be putting this notice on many different forums. I am unable to take the time to post the answers on all of those forums. But please feel free to use, or even copy and paste, the information on my website here.

    Some people are unable to see the 20 point or miles questions. I could see the Starwood one (but can't now), but not the Delta one, for example.
    • If you see a question not answered on my website, please let me know. If you don't know the answer, I will forward the question to my researcher.
    • One of my readers noticed that there is a pattern to the URL's for each question. Perhaps futzing with those URL's would get us direct access to the 20 mile/point question. Or perhaps those who see it can post its URL here to see if that works.
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  23. LizzyDragon84
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    LizzyDragon84 Gold Member

    Thanks, Kaiser, for the answers to the SPG questions. Like some other folks here, I never saw a 20 point question. But I'll take every point I can get.
  24. Kaiser
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    Kaiser Silver Member

    I only have 1 Audience Rewards account but have entered info for Delta, US & SPG into my earning preferences. Only one can be listed as active but I think this just pertains to when you buy show tickets to earn mile / points. I have had miles and points post to Delta, US & SPG the same week for doing the trivia questions and they show as pending in recent activity. I dont think it is necessary to create a separate account for each earning preference.

    2 new Delta questions are also up...

    The book writer of Follies wrote the book for only on other musical. What was it? (20 miles)
    A Family Affair

    True or False? Memphis, The Musical has been filmed and shown in movie theatres. (2 miles)
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  25. WideOpenSpaces

    WideOpenSpaces Silver Member

    Hmm, for some reason all 3 of our accounts today only had one question (the last one). It is interesting to see the difference experiences from person to person.
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