Frequent Flyer Fee for Alamo?

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  1. Albert
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    I don't rent cars frequently, but was surprised to be told that I would have to pay a fee to add a FF number to my car rental. Is that something that's been around for a while?
  2. jackal
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    Yes, it started several years ago with some agencies and then others added it, too. I don't recall exactly when Alamo added it, but it's virtually universal in the rental industry now.

    Collecting credit with foreign airlines or non-airline loyalty programs (hotels, Amtrak, etc.) is one way around it, as the fees are typically charged for domestic U.S. airlines only. However, I can't say off the top of my head which non-airline programs Alamo partners with.

    Do note that the surcharge generally makes earning miles not a good value, as you can often buy an equivalent number of miles directly from the airline for a comparable rate. With the surcharge, I would not bother collecting frequent flyer miles without some sort of bonus promotion (triple miles, 2,000 extra miles, etc.).
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  3. eponymous_coward
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    Alamo's minimums with US are 500 miles with the right code (1,000 isn't uncommon for a weekend rental), and a $0.75/day FF charge. For instance, on my 3 day Alamo rental, I will pay $2.25 for 1,000 US miles using this code.

    If you know where I can buy US miles for .225 cents per mile, sign me up. I would be able to buy 90,000 miles (a trip to Hong Kong in business with Europe stopover) for around $200 at that rate. ;)

    So, like anything, there are some deals where the math works, and some where it does not.
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  4. HaveMilesWillTravel
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    I sometimes use the 50-100 miles from a rental to keep a dormant account somewhere alive.
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  5. 2soonold
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    With me, it's that I'm gonna have to rent the car anyway, whether or not I get miles/points. So, I try to find the best ff code/deals for miles/points. It is almost never worth it to me to rent without miles/points. And, a good promo code can easily get me to forgo my preferred rental car company.;)
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  6. eponymous_coward
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    I agree- or. conversely, if I can find an excellent rate where the miles go somewhere else than where I usually accumulate, but I get a nice chunk of them, I will do that. Until RR 2.0 :( I was regularly grabbing whatever best deal I could that offered 4x Rapid Rewards, and turning those into free WN flights, with an effective rebate of $30 or so on the rental. Sweeeeet. I don't generally fly a lot on WN, but I will consider them to places like Vegas... and I don't mind flying on them for free as a rebate for renting cars.
  7. I usually see a fee of less than a dollar over a three day trip and get about 150 Delta Skymiles. I always pay the fee but always try to recalculate it without a FF number just to make sure. Only takes a minute.
  8. iolaire
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    I did an Alamo rental in SEA for two days in June (with discover america certificate) paid $1.50 for miles and ended up with 100 Alaska Air miles. I probably should have looked around a bit to find a better value with another program...

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