FT University, April 26-28 at Hilton McLean Tysons Corner (SOLD OUT)

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  1. Omar's_Coming
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    Omar's_Coming Silver Member

    Still room for two more? :) Also will chip in....
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  2. perryplatypus

    perryplatypus Gold Member

    Might make some money if you rent us a bus instead of a car. Looks like many are doing the SPG Hop :)
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  3. perryplatypus

    perryplatypus Gold Member

    For those who have ressies at the Westin, you might want to double check the rate for thursday. I was able to rebook a week ago for $89 AAA breakfast rate. So free breakfast and my 500 amenity points for the cheapest rate. I need my morning fuel in order to learn at FTU :)
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  4. nickfromct

    nickfromct Silver Member

    I'm staying at the Westin and snagged a BRG for ~$75. I'll have a car and am willing to shuttle a few folks back and forth.
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  5. perryplatypus

    perryplatypus Gold Member

    Very nice
  6. robmac

    robmac Silver Member

    Hi, I'm up for sharing a cab. My arrival is 3pm at DCA on Friday. Let me know!
  7. Golden Toque

    Golden Toque Gold Member

    Friday and Sat available on the AAA rate... was $20 less than my previous best rate... Thanks Perry! :D
  8. Randy Petersen
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    Randy Petersen Founder

    The program is now POSTED. It still has some tweaking but at least you'll have an idea of the various tracks/choices throughout the two days.
  9. perryplatypus

    perryplatypus Gold Member

    Looks great! Some tough decisions will have to be made on which programs to attend.
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  10. Golden Toque

    Golden Toque Gold Member

    Although there will always be some overlap from event to event, it looks like there are some new names on the board, and some new topics! Looks like it will be an awesome weekend!
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  11. tommy777
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    tommy777 Co-founder

    Confirmed program has been updated in post #3 in this thread
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  12. sellthesedownfalls

    sellthesedownfalls Silver Member

    Cool! I'm getting psyched!
  13. anomadtoo

    anomadtoo Silver Member

    Question for those that know the DC area. We will arrive Thursday at IAD around 3:45pm. I am thinking of staying that night in either the Arlington area or downtown so that its easy to get to the game that evening, and go sight seeing Friday morning/afternoon before heading to the Hilton. I know it'll be rush hour; but willl traffic be easier going into downtown direction from IAD while most will be going out from after work??

    Further; we'll have a rental car; so after I choose a hotel Thurs night; if someone needs a lift from IAD to that area (and to the Hilton Friday) I can probably accomodate. Of course I'll post when the hotel is decided and offer up again.

    Thank you
  14. usagi_hoshino

    usagi_hoshino Active Member

    Hi all,

    I bought 2 tickets for the FTU on april. But won't be able to make it because of business travel.

    Let me know if you need the tickets. I'm giving a $5 off discount on each! I can take paypal! write to me at: usagi(dot)hoshino(at)gmail(dot)com

    Thank you!
  15. cguizlo

    cguizlo Silver Member

    The ride shouldn't be too bad until you hit the Capitol Beltway, after that it's usually jammed. Sadly there isn't a full reverse rush hour in DC. Everyone is going in and out of the city at the same time. So it will most likely take you an hour or more.
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  16. cova

    cova Gold Member

    You will need to have riders - otherwise you can't use Route 66 to get to Tysons. 66 is HOV-2 only during rush outbound. Head out before 2pm.
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  17. robmac

    robmac Silver Member

    This FTU has an amazing program, the hard part is having to choose between some great sessions. I feel like I may be missing out on stuff... Maybe FTU needs to be one day longer, so that all of us can enjoy all sessions? ;)
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  18. tommy777
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    tommy777 Co-founder

    Folks, the April FTU in DC -- the largest frequent traveler gathering ever - is sold out. The next FTU will be announced very soon

    Tickets are transferable, if you can't go and sell your ticket to someone, please follow this procedures:

    You are responsible for selling your ticket in a safe way, collect the money etc. When this is done, please contact Melinda via email ONLY, no PMs accepted. melinda@ftef.net.

    Send her:

    1. The full name exactly like it's posted on your ticket is registered under and the long ticket ID # found on the ticket.
    2. The full name of the person taking over your ticket.
    3. Send the ticket PDF to the person you have sold it to. This needs to be presented at check in.

  19. farbster

    farbster Silver Member

    Looking for 1 ticket...
  20. usagi_hoshino

    usagi_hoshino Active Member

    My tickets have been sold already! Thank you!

    Just saw the info about melinda thanks!
  21. BBTravel

    BBTravel Active Member

    I have an extra ticket for face value if you are still interested! Message me at travel(at)burtonandburton(dot)com for details.

    Ticket has been sold.
  22. tommy777
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    tommy777 Co-founder

    Please follow the instructions above
  23. usagi_hoshino

    usagi_hoshino Active Member

    Thanks! I noticed it after posting :D and edited the message!
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  24. robmac

    robmac Silver Member

    FTU tickets sold out already? Awesome! :)
  25. ahh7131

    ahh7131 Active Member

    Some more rooms at the Hilton opened up, I was able to snag one. Also FYI the HGI a few miles down the road has rooms for the same price and a free shuttle if needed.

    Looking forward to my first FTU and meeting people with the same interest!
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