Get 50 Miles/Day for "checking in" at participating airports

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  1. HaveMilesWillTravel
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    HaveMilesWillTravel Gold Member

    My first checkin was on Dec 5 according to this thread.
  2. JLSocks
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    JLSocks Silver Member

    Haven't yet received any of mine either, and I think I never got any email confirmations after the first 2 or 3 check-ins.
  3. Steve GadFly
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    Steve GadFly Gold Member

    Does anyone know how if I can make the checkins private on Facebook but still earn the points? I'd hate for my boss to think I'm at Newark Airport every day when I should be workin'!
  4. sobore
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    sobore Gold Member

    You could use Foursquare to check-in. I use it for all my "point gathering".;)
  5. Steve GadFly
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    Steve GadFly Gold Member

    I appreciate the suggestions but I really don't want to sign up for yet another social media site. Any idea if can be done with just Facebook?
  6. JosephMay

    JosephMay Gold Member

    me too .... I like foursquare. Very useful when I travel.
  7. Scott Schmidt

    Scott Schmidt Silver Member

    I believe it can be done using any of Topguest checkin tools.
  8. genemk2

    genemk2 Gold Member

    Step 1: Defriend boss. Good idea for lots of other reasons too. :p

    You can set privacy settings whenever you make a post on facebook -- but if you don't let anyone see, then Topguest might not see either. Best to just exclude the people you don't want knowing.
  9. HaveMilesWillTravel
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    HaveMilesWillTravel Gold Member

    It's really not very "social media"-ish and requires very little information to sign up. Basically, an email address. I basically have that FS account solely for the purpose of Topguest and nothing else. I definitely don't want to intermingle this stuff into my FB account.
  10. genemk2

    genemk2 Gold Member

    Nevermind! It was a dining check-in bonus that I got, not an airport check-in bonus. Oh well.
  11. Steve GadFly
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    Steve GadFly Gold Member

    Good advice....thanks everyone.
  12. Horse
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    Horse Gold Member

    Yes, use Facebook touch
    I use this with my laptop logins.
  13. cvarming
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    cvarming Silver Member

    I just got United miles from December:

    Dec. 23, 2011TOPGUEST BONUS MILES 700
    Dec. 27, 2011TOPGUEST BONUS MILES 150
    Dec. 28, 2011TOPGUEST BONUS MILES 50
    Dec. 30, 2011TOPGUEST BONUS MILES 50
    Yes. We are finally getting miles. Still nothing from Continental.
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  14. unavaca
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    unavaca Gold Member

    I just got mine deposited in UA, in one giant batch.
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  15. Junca
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    Junca Silver Member

    Yup - me too (in UA MP). Backdated to three batches in December with miles for a total of 11 check-ins. This was from ~19 Dec to end of month. Sounds about right.
  16. bearcat74

    bearcat74 Silver Member

    Saw three batches come in as well - one big catchup dated Dec 23 and then a couple of other single entries. Still way more than I got confirm emails for, but I'll take it.
  17. Tiki
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    Tiki Silver Member

    I got 900 all up in the same format.
  18. LAXjunkie415

    LAXjunkie415 Gold Member

    nice, I had 300 post last night, hoping the missing 1,050 will be in the next batch(s)!
  19. PointHoarder
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    PointHoarder Silver Member

    Hopefully, they'll start posting on a regular basis from now on
  20. cvarming
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    cvarming Silver Member

    I just got 50 miles for feb 1st, and two days in January. I checked in a lot more than that in January, but it sure looks like this promotion is starting to flow.
  21. genemk2

    genemk2 Gold Member

    Hmm. Nothing yet on my account. I'll call in today. I'm also missing the 2500 RDM bonus, and the DEQM bonus for LAX-ORD-LAX.
  22. HaveMilesWillTravel
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    HaveMilesWillTravel Gold Member

    Is it just me, or are the emails confirming the checkin and offering special mileage earning deals with certain airport merchants now arrive with several hours delay? Kind of defeats the purpose as the traveler would likely not be anywhere near the airport anymore (if they ever were).
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  23. Jeff the Wanderer

    Jeff the Wanderer Silver Member

    I seem to get my emails anywhere from instantly to about 12 hours later. I would understand if different properties have different delays, but this variation comes when checking in to the same two places every day. At this point, none of the offers have been useful to me, but I can see how the delay could be a problem with a property specific offer. For example, I usually get a bonus miles offer for a car rental at the airport I check in to. If I were really renting a car, that offer would be useless 6 hours later as I would already be far away.

    I just take the delays and lack of useful offers with a grain of salt though, since they are still giving me 50 miles or points a day just for pushing a couple of buttons on my phone. It only takes a couple of seconds and when it comes to accruing miles and points, it's pretty hard to beat free.
  24. desamo

    desamo Gold Member

    Can't do this for various reasons, but one of the things I do is that my foursquare checkins don't feed to either Twitter or Facebook. It's an island unto itself with significantly different friends.
  25. cvarming
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    cvarming Silver Member

    Do you want to be friends with my foursquare account? I promise that I will only broadcast travel related crap.

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