Glossary of Surcharge/Fee/Tax codes on airline tickets

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    Can someone please provide a link to where I can find a glossary of all those codes were see tagged onto our tickets that relate to the various charges we now pay? I am rather overwhelmed at the variety of them, and would like to be able to decipher them. For example, just got an award ticket from Aeroplan and here's the list of what I had to pay:

    Combined Taxes, Fees: $289.10
    Fee Breakdown
    XT 54.80
    WY 14.70
    CN 27.20
    CH 15.00
    PT 18.50
    YR 12.30
    YP 2.50
    OO 33.80
    US 2.60
    AY 5.20
    XY 5.70
    XA 7.30
    YC 20.00
    SQ 50.40
    AU 7.00
    TR 7.40
    (283.40xROE 0.98911)

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    I am not sure if I am entirely correct but I used this link to come up with these descriptions - see PDF. It was missing a few which I filled in from other places. I can find no reference to OO, though.

    XT 54.80 combination of taxes
    WY 14.70 Australia Passenger Services Charge - Intl
    CN 27.20 People's Republic of China Airport Fee
    CH 15.00 Switzerland: Airport, Passenger and Security Tax
    PT 18.50 Portugal: Security Tax
    YR 12.30 Airline own use only
    YP 2.50 Portugal: Passenger Service Charge:
    OO 33.80 SIN: Passenger Security Service Charge (credit to tcook052)
    US 2.60 United States: Domestic Transportation Tax/Int'l Arrival Tax/Int'l Departure Tax
    AY 5.20 September 11th Security Fee (aka U.S. Passenger Civil Aviation Security Fee)
    XY 5.70 United States: Immigration and Naturalization Service Inspection Fee
    XA 7.30 United States: Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) Fee
    YC 20.00 United States: Customs User Fee
    SQ 50.40 Canada: Canadian Airport Improvement Fee
    AU 7.00 Australia: Passenger Movement Charge
    TR 7.40 Turkey: Int'l Airport Service Charge
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    Mucho gracias! A few I knew (US) and could figure out (CH, CN, AU,TR, PT), but many were a total mystery. Was trying to do an AE booking with no fuel surcharge so think I succeeded (though YR might be AC's "private" code for them).
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    nah, AE's fuel surcharges would pop out like a sore thumb and are usually much higher than 12 bucks! :D

    from the fare construction, were you doing YYZ-JFK-ZRH-PEK-SYD-LIS-IST-YYZ?
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    No, it was YTZ-YUL-ZRH-PEK-SYD-SIN-IST-LIS-EWR-YYZ. Only YTZ-YUL was AC metal, rest was LX, CA, SQ, TK, TAP and CO all of whom don't as yet impose a fuel surcharge yet.
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    the tax code "OO" is a SIN Passenger Security Service Charge
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    isnt YQ enough to hide the charges???? now YR lol!
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    That is your contribution towards Andrew's salary. Only charged to FT members.
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