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help!about Q3 promo

Discussion in 'IHG | Rewards Club/Ambassador' started by sams, Sep 19, 2012.  |  Print Topic

  1. sams

    sams Active Member

    I'll stay at HI 9.28-10.1, so how can I get my 3=5k promo? register 4871 of Q3 or 5502 of Q4? Will they look at the CI date or CO date?
    pls help.
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  2. marcwint55

    marcwint55 Gold Member

    Register for the 3rd quarter promo as the nights have to be within the promo period.
  3. marcwint55

    marcwint55 Gold Member

    Welcome to Milepoint
  4. sams

    sams Active Member

    you mean they treat 9.30-10.1 as Q3 stay?
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  5. marcwint55

    marcwint55 Gold Member

    yes as the night you stay is 9/30 with a 10/1 checkout.

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