Help using the Mercedes-Benz $100 certificate online

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  1. thefitworldtraveler
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    thefitworldtraveler Silver Member

    I just received my $100 certificate from the Amez-PLT benz card. Has anyone used the certificate online to purchase MB accessories? There's some small items, travel wallet and business card case(holds CC well) that I wish to order.

    Any help is very much appreciated.
  2. PointsCashMiles

    PointsCashMiles Silver Member

    The terms and conditions from the card indicate that the $100 certificate cannot be used online:
  3. alohastephen

    alohastephen Gold Member

    Used mine at Mercedes of Honolulu.
    2 cool beach chairs 50 bucks each.
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  4. PointsCashMiles

    PointsCashMiles Silver Member

    Nice... Any idea if Mercedes dealerships usually have this type of merchandise? I drive a Nissan so I don't often end up at the Mercedes dealership.
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  5. alohastephen

    alohastephen Gold Member

    If you call ahead(as I did), I'm pretty sure that they will stock the same items that you can see online.
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