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  1. Coogfan87

    Coogfan87 Active Member

    Hi everyone, this is my first but hopefully not last post here. I'm actually in the process of trying to book our honeymoon using points and miles. We got started kinda late planning and not knowing about how lucrative miles could be but now I finally have the miles needed to book our flight! However, it looks like slim pickings from what I have found. Our current Trip is on hold and look like this. We are using United Miles as we really only have United and Chase UR points currently.

    UA IAH-LHR 12/29
    SQ LHR-SIN 12/30 Stopover
    SQ SIN-MLE 01/07 Destination
    OS MLE-VIE 01/12
    OS VIE-FRA 01/12
    LH FRA- IAH 01/13

    Really the trip to MLE is great with us, it's the return trip that is operated by Tyrolean Airlines which I can't say I have ever heard of that makes us want to see if we can find anything more direct/fewer stops and shorter layovers. Anyone have any experiences with them? Also, Does anyone have any suggestions on finding more availability in either saver economy or business? I'm currently using award nexus and united website to search but if anyone know of any routes or other tools in particular which could be useful I would appreciate it.

    Thanks for the help!
  2. Wandering Aramean
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    Wandering Aramean Gold Member

    Tyrolean is just Austrian. They changed the underlying operating carrier to manage some cost issues or something like that, but it is just Austrian.

    For where you're trying to go I'd say you've got a pretty well optimized routing. I wouldn't change much at all.

    On the overnight in FRA, I suggest heading to Mainz or Weisbaden rather than Frankfurt proper. Cheaper hotels and nicer, easier, more intimate towns to visit.
  3. tahsir21

    tahsir21 Z Representative

    You said there was little availability but maybe you can try to do MLE-DOH-IAH on the way back? Qatar airways has an awesome premium product. they're ending their relationship with united soon but if you can find that route, book it!
  4. olmangsr

    olmangsr Silver Member

    How did you find SQ on UA?

    If you're going on business OS isn't bad on long for intra Europe doesn't really matter who you fly since its just a regular economy seat but te middle one is blocked...

    But as tahsir said.if you can find Qatar on your inbound go for it!
  5. edekba

    edekba Gold Member

    ANA tool possbily? Or maybe when UA/SQ snafu happened
  6. MDDCFlyer

    MDDCFlyer Silver Member

    That is a pretty nice trip. You cannot reduce the number of stops on this award, and if it was me, I would keep the break point in Europe (instead of a domestic connection in the USA). So, I would not touch it. Enjoy the Maldives.
  7. flydonkey

    flydonkey Silver Member

    Well, you could try to shorten your return trip by one leg by doing MLE-DOH and DOH-IAH on Qatar, both non-stop flights - you can book Qatar with UA miles until next week. If those routes are not showing up on the website, you can try your luck on the phone, or book via a friendly/willing elite who may see better award availability. ;)

    Enjoy your trip!

  8. Wandering Aramean
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    Wandering Aramean Gold Member

    It is available on the phone still. Search Aeroplan to find inventory.
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  9. Coogfan87

    Coogfan87 Active Member

    Thanks for all the help guys, I did end up keeping the same itinerary except I changed the overnight to Vienna instead of Frankfurt.

    I actually had a Qatar flight on hold Thursday right before the Labor Day weekend and Friday I went out of town and forgot to call united. The next day the flight was no longer bookable through the united website and after about 6 calls to different agents no one could book me on Qatar with a lot of different reasons why so I gave up.

    I did use Aeroplan to find the SQ inventory when I booked but now united seems to be showing SQ on award searches again.

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