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Hilton Corporate Code

Discussion in 'Hilton | HHonors' started by cgriffiths, Mar 17, 2012.  |  Print Topic

  1. cgriffiths

    cgriffiths Active Member

    Hello everyone,

    I have a ton of Hilton stays coming up and would greatly appreciate it if somebody could provide me with the corporate code. Some of the hotels are very expensive and if I can save a little money while my daughter and I visit schools she's been admitted to, it would really be great. Many thanks!
  2. PhlyingRPh
    • Original Member

    PhlyingRPh Silver Member

    Hi! You say "Corporate code", but there are many different rate codes and you may be eligible for some via your employer(s), clients, various club memberships, etc.

    However, since you are visiting universities, I would start off by identifying properties close to the institutions you will be visiting, calling them and asking for that specific university's contracted rate. If they don't have one, ask which local property is likely to have a contracted rate and call them. Another approach would be to check with the University's internal travel office and ask which nearby hotels they place their visitors in and request that rate. Also, if you are visiting on a weekend, many properties may have a lower Best Available Rate or promotional rate.
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  3. rookie10

    rookie10 Silver Member

    If your looking to save money use AAA discount or advance purchase. If not I would find another hotel that's less costly. Did you try Priceline or other search engines? Hampton's in the area will usually have better rates.
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  4. cgriffiths

    cgriffiths Active Member

    Thanks for your response. I forgot to mention I'm a Diamond member and I'm hoping to requalify for next year, so it's possible I may find less expensive hotels, but I'm trying to focus only on Hilton properties. I'm going to New York City and Philadelphia and all the prices I find, even with AAA discount are very high.
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    DTWBOB Silver Member

    In Philly, try one of the Hilton facilities out by the airport... and you might want to look into the MVP rate.

    I often stay out there and take SEPTA into Center City.

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  6. cgriffiths

    cgriffiths Active Member

    Thanks, that's very useful!
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  7. alohastephen

    alohastephen Gold Member

  8. xp0
    • Original Member

    xp0 Silver Member

    Or you can just google corporate codes for hotels. IBM, Cisco, etc and see which ones give you the best rates.
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  9. Kalboz
    • Original Member

    Kalboz Gold Member

  10. cgriffiths

    cgriffiths Active Member

    Thanks very much to everyone for your good advice! I greatly appreciate it. I was able to lower some of the rates using the MVP code.
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  11. imca21

    imca21 Member

    Where did you find the MVP code?
  12. DTWBOB

    DTWBOB Silver Member

    Have you looked at message 7 in this thread ?

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  13. Kalboz
    • Original Member

    Kalboz Gold Member

    Great savings can be had at international Hilton Hotels using PR13CB “Corporate Benefits Employee Offer” or “Corporate Benefit Partner Rate”. When searching for the rates, you need to enter the PR13CB code to the Promotional/Offer code field of the search form. This code does not belong to any particular corporate entity, it is just a generic corporate code. his offer discounts Best Flexible Rate by 32% to 43% at participating properties outside of North America. It works best in Europe, Middle East & Asia: http://www3.hilton.com/en_US/hi/search/findhotels/index.htm?promotionCode=PR13CB
  14. norge
    • Original Member

    norge Silver Member

    Just tried it for two properties in Dublin & the rate didn't change. Thanks anyway.

    Looks like this code has been 86ed. See http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/hilton-hilton-hhonors/132122-discount-codes-hilton-33.html
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