How does US caluclate status level?

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  1. ghall3

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    So I was right around 48k preferred miles in late December after getting back from a trip. I was gold the year before and wanted to keep it that way so I planned on getting those last 2k miles, but I wanted to wait until my final trip posted. Once it did however, I was upgraded to Platinum through February of 2014. I thought it was calculated based on a 12month period that started in January and ended in Dec of a given year, not a rolling calculation. Either way, I can't seem to find any 12 month period where I flew 75k preferred miles.
    Does anyone know what is going on there? Is it really 13 or 14 months to earn the status?

    I couldn't find anything in the T&Cs that would explain it.
  2. DeacFlyer1
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    DeacFlyer1 Silver Member

    Sounds like you got lucky! Miles that count towards status are definitely earned on a 12 month calendar year basis.
  3. JetsettingEric
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    A couple of thoughts..
    You may have qualified under segments - 90 for platinum. However, with 48k miles and 500 mile minimums, I really hope this isn't the case, would have been rough.
    You may have been gifted status by US. I'm sure they track spend and they do track fare class booked. They could have liked your booking pattern and rewarded you
    You may have been enrolled in a challenge (either by yourself, or gifted by someone) where if you fly 22,000 miles in 90 days you get platinum status for the next year. But i doubt that is possible while being a gold member
    The computer system may have gifted it to you in error. (not likely, but also not impossible. UA gifted a bunch of 1Ks accidentally and reversed it)
  4. ghall3

    ghall3 Silver Member

    Hm. I wasn't notified about it being a gift or anything by US, and it definitely wasn't segments but I'm not complaining.
    Thanks for the info, both of you.
  5. pilotb757

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    I was upgraded to Platinum Preferred till 2014 although i only flew 3000 miles on US Airways in 2012. I definitely know it is a mistake and i am not going to call and ask. I have over a million miles left in my account from the previous 2 years, most by flying US Airways and some purchased on the double your miles promotions.

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