How long does Silver last?

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  1. Handleman20

    Handleman20 Silver Member

    So I just earned S (soon to be G) and got to thinking... how long does that last me? If I hit G this year, does it just reset 1/1/12? Will I wake up feeling less shiny? I thought I saw that the status earned lasts until 2/13 of the following year (2/13/13?) but I have no clue. Any thoughts? Bueller?
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  2. USAF_Pride
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    Your status expires in February of the following year. So if you make FO, GM, PM, or DM this year, your status is good until February 2013.

    Remember you earn status January thru December.
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  3. And except for the rollover miles, you earn it each year. So if you just made silver (25,000 miles in 2011, you are silver through 2/28/13) and don't quite get to gold by 12/31 (hit 49,000 by 12/31), you could roll 24,000 miles over to your 2012 accumulation and qualify for silver through 2/28/14. But if you hit 50,000 by 12/31 then you will be gold through 2/28/13 and start over at 0 for 2013 (through 2/28/14) qualification, unless of course, they change the rules.
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  4. dmel

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    Here's a question that a DL rep couldn't answer.

    I just got Silver Medallion as a status match (not challenge). It expires (as expected ) 2/13. Will my miles accrues this year roll over to next so I can requalify?

    I believe that if I legitimately qualified for Silver then any miles over the requirement would roll over. Since I was effectively "comped" status, do _all_ my miles carry over? Or, do I start from 0 in Jan 2012?

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  5. USAF_Pride
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    USAF_Pride Gold Member

    If you earned more than 25K this year, you will rollover. Your comped status did not come with any miles so all the miles you have are earned.
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  6. MrLincoln

    MrLincoln Gold Member

    That's how the challenges work, too -- you have to out-earn the level you were comped in order to roll anything over. Since i'm already nearing a plateau on UA and won't roll anything over from DL ... I'm not entirely sure where to put the last couple k of spend this year.
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  7. homeyfour
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    So I have just recently started traveling again fairly frequently (4 ~ 6 segments per month). It's November now, and I have 12 MQS. I'm trying to figure out if I want to make an attempt to get to FO. I should know the answer to this (but I have been out of the "game" for a long time) but MQMs / MQSs are earned per calendar year, right? Jan-Dec?

    I guess I'm trying to figure out if I can make it to 30 segments. If I don't make 30 by December, then I start back off at 0 in January, right? Basically, I go all-out and make 30, or I don't worry about padding business trips to end up with 28 segments on 12/31 and having to start over anyway on 1/1?
  8. USAF_Pride
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    USAF_Pride Gold Member


    Segments do no roll over. What does your typical itinerary look like? I always thought FO is easier to get on miles rather than segments, but I guess it depends where you are based.
  9. homeyfour
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    homeyfour Silver Member

    I'm based out of DTW. Most of my trips are 3-5 day trips, once per month, to visit/audit suppliers. I'm basically going anywhere in the continental US/Canada. My first trip was Cleveland and Oakville, ON. The last one was PHX and RNO, my next one is MKE.

    I asked DL if the would comp me FO based on booked travel, and they politely told me to pound sand. :)
  10. USAF_Pride
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    USAF_Pride Gold Member

    You need to start flying from FNT or LAN. Doing so will effectively double your segments. As a side affect, your ticket costs may be lower.
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  11. Stils

    Stils Silver Member

    Depending where in Detroit you live getting to FNT or LAN is not bad at all and will help you get segments. If you live west (farmington novi etc) then either are very easy to get to and the parking can be cheaper as well. If you are downriver it may not be worth it.
  12. Stils

    Stils Silver Member

    This hasn't changed at all correct? I'm finally earning silver this month (quite a bit later than I expected) and I think I'll end up at about 40K miles. This should put me at silver through 2/2014 and leave me at 15K rollover miles I think. Then all I have to do is get 10K more miles in 2013 to be silver all the way through til 2/2015 correct? Hopefully the jumpstart will get me closer to gold anyways.
  13. rwoman
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    rwoman Gold Member

    Nope - rollover is still in effect! :)
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