Hyatt: Where have you received complimentary suite upgrades?

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  1. tigerwong
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    tigerwong Silver Member

    I find that one of the simplest joys in travels is receiving the unexpected "upgrade" so which Hyatt's have you been given a suite gratis?

    Hyatt Regency Miami (Presidential suite)
    Highland Inn (Big Sur suite)
    Hyatt Regency San Francisco (Balcony suite)
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  2. kenbo
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    kenbo Silver Member

    I've never had the pleasure of an unexpected upgrade yet. Looking forward to it though.
  3. roadwarrior365
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    roadwarrior365 Silver Member

    Can't remember all of them, but the ones from the last couple of month were pretty nice.

    GH Berlin - Daimler Suite
    HR Washington - Presidential Suite
    HR Wichita - Presidential and Vice Presidential Suite
    HR DFW - VIP Suite
    GH Seattle - Corner Suite
  4. leeivan86
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    leeivan86 Gold Member

    In actual fact, I had too many to recall :p
    But it helps a lot if you are a regular at some places.
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  5. tigerwong
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    tigerwong Silver Member

    I have only been a regular Hyatt customer for a year or so, but the frequency of my suite upgrades have definitely surprised me. I put my ratio on par with SPG as a Platinum where upgrades are supposed to be a stated perk. If not for work, I would be all-in with Hyatt.
  6. peteropny
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    peteropny Milepoint Guide

    This is a fun thread - however, please take it for what it's worth - don't expect to get a suite upgrade just because there are lots of reports of people getting suite upgrades for free here - free suite upgrades are not mentioned anywhere in Hyatt's T&Cs (except possibly for Courtesy Card members - the unpublished tier above Diamond).

    Now for my own experiences:

    HR Louisville - huge VIP suite - booked only a few hours before AAA rate - Thanksgiving night (didn't want to drive all the way home).

    Highlands Inn - 2 Townhouse Suites :eek::D on a totally award stay - Mid-week 1-night only in May.

    PH Vendome - Suite right above the entrance on an award stay - 2 nights during a period that the hotel was sold out due to Mediterranean Summit (with several heads of state in house).

    HR Atlanta - 2 Suites on cheap AAA rate - weekend conference (smallish) for my partner & his friend at the Marriott across the street.

    PH Washington - not sure if this really qualifies - but have never been in a "regular" room - always got the Junior Suite (whatever the name is for this room type).

    GH Seattle - several years ago - corner suite.

    Former PH Los Angeles - never missed getting a suite as a Diamond (apparently property has a lot - perhaps over 50% suite-type rooms). We have not been back since it became an Intercontinental so not sure what they do now.

    Former PH San Francisco - only missed getting a suite as a Diamond on a couple of occasions - usually pre-blocked into 2118 (I was calling this "my" suite). We've been back a couple of times since it became Le Meridien (never got the "true" suite xx18 or xx19 again - note that I'm also a SPG Platinum).

    To me it seems like if a property has "lots" of suites - they'll routinely upgrade Diamonds into them.
  7. mht_flyer
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    mht_flyer Gold Member

    True suites -- hardly ever--

    Toronto Renaissance,
    Marriott Pyramid ABQ and "Presidential Suite" I got when my regular room was infested with moths.
    JR Suite at Marriott LA Downtown.

    Sorry saw this on Trending topics -- didn't see it was for hyatt only.

    So we can say my post is off topic :)
  8. FriendlySkies
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    FriendlySkies Gold Member

    Went with a friend and his wife. Received the Presidential/Pent House suite at the HR Waikiki
  9. ramolnar
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    ramolnar Silver Member

    Let's see ... full suites:

    HR Chicago, a Presidential suite off a AAA rate (and regularly to "junior" suites)
    HR McCormick Place, Skyline suite (as have others)
    HR Orange County, full one-bedroom suite (as have others)
  10. bbbb
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    bbbb Silver Member

    Do phantom stays at the DTC Hyatt count.[​IMG]

    Orange County
    Summerfield suites Denver (Two bedroom suite)
    Mission Bay
  11. Wurm
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    Wurm Silver Member

    As a lowly Plat, I certainly don't expect much more than the free Internet access (which is always granted without issue). However, in 2010 I did get a corner suite at the GH Seattle (one-night stay burning my last FFN) and an executive suite at the HR Bonaventure in Weston FL, also a one-night stay (on a mattress run).
  12. polar_bear
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    polar_bear Active Member

    Hyatt San Francisco Airport on an $96 AAA rate.

    HR Aruba Resort, there are only a handful of suites here but we were upgraded to one of the few oceanfront rooms with a balcony on a 4 night FFN stay.
  13. intueri
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    intueri Silver Member

    HR McCormick Place, Skyline suite. It was before I had status with GP, but I had stayed at the hotel the week prior and complained about a gaggle of obnoxious guests. I know I paid under $100 for the room.
  14. Sam Axe
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    Sam Axe Silver Member

    Hyatt Regency Crystal City, VA (DCA). Mostly on Thursday and Friday night 1-night stays. They do the NOR1 process right and use that to give out the complimentary upgrades, but even before NOR1 I'd get a steady stream.
    The full 1BR suites have a large sectional sofa. I believe there are two per floor, numbered xx30 and xx32. There are also some corner junior suites which are very large and are better for me if I'm working on a presentation as I can pace around with less furniture!

    I've also received a full suite upgrade at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta and the Hyatt Woodfield.
  15. RedM3Pilot
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    RedM3Pilot Gold Member

    Too many to remember....

    The most memorable one, not the most luxurious, but the one I always look forward coming back a way, the one I save most of my miles and points for:

    Hilton Cebu
  16. savydog
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    savydog Gold Member

    I got bumped up at the Traders Hotel in Kuala Lumpur to a corner suite. Also I got a free upgrade to a Club room at the Langham in Hong Kong. Must be my friendly disposition [​IMG]
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  17. peteropny
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    peteropny Milepoint Guide

    Ummm - I'm glad to see people posting - but you do realize that this is the Hyatt forum? [​IMG]
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  18. Punki
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    Punki Silver Member

    We get complimentary suite upgrades so very often that I am truly a little surprised and disappointed when we don't.

    The one that was the biggest kick was a two story suite at the Embassy Suites in Boca Raton. It actually took up 4 standard Embassy Suites rooms. Whodathunk? This was at one of Dovster's parties and we ended up having a big after party in our suite. I remember Magic relaxing on one of the crazy lounges that filled the living room.

    Once at the Lord Baltimore Hilton in Baltimore I was given a suite that emcompassed the entire 23rd floor of the hotel. It had three elevators--one for the kitchen staff, one for the general staff, and one for the guests. This was in conjunction with a trade show which was attended by a friend of my from the south of France who happens to own a vineyard and had brought a case of his wine to the show. He brought it to our suite and we had a big party for all of our friends. Joe comlained that it took him ten minutes to walk from the bedroom to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee in the morning.

    Most recently, we stayed at the Excelsior in Rome and were given a stunning suite with 12' ceilings and two bathrooms. It felt very luxurious.

    It will be a huge downer if we ever lose our status.
  19. Kaanapali
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    Kaanapali Gold Member

    I think this is another example of a title thread that needs to be edited just a wee bit to show it means Hyatt hotels :)

    I have received complimentary suite upgrades at the Hyatt Princeton and SS suites (to 2BR) in Parsippany and Morristown (NJ). I have also received one at the Hyatt Maui (corner junior suite). Elsewhere have received nice upgrades, but not suite level yet.
  20. peteropny
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    peteropny Milepoint Guide

    I "reported" this thread to the admins for a thread title edit.
  21. Punki
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    Punki Silver Member

    I suppose this will always happen to threads that appear in Trending Topics.

    Maybe it's just best to say, "The more the merrier". ;)
  22. jfhscott
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    jfhscott Silver Member

    At the Hyatt Arlington - 3 miles from my house, I have almost always received an executive suite on Saturday night mattress runs. A touch embarassing due to the fact that I always must sleep at my house to tend to my dog.
    Usually enjoy brunch there after church as I am diamond, but I have not figured out a graceful way to tell them that their gracious offer of a suite is completely wasted on me.
  23. rajuabju
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    rajuabju Silver Member

    HR Huntington Beach (on an award stay)
    HR Century City

    Hoping I'll have luck in South America later this year at PH Buenos Aires, PH Mendoza, GH Santiago
  24. vike
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    vike Silver Member

    Hyatt Regency Curacoa on an air/hotel package. Very spacious double room outfitted with wet bar, sofa, and chairs. Double balcony with ocean view.
  25. Halothane
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    Halothane Silver Member

    I have received the penthouse suite at HR Waikiki and generally receive a suite at Kauai.

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