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What would you like to see eliminated from the Big Win promo?

Poll closed Dec 19, 2013.
  1. Requirement for staying at multiple hotels in a specific list of cities

  2. Requirement for staying at more than one brand that’s part of IHG Rewards

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  1. Kalboz
    • Original Member

    Kalboz Gold Member

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  2. vickers

    vickers Gold Member

    Get rid of the Saturday stays. Personally, this is very hard for me to get in my normal travels.
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  3. LarryInNYC

    LarryInNYC Gold Member

    I think that's part of the idea -- to get you to engage in additional travels.
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  4. vickers

    vickers Gold Member

    Oh I agree. The promotion is geared to get you to stay at their locations more. Just a wish list item for me. :)
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  5. vickers

    vickers Gold Member

    This may sound stupid, but I am earning IHG points for stays. However, for the Big Win promotion, I was awarded "The Big Win - One and Done - DELTA AIRLINES". I didnt see a way to change my earning preference on the Big Win page, only on the main site, which I have set to points. Am I missing something?
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  6. icurhere2
    • Original Member

    icurhere2 Gold Member

    Complete conjecture but I would be happy with the same effective promo I completed for the first version of Big Win (89,000 points, 7 nights).
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  7. viguera
    • Original Member

    viguera Gold Member

    I wonder if they're going to give Platinum / Ambassadors the shaft again with lame offers... :)
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  8. Kalboz
    • Original Member

    Kalboz Gold Member

    Saturday works fine for me as my last offer had the "Stay over two Saturday nights" clause ....
    Mine was 4-nights over two stays for 157,300, and with the promo codes posted here & elsewhere, my total haul was just short of 200K points ... would like to have that again, please! :D
  9. icurhere2
    • Original Member

    icurhere2 Gold Member

    Um - as a Platinum Ambassador, my 7 night offer wasn't exactly challenging ;)
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  10. viguera
    • Original Member

    viguera Gold Member

    Well if they gave me a challenge like that in exchange for a substantial amount of points, I would consider it. As it is I got 8 nights in 3 brands, with 2 Saturdays for 55k points -- total.

    Hardly worth getting out of bed for :)
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  11. OnTehWings
    • Original Member

    OnTehWings Gold Member

    I'm actually going to get a City stay tonight in SFO finally. :p
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  12. scubaccr

    scubaccr Active Member

    As IHG RA my 1Q2014 offer like current 4Q2013 is absolutely crap. BO\TH have the same UN-Doable 8-Saturdays task.
    IHG are sending a previous loyal, single brand IHG, in both BigWin quarters to Hilton ! ! ... Is that what they really want to do, Piss off the high spending elites to a competitor. Remember it costs 5x as much to win a new customer as keep existing customer. Once i have HH Diamond then i don't have to stay at ihgfor good treatment anymore.

    I average 1x Saturday per month, so maybe 3 per promo is my usual count, you can't stretch that to 8x saturdays, as I only do saturday if i travel out of my own pocket which also requires purchasing an international flight!
    (Then once I have unexpected Diamond, IHG lose hoilf they have on me due to my Royal Ambassador status, as HH Diamond is also
    good for suite upgrades, lounge access... i can buy 4beers a night in lieu of free mini-bar from ihg )

    If IHG had looked at my 4Q2013 current progress they should see I am
    Sat nights = 2 of 8 (for 9k)
    Cities = 2 of 4 (for 9k) (London and Amsterdam)
    Stay more = 8 of 20 (for 11k) <== crapshoot tasks made me switch stays to Hilton 4Q2013 to earn HH GOLD
    Brands = 3 of 4 (for 16k) (i usually am in 2 brands, IC and CP, but airport hotel i use can be HIE )
    Survey = 100points
    Final Bonus = 0 of 6 tasks (47k) <== always out of reach with 8 Sats needed

    NEW 1Q2014 is
    Sat nights = 8 (19k)
    Cities = 3 (16k) <-- down from 4 cities, I am at 2 of 4 for 2013 version
    Stay more = 27 (30k) <-- up from 20, I am 8 of 20 for 2013 version
    Brands = 5 (31k) <-- up from 4 brands, I am 3 of 4 for 2013 version, and not worth adding matress run HI at 100euro in amstedam at 15k points
    Survey = 100points
    Final Bonus 5 of 5 tasks (97k) <== unlike reports by other I can NOT drop any of my tasks, in fact it is really 4of4 tasks, survey is not a task
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  13. Rosalia

    Rosalia Silver Member

    I totally agree with you, I had 8 saturdays in the big win 2013 and 17 nights; and in the BW 2014, 20 nights in three months...I reached 7 saturdays, including both coming in December, one is missing but no more opportunity this month...it seems to me they do not take at all into consideration
    what we performed this last semester...let us say some members are of course luckier than others...I will surely not spend more money just to earn more points...
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  14. jonspencer

    jonspencer Silver Member

    I can relate to scubaccr, I am in the same boat and the 1st outing for the Big Win was the Big Bone for me

    completely unrealistic goals and IHG gets most of my business, am quite a loyal customer despite some truly lame recent HI property stays and some IC hotels that were nothing special

    if in the future I decide not to maintain RA status, IHG will lose 100% of my business :rolleyes:
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  15. tondoleo
    • Original Member

    tondoleo Gold Member

    I just checked our 1st Q offers.

    Mrs. T, a Platinum member, was offered 50,100 for 2013 and obtained it with 4 nights, 2 Saturdays and 3 brands. It was easily done as she had a multi night stay for work.

    Mrs. T's offer for 2014 is an increase to 93,800.

    5 nights--- 12,600
    2 brands--- 14,400
    Book flex breakfast rate--- 3,000
    Book 2 via IHG--- 4,800
    Stay at 2 HIEs--- 12,000
    Finish tasks--- 47,000

    I am a Platinum Ambassador and was offered 63,000 in 2013. I obtained 5,100 so far via staying 1 of five nights. I have no more travel planned for myself or family for the remainder of the year. It is not worth MRing for the remaining points. I know. If I did not become obsessed with Kimptons I could have completed this task.

    For 2014 my offer is 71,900 but I must have 7 nights. I will have to figure out if this is worth the expense.

    Thanks for starting this thread Kal.

    Good luck and happy stays to all.
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  16. Mirror74

    Mirror74 Gold Member

    My offer in 2013 (Platinum) was 53000, have done nothing in last 6 months with IHG, now offer is 115000... better...
  17. viguera
    • Original Member

    viguera Gold Member

    For me it's pretty much just as bad in 2014...

    10 nights 10k points, 4 brands 12k points, 2 Saturday nights 4k points, 1 rate with breakfast 2k points, 2 HI properties for 4800 points, and all 5 for an extra 35k points.

    Still nowhere near the 100k and over points that I see some people get as an offer though. Maybe I should just curtail my IHG spending so I get these nice bonus offers... :)
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  18. OnTehWings
    • Original Member

    OnTehWings Gold Member

    What a lame offer for 75,700 compared to my 2013 Big Win offer.

    8,800 - Stay More - 6 Nights
    19,200 - Explore our Brands - 4 Brands
    100 - Survey the Win
    4,800 - Weekend Nights - 2 Nights
    4,800 - Stay Smart - 2 Nights
    38,000 - Win Big

    The good news is that I definitely have 6 nights planned from January to April. So I won't be going out of my way except perhaps on brands. :D
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  19. icurhere2
    • Original Member

    icurhere2 Gold Member

    This Platinum Ambassador will get rewarded by IHG and doesn't even have the cities requirement this time around. Total offer of 144,200 points for 7 nights.

    13,800 - Stay More - 7 nights
    28,800 - Explore Our Brands - 4 brands
    3,000 - Start the Day Off Right - 1 night has to be the best available rate with breakfast :rolleyes:
    3,800 - Book with IHG - booking through IHG website (I link through Upromise first for the 6% cashback)
    8,400 - Win in a Weekend - three Saturday nights (most commonly a weekend traveler)
    7,200 - Stay Smart - Two Holiday Inns
    7,200 - Change Your View - Two Holiday Inn Expresses
    72,000 - Win Big

    So two nights HIX, two nights HI (one with breakfast), a Candlewood night, an InterContinental night, and one other night, as most of my trips are weekends between houses in different states :D
  20. Kalboz
    • Original Member

    Kalboz Gold Member

    My 2014 Big Win promo offer is for a total of 81,900, if meeting the following hurdles
    • Stay a total of 5 nights and earn 8,400 points
    • Stay at 3 different IHG brands and earn 17,600 points
    • Book 1 stays through the Best Flexible Rate with Breakfast and earn 2,000 points.
    • Complete a simple survey and earn 100 points
    • Book 2 separate stays through our IHG® app and earn 4,800 points.
    • Stay at 2 Holiday Inn® hotels and earn 8,000 points
    • Complete 6 of your offers and earn 41,000 points
    Tentatively speaking, it doesn't seem like it's worth going for it this time around assuming that the five nights would cost around $500 and the points are valued at around that same amount.
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  21. viguera
    • Original Member

    viguera Gold Member

    Let me guess... you're an Ambassador? :)

    As with the 2013 promo, it looks like the higher your status, the worst the offer. 17 nights with 7 Saturdays and 7 ICs is a ridiculous set of requirements no matter what the reward is. I can see if you have IC stays planned, but going out of your way for ICs with such a limited footprint and high cost would be prohibitive for most.
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  22. icurhere2
    • Original Member

    icurhere2 Gold Member

    So the initial question is how many of those hotel nights would you require in some hotel anyway? If you have to put five nights in somewhere, what's the problem with taking 82k points plus base points, any elite points, other promotions, etc.?
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  23. kiwi
    • Original Member

    kiwi Gold Member

    My 2014 Big Win offer is:

    7 nights for 9200 points
    3 brands for 11200 points
    1 Best Flexible Rate with Breakfast for 2000 points
    1 survey for 100 points
    2 Saturday nights for 8000 points
    2 stays at different Crowne Plazas for 7200 points
    views.dashboard.offer.r.title for 6000 points
    all above 44000 points
    total 87500 points

    depending on what the broken target is, this might be achievable at a stretch (whereas 2013 version was not)
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  24. Kalboz
    • Original Member

    Kalboz Gold Member

    WOW 30 NIGHTS!!!! GM, you got a screwed up deal there ... well, unless you have some planned stays coming up!
  25. kiwi
    • Original Member

    kiwi Gold Member

    Ouch - 12 out of about 17 Saturdays

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