Interline Baggage Agreements -- Which airlines does UA partner with?

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    I am looking at a potential trip that might lead me booking a United flight connecting to a Delta flight (separate tickets). And for once I might need to check a bag. So I am trying to find out if UA has an interline baggage agreement with Delta. And more generally, for ways to find out which interline agreements exist.

    Asking Alex was entertaining for a minute, but useless.

    Google wasn't helpful either. Is there an online resource that tracks this information?
    (I realize that several airlines have stopped interline baggage, but unless I missed it, United isn't among those... yet).
  2. NYCUA1K

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    I am not sure what the rules are but there might exist a broad agreement for interline baggage transfer, and this is based on my recent limited experience. I recently was to travel from GSX to HKG on CX to catch a UA flight from HKG to SGN, the stopover point. When checking my luggage for the CX flight in CSX, I indicated to the agent that I would need to claim it and recheck it for my HKG-SGN flight, since CX and UA are in different alliances. But she corrected me and said that it did not matter. She could check my baggage all the way to SGN, and requested the info about my UA flight. She then checked in her computer, found the UA flight and tagged my one suitcase for SGN. I thought about this later and realized that my thinking about how interline baggage is handled was shaped by the fact that I am wedded to the concept of alliances and have not taken a multi-carrier/multi-alliance trip in a very long time. However, in the old days when I was not wedded to any alliance and the only consideration was finding the cheapest itinerary, which often turned out to involve multi-carrier/multi-alliance, my baggage was always checked to my final destination and it usually made it without delay (although delayed baggage was more frequent then than now). In short, I think that you should just have the baggage checked to your final destination regardless of the carriers or alliances that will be involved. It will make it there...
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  3. KVS Tool

    KVS Tool Z Representative

    There you go:

    [KVS Availability Tool 7.1.6 - Reference: Interline Agreements [IET]: UA]
     INTERLINE CARRIER CODES                                        
       AA - AB - AC - AF - AH - AI - AM - AR - AS - AV              
       AX - AY - AZ - A3 - A9 - BA - BD - BE - BI - BR              
       BT - BW - CA - CI - CM - CO - CX - CZ - C5 - DL              
       EH - EI - EK - EL - EN - ET - EV - EY - FB - FI              
       FJ - FM - FV - FW - FZ - F9 - GA - GF - G3 - G7              
       HA - HU - HX - IB - IQ - JJ - JL - JP - JQ - J2              
       KA - KC - KE - KF - KL - KM - KQ - KS - KU - KX              
       LA - LG - LH - LO - LP - LR - LW - LX - LY - MD              
       ME - MF - MH - MI - MK - MQ - MS - MU - NH - NQ              
       NU - NZ - OA - OH - OK - OM - OO - OS - OU - OZ              
       PG - PK - PR - PS - PX - PZ - QF - QR - QX - RJ              
       RO - SA - SK - SN - SQ - SU - SV - S2 - S5 - S7              
       TA - TG - TK - TP - T0 - UL - UN - UO - UP - US              
       UX - VA - VK - VN - VS - VW - WF - WM - WP - WS              
       WY - XE - XF - XJ - XL - ZH - ZK - ZW - 2V - 3M              
       4C - 4M - 4Q - 7H - 9E - 9K - 9L - 9W                        
  4. NYCUA1K

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    Yup, like I said, it is pretty broad...;)
  5. HaveMilesWillTravel
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    That wasn't what I wanted to know. I understand what interlining is and how it works even across alliances and with carriers that aren't even in an alliance (I have interlined bags from Bangkok Airways to UA, for example). But not every airline interlines with every other airline and it's generally useful to know ahead of time whether a combination of carriers won't interline as it means potentially extra bag fees and of course the hassle and extra time needed for getting the bags back and re-checking them.

    Thanks for answering the question in the UA case.

    But not nearly universal.
  6. NYCUA1K

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    "Universal" is your word. ;) In any case, this is NOT something that would keep me up at night because looking at the provided Table, I am hard pressed to find itineraries that would not fall under the agreement -- to the moon maybe?:D
  7. HaveMilesWillTravel
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    My word and my question.

    To give you an example, 4U isn't on the list. Perhaps the list is out of date or perhaps UA/LH intend to cover this under the LH agreement, but given the growing importance of 4U in the LH group network it would certainly not require a trip to the moon to find itineraries. Perhaps closer to your home, how about B6? Closer to my home, VX?

    I am not surprised that they have an agreement with Delta (but again, carriers have been dropping these agreements, so verification is important). But my question was broader than the Delta case. In fact, it was meant to be broader than even United (so yes, I should have picked the General Travel forum).
  8. NYCUA1K

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    Broad was my word and the answer was mine. "Not nearly universal" = broad, no? That is all I said and the Table supports this characterization, as well as my choice not to make it something that I would worry about. It has not been an issue for years and it is not likely to be one in the future, at least for me.
  9. HaveMilesWillTravel
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    I thought your first reply was based on your recent limited experience :)

    Anyway, I really should thank you for adding some example and explanation to this topic that might help others understand what we're actually talking about.
  10. NYCUA1K

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    The power of deductive reasoning led me to also conclude that "there might exist a broad agreement", which turns out to be the case.;) Limited experience in that it has not happened at all in a long time, when it had in the past, my bag made it to where I wanted to go without paying extra or any trouble.

  11. HaveMilesWillTravel
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  12. Wandering Aramean
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    UA allows interline baggage on every airline they allow interline ticketing with. If you can price it on the same ticket then the bags can be checked through, assuming the partner policies permit such.

    It is not always the case that both the bag and ticket policies are the same AFAIK, but it is in UA's case.
  13. NYCUA1K

    NYCUA1K Gold Member

    I has got to be outdated because, in addition to be being *A (agreement is thus implicit), A3 is on the UA list above, and the agreement being reciprocal means that UA should be on the A3's list as well...
  14. NYCUA1K

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    I am curious: suppose I wish to go some destination on an itinerary with a segment served by a carrier with no agreement with UA, could my bag be loaded onto another carrier for that segment that has an agreement with UA and is headed where the bag could be picked up by a carrier with an agreement with UA or by UA?
  15. mattsteg
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    Also, in some cases carriers may refuse to check baggage through to another airline unless the entire itinerary is on the same ticket, e.g. US, HA, DL.[/quote]
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    A few years back had to go to ATL very last minute ticket, UA interlined to DL MHT-IAD-ATL, unfortunately though my bag didn't make it to DL and I got my baggage the next morning.

    Needless to say, I won't do that again. I've interlined with *A but that's it.
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  17. HaveMilesWillTravel
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    (I also fully expect AA to adopt US' approach and UA to follow)

    I assume they still accept interlined bags from carriers without those customer-unfriendly policies (such as UA), though, even when there are two separate tickets involved?
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  18. mattsteg
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    That pretty well summarizes it, I think, including what I expect to happen eventually.
  19. Wandering Aramean
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    AS backed down from their announced change IIRC.
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