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Introducing the Brand New Citi Executive / AAdvantage World Elite MasterCard

Discussion in 'American Airlines | AAdvantage' started by AmericanAirlines, Jul 18, 2011.  |  Print Topic

  1. dmel

    dmel Gold Member

    I think it is a simple case of misinformed AAngels. The AC 800# confirmed for me that it is a true AC membership.

    I'll be at JFK T8 on Monday and will push back and ask questions if they ask for a boarding pass.

    There was some talk about some people's exec cards having their AAdv # printed on them. Mine does not show it. Maybe they do need to ask if it is not printed... To confirm your membership is still valid.

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  2. DestinationDavid
    • Original Member

    DestinationDavid Milepoint Guide

    If its an actual membership I wonder why they don't provide a membership card like all other club members as gleff points out? Seems unnecessarily confusing on AA's part.
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  3. Eloy Fonseca Neto
    • Original Member

    Eloy Fonseca Neto Silver Member

    Do you guys have intention of launching the same product for other markets as Brazil? We have citibanks here!!!
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  4. tommy777
    • Original Member

    tommy777 Co-founder

    My card has my AAdv # printed on it.

    I Just hate wasting time. To look up and show 3 things when entering a club is too much IMHO. At the RCC they scan my bp and that's it.

    And also, at 450 bucks a year, the membership needs to be included or the card benefits stink. If not, Amex Plat is a much better deal (after lifetime miles disappear in a year)
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  5. gleff
    • Original Member

    gleff Co-founder

    Strictly speaking, unless I heard a clarification, I don't think that we KNOW that lifetime miles disappear in a year -- rather I seem to recall the statement that lifetime miles will continue to accumulate for at least a year. Am I wrong?
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  6. Pizzaman
    • Original Member

    Pizzaman Co-founder

    You're not wrong. Maya said "for at least one year" or something very close to that.

    To Tommy's question, AAdmirals Club is included. However, I ran into a similar problem last week at LAX, where a club agent asked for both the credit card AND boarding pass. When I pushed back, she said those were the rules.

    When I re-entered the same club an hour later, a different agent did not require both. I asked her about the earlier occurrence, and she said she wasn't aware of any policy change.
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  7. Pizzaman
    • Original Member

    Pizzaman Co-founder

    Asked some more questions this morning, and now I'm frustrated. DEN premium services told me this morning that the card was the only thing necessary (besides ID) and that boarding pass was NOT necessary. Same thing I had heard at other clubs, with the one LAX exception I noted above.

    Just checked in at DFW with the card, and was asked for my BP and told they couldn't let me in without it. When I pushed further on the reasoning, I was told "that's the way it is" and "sir, you're not listening to me."

    How she explained it was that the Citi card comes with the AAdmirals Club privileges, but that my AAdvantage # is not associated with that card. When I countered with the fact that miles were posting to my AA card because of this credit card, she said that my AAdvantage number wasn't linked for purposes of entering the AAdmirals Club (pretty sure she's wrong on this).

    She then went on to say that if I was a real AAdmirals club member, then my AA# would be linked to my AAdmirals Club membership. I informed her I had been a member for quite some time, and she told me that when my original membership expired, I would now be a different type of member since I wasn't paying AA directly. I would receive all the same benefits, but my check-in process would be different.

    Aside from the attitude, I was/am sufficiently annoyed by this conversation. Either the communication for the rollout of this product is flawed, and this agent has the information wrong, or AA has created some sort of separate process JUST for people with these cards that is somehow different than a standard AAdmirals Club membership. While the benefits may align today, does this mean they may not at some point?

    How hard is it to just hand them the card to check me in? Do they really need 3 things (card, ID and BP) to enter the club now? I draw the line at retina scans.
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  8. kansaskeith

    kansaskeith Gold Member

    For what it's worth, which is probably not much, LAX and occasionally DFW are the two locations where I have had the most problems using "nonstandard" credentials to enter Admirals Clubs. A few years back, my amount of travel where I actually had time at connections to go into clubs (no club at my home airport) dropped to where it was actually cost-effective to drop the membership and buy $50 day passes. The two airports where I have had problems using those have been Los Angeles and Dallas-Fort Worthless, where I got the distinct impression a couple times that I was a second-class citizen and a pain-in-the-rear because I made the lady's life at the check-in computer more difficult. Not really sure how this ties into the latest discussion on people trying to use the new AA Citi credit card, but it does come to mind. . . .
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  9. kansaskeith

    kansaskeith Gold Member

    I have a related question here -- If one gains entry via his or her fancy schmancy new AA Citi credit card but the AAdvantage number isn't linked to the card, how does the process of wireless Internet access work? Do they have to give you one of those paper scratch-off cards (like they do when you enter on a day pass) where you have to type in an impossibly long ID code from your computer to gain access?
  10. dmel

    dmel Gold Member

    People have said (can't remember if on MP or FT) that even without the AAdv# printed on the card, entering it on the Tmobile login screen does in fact work.

    I haven't tried it personally, yet.
  11. kansaskeith

    kansaskeith Gold Member

    Thanks. Yeah, it was Tommy777 on MP, I see that now. I somehow read his comment as about Tmobile hotspots in general and not the Admirals Clubs, but when I go back and re-read it answers the question. . .
  12. firstglobal

    firstglobal Silver Member

    I can absolutely confirm that with the card, entering one's AAdvantage number gets onto the wifi connections in clubs that have not moved over to the new free ATT wifi. My conversion date was over this past weekend - last week this did not work, and this week it does ;)

    As for the other features of a standalone club membership, there's an interesting recent post on FT indicating that this should all be resolved soon: http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/17410593-post893.html
  13. Lighthouse
    • Original Member

    Lighthouse Gold Member


    Thanks there has been some progress and AA is now providing reimbursement to annual admirals club members who subsequently obtain the World Elite card.

    Unfortunately this provision specifically excludes all lifetime members. I seriously question a business model that specifically excludes your very best and most loyal customers who have bought lifetime Admirals club status and have earned lifetime premier status. What makes even less sense is that these members already have access to your clubs, free baggage, etc., that the card provides so there is no cost to AA--- yet the goodwill is significant.

    I would like to encourage AA again to try to accommodate their loyal, best customers and integrate them into their premium products.
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  14. Whatwasthat...
    • Original Member

    Whatwasthat... Silver Member

    I called Citi today and spoke to three different Reps - all of whom told me they can't convert my current CC to a Citi Executive / Aadvantage Card.

    Am I calling the wrong phone number (I called two different numbers)? Is this something that just works through an online application? Have I just been speaking with three Reps who were all misinformed?

    Any advice will be very much appreciated, thanks!
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  15. dmel

    dmel Gold Member

    In JFK Admirals club now. I was asked for boarding pass and didn't feel like arguing/asking this early. But still, no line and was in in under 14 seconds.

    Just jumped on the tmobile wifi with just my AAdv #.

    No drink chits offered.

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  16. John777

    John777 Silver Member

    Has anyone tried to simply enter the club with their Aadvantage Card? This would tell us whether or not it's a real membership tied to Aadvantage FF #s.
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  17. dmel

    dmel Gold Member

    Another data point. Just entered the SFO AC. I needed help with my flight so had to give my boarding pass anyway, but I asked the AAngel if it was really required.

    She said, technically no. But they were having a problem of secondary cardholders abusing the system (only primary cardholder gets AC membership). So I think the boarding pass is just to confirm your AAdv#. So, and I didn't specifically ask, using ur AA card should work, IMHO.

    Btw, very pretty club, and choc mini muffin is tasty, but I can't find bagels or fruit...

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  18. tommy777
    • Original Member

    tommy777 Co-founder

    :rolleyes: The agents statement doesn't make any sense at all. The Advantage # is printed on my card. She sees my ID. If I was a real Admirals club member, my Advantage # is the ticket to get in.

    I've now heard many different versions of what the rules are and I have to agree with Pizzaman, I'm starting to become annoyed with this credit card. Today, I had a little extra time at LAX as they had messed up Melinda's upgrade, so I had to head there early.

    So I decided to really press the issue and see what would happen. I was asked for the card, my ID and the boarding pass. I asked if she couldn't look it up by my Advantage #, she said no. I said I would give her either the card and my ID or my BP and ID. She said I would not get in to the club without all 3. I then asked if I was an Admirals Club member or not, she said technically yes, but she needed the BP because the system required it to let me in. So I asked what would happen if I had a United Airlines boarding pass, she then said I would not get in. I then asked, so Admirals Club members had to fly AA to use the club? She said the credit card users had to.

    I then gave her what she asked for and stepped upstairs and asked to speak to a manager. No manager was on duty, but the most senior person came and said the agent downstairs was mistaken. I could enter with just my BP and my credit card :rolleyes: ehhh. OK.... I then asked if I had a BP from United or any other airline and she said I would get access, but she did not know how she would get me registered.
    She said she would investigate and get back to me. I was on the phone when my name got called, but Melinda headed up to here the verdict what the rules really are.

    Here's what you need to enter: Either your ID and BP or your ID and credit card.

    She was going to let the manager know so the agents got trained on it and also send a message to corporate.

    I will cut AA some slack, but if this card doesn't get me the exact same treatments as any other Admirals Club member, I will dump it as soon as the lifetime miles earning goes away. It's not a good credit card at all and if I'm going to be treated as a second grade club guest, I will just get a corporate Amex Plat again for less than half the price. Don't need the EQMs and the Admirals Clubs is certainly not worth 450 bucks a year.
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  19. kansaskeith

    kansaskeith Gold Member

    I am somewhat detached from this controversy, since I didn't opt into this credit card. Heck, since there isn't a club at my home airport and most of my connections through airports where there are clubs are so brief, I even let my "real" Admirals Club membership expire and instead buy day passes -- or soon, I suppose, 30-day memberships -- when it is cost effective. So I am not personally affected by these credit-card holders being asked for BPs.

    That said, I wonder if all this isn't just human nature with a new product, and with long-time front-line employees not in the mindset to embrace it.

    First example I will give has nothing to do with miles or points: Some 15 or 20 years ago, in the early era of the web, I went to the local county's brand new website to get some agenda information on the upcoming commission meeting, or something like that. The information wasn't there -- or the site was partially down, or something -- so I telephoned the county, and was quickly connected to IT. But the IT guy didn't want to help me until I told him who I was and why I wanted to see the information. His mindset seemed to be that this product on which he had worked so hard was something new, and he was thinking it was for the county brass and for systems nerds -- which, to that point in his life, were the only folks asking him about it. I had to stand my ground, decline to identify myself other than as a citizen, tell him that these were open records passed around to the public all the time without ID, so none should be required to see them on the web. He finally saw my point, fixed the system glitch, and all was well. Now, 15 years later, it would be unheard of to insist that only special people could see a meeting agenda (or whatever it was) online. But it was new then, and they weren't used to it.

    Same getting-used-to happened in the early days of Frequent Flyer programs. With TWA, you had to put your FFB sticker (remember those?) on your paper ticket (remember those?) I remember two agents collecting tickets at a gate once, and one, happening to look at the other's work, said, "Oh yeah, when you see one of those sticker things, you have to put it into a separate pile because the company gives them stuff if they fly a lot." Nobody had bothered to tell her, and if he hadn't caught it, that passenger would have gotten no credit.

    And I know rather well of a front-desk manager -- long trained in hotels, but not on loyalty programs. When I first knew her more than a decade ago, she simply didn't emphasize HHonors credit in her work or with her employees -- until months later when Hilton checked up with her about why guests at her newly opened property continued to complain about missing credits. They certainly get their points now!

    My point in this long-winded post is that those ladies at the club entrance have been trained for years that the main credential -- the main client -- is the "traditional" card-carrying member. They've also been trained that some people try to sneak into clubs improperly, and, presumably, that they can get into trouble if they let nonmembers in.

    Everything else -- including your $450 credit cards and my day passes -- is new, and requires special treatment. And they're goosey, sometimes too defensive, about making a mistake. I'm hoping that the people at Corporate that Melinda was told would be sent a note will be of a broader mindset. I'm also hoping that they will get used to all this at the front desks, and that some day this will be looked back on as simply a "teething," or "getting used to" problem.
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  20. tom911
    • Original Member

    tom911 Gold Member

    Reminds me of my first visit to the Flagship Lounge at LAX, a few days after they had opened. The agent denied me entry and said she was very clear on the rules and EXP status did not come with Flagship Lounge access. I told her I had accessed the Flagship Lounges in both domestic and foreign (UK) airports on international itineraries as an EXP, but she said those agents were mistaken in allowing me in. I told her I had a very clear handle on the rules and would be calling the EXP desk as soon as I left her counter.

    I'm just dialing them when there's a PA announcement for me. Agent has consulted with someone else and decides to let me in. In 11 years with AA now, that's the one and only airport I've ran into a problem. I wonder if they just have more turnover there than some of the other clubs.
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  21. Pizzaman
    • Original Member

    Pizzaman Co-founder

    I tend to think this is a training/logistics issue based on the conversation you and I had about UAL's implementation of something similar with their credit card. It doesn't make me less frustrated, but that's probably because I hold AA to a higher standard than UAL.

    My gut is I'm going to give it a few months under the new system to see what happens. I'll be sure to continue politely inquiring at the desk if I'm treated differently than what we've been told. I hope that AA will either work to clarify this with the AAgents, or give us some clarity as to any change in benefits so we can make a decision on the value of the card.
  22. tommy777
    • Original Member

    tommy777 Co-founder

    Like I said, I'll cut them some slack as it is new. I've already paid the annual fee, so that's the end of that
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  23. jbcarioca
    • Original Member

    jbcarioca Gold Member

    To resolve the problems of club access, just show the back side of the credit card, which Has the "Admirals Club" and symbols clearly shown. Mine, at least, does not have my AAdvantage number on the card. It worked for me at SFO, and I was not flying on AA at all.
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  24. Photonerd71

    Photonerd71 Silver Member

    If you want a card with your AAdvantage number just call the number on the back. I just noticed that mine was not on the card (had it for two months and just noticed it was missing), called in and the rep said no prob they will send me a new card right out with AA number on it. He said all I would need for AC entrance is the card and and ID.
  25. tommy777
    • Original Member

    tommy777 Co-founder

    Just checked in at the club at ORD and told them I was not on AA, but on UA to see what would happen. I was refused access as I was not on American (well, truth was I'm on AA to SFO at 715PM :p). I had the dragon call a supervisor and she was quickly corrected, I received an apology and was let in.

    Definitely some training to be done -- still.
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