Kingdom Tower To Be The Tallest Building In The World?

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  2. UA191

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    It looks quite interesting, but I don't think that I'd visit it, mostly because it is in Saudi Arabia. Too many human rights issues for me to think about supporting their government.
  3. HaveMilesWillTravel
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    Interesting that this story leaves out what others reported last week: the Bin Ladin construction group (owned by the family of OBL) has been contracted to build the tower.

    I have no plans to visit Saudi Arabia any time soon.
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  4. Tex1899

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    Yes, especially if an observation deck is part of the building (didn't read the article).

    Going to visit my grandparents in Houston in the early 80's fueled my passion for skyscrapers...
  5. gobluetwo
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    I wonder how windy it would be on that observation deck, and the top of the Burj Khalifa, for that matter.
  6. The first one to reach 1km and sometime in near future China or Dubai will build one to reach 1 mile

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