March 3rd System Integration Master Thread (PSS)

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    Hi Everyone, now that we’re on a single system, I’ve change this thread up a bit to better track the issues that are being reported along with the latest status (original information is archived at the bottom of this post). The specific examples many of you have sent to us via PM are appreciated.
    Latest status
    • We’re still experiencing high call volumes. We are still experiencing higher than normal call volumes and have additional staffing in our reservations centers to help to address this. To avoid the longer hold times to speak with a Customer Service Representative, please consider using or calling back at a later date if you are not traveling within the next 72 hours.
    Master list

    • Combined balances may not display right away. Accounts should now be displaying combined balances. If yours is not, and it’s been more than 48 hours since you’ve logged in, please send us a PM
    • Status for Million Miler companions will not be updated until mid-March. Status for Million Miler companions that were designated on the subsidiary United system, will take up to two weeks to reflect. Once the status is updated, new credentials will be mailed to the member
    • Missing mileage credit requests. Members may request credit for missing miles for up to 12 month, but, website is incorrectly not allowing past 6 months
    • Mileage expiration dates. Some mileage expirations dates are showing incorrectly
    • Duplicate GPU and RPU deductions. Some Global Premier Upgrades (GPU) and Regional Premier Upgrades (RPU) show as being deducted twice. Resolution is in progress (updated 10:30p, March 9)
    • Boarding groups. Some Premier members are receiving the wrong boarding group on their boarding pass. Specifically, this is happening when the customer is Premier member as well as a Chase card holder (Resolved)
    • Delay in crediting flight miles. While we’ve made progress here, you may continue to experience intermittent delays in mileage posting over the course of the next week or two (updated 8:15p, March 12)

      Important update: Mileage for some routes has posted at lower amounts after our conversion than would have been posted before our conversion. We will be reverting back to the mileage calculation methodology used prior to our system conversion. We will re-start the flight crediting process on March 13th. The process will capture flights flown since March 6, so it will take a few days for all flights to appear. Within a few weeks, we will re-process flights that were credited to accounts March 1-5 (this includes retroactive redeemable mileage credit and PQMs).

    • Premier Qualifying Miles not displaying (PQM). We’ve made progress here too, but, updates to some PQM balances are still in progress (updated 10:30p, March 9)
    • MileagePlus Contact Us form missing 1K. 1K is not listed as a status on the form and it fails when submitted by 1K members (Resolved)
    • Star Alliance Upgrade Awards. The ability to redeem miles for upgrades on Star Alliance carriers will be unavailable for a few weeks
    • Complimentary Premier Upgrades (CPU). We’re continuing to look into the examples being reported. We’ve made progress here, but, there are still some cases we’re working to identify and resolve. If you see additional examples of flights not clearing, any details you wish to send via PM are still appreciated (updated 10:30p, March 9)
    • Regional Premier Upgrades not redeemable on p.s. flights. This issue has been identified (Resolved)
    • Upgrade standby list not showing for some other regional carriers. This is not an error, but, now that we’re on a single system, adding information from our regional carriers on deck to be added
    • Mixed Cabin icon not displaying. The Mixed Cabin message that usually displays when one or more segments are only available in a lower cabin is not showing
    • Silverwings. Silverwings fares do not appear to be displaying
    • Electronic travel certificates. Certificates are now redeemable on One case worth noting - certificates still cannot be redeemed online when the total price of the ticket is less than the value of the certificate (updated 10:30p, March 9)
    • Flight search is not always showing *A partners. Please continue to send us any examples you find. Updates include - corrected reward pricing issues for LX, corrected pricing issues for South Asia, ZK codeshare back online (updated 10:30p, March 9)
    View Reservation
    • Sometimes not able to view all flight segments. A few of you have reported not being able to view all of the flight segments in your reservation. We’ve been identifying these and correcting these, but, if you experience this, please continue to PM us your examples (updated 6:40a, March 8)
    • “A modification has been made . . .” message. Some tickets may display the message, “A modification has been made to your itinerary. Please contact United Reservations to have your ticket reissued.” We’ve identified and corrected a majority of these, but, if you experience this, please continue to PM us your examples (updated 10:30p, March 9)
    • ON class, but, should be R Some waitlisted flights were migrated as ON class when they should be have been R. We are in the process of identifying these reservations. If you have a reservation in this situation, the recommendation is to take no action. We’ll be systematically be updating these (updated 10:30p, March 9)
    • Confirmed reservations listed in Refund section. This is happening when you have a confirmation number that was initially cancelled or refunded for one reason or another and then subsequently used later to book new flights. The system is reading the status of the first ticket and is displaying these under the “Refunded” section instead of the “Confirmed” section. We continue to look into this. But, there is no need to worry. We are just displaying it in the wrong section. (updated 6:40a, March 8)
    • Sporadic Seat Assignment Issues. We continue to see intermittent cases where some pre-assigned seats were lost. We’ve worked to automatically assign seats back in these cases, but, there may be times when the originally assigned seat is no longer available. We recommend using to confirm or change your seat assignments for any upcoming trips (updated 10:30p, March 9)
    • Seat assignments on thru flights. Trouble assigning seats on thru flights
    General / Misc
    • 128-bit encryption with a strong cipher SSL issue (Resolved)
    • Premier cards shown here are still from OnePass (Resolved)
    • “Transfer Miles to Friends or Family” function on "My Account" page redirects to "Donate to Charities" (Resolved)
    • Amtrak earning page still reflects Continental (Resolved)
    • List of United Clubs on is missing many clubs (Resolved)
    • Not able to rename itineraries on
    • IVR not recognizing international postal codes

    Archived Information

    Shannon Kelly
    Director, Customer Insights
    United Airlines
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    Thanks for the reminder! Good luck!
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  3. Jslo
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    Jslo Gold Member

    Thanks Shannon. Godspeed.
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  4. eagle92

    eagle92 Silver Member

    Good Luck Shannon!
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  5. Hannaman
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    Hannaman Silver Member

    Good luck! Sounds like a weekend of little sleep and lots of pizza. Hope it goes well.
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  6. mht_flyer
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    mht_flyer Gold Member

    Good Luck! Hope it all goes very smoothly!
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  7. Scottrick
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    Scottrick Gold Member

    My 1K card has still not arrived, and I leave on Saturday morning for an international flight. Assuming it doesn't come tomorrow (and I'm only asking today so you have time to respond) is there anything United recommends to ensure I still get lounge access while traveling?
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  8. HeathrowGuy
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    HeathrowGuy Gold Member

  9. Seacarl
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    Seacarl Gold Member

    Mine hasn't arrived either. Nice how 1K's got priority in getting cards, eh? I wonder if they sent them out numerically by zip code and we in 98xxx land are at the back of the bus
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  10. Mackieman
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    Mackieman Gold Member

    I got my silver card the other day and I'm a 78xxx.
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  11. Scottrick
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    Scottrick Gold Member

    I'm hoping the delay is because it's coming in a giant box stuffed with drink certs and some diamond/platinum bling chain that says "DYKWIA".

    Speaking of drink certs, my fiancee's gold card came today and didn't have any. Seemed like they could have at least offered a couple (I remember getting some from CO when I hit gold last year).
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  12. Seacarl
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    Seacarl Gold Member

    CO used to give out 4 drink certs, even to Golds
    UA used to give 10 drink certs to 1Ks

    Maybe the new UA will do "Have one on us" like AS and DL do - Golds who didn't get an upgrade get a drink comp'd. It's a nice touch. On AS the FAs have a list. On DL it prints a coupon on your boarding pass.
  13. Scottrick
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    Scottrick Gold Member

    I think this makes a ton more sense than just giving a fixed number out at the beginning of the year. If all your upgrades clear or you book paid C/F, they're useless. If you're stuck as a lowly Gold on SFO-IAD and never get upgraded, then you'll run out in a month. Give them when needed, which is when upgrades don't clear.
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  14. PhlyingRPh
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    PhlyingRPh Silver Member

    So when are these new cards supposed to arrive then?
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  15. avflyer
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    avflyer Silver Member

    I'm more than a little upset about the delay in upgrading my wife to my status. We have a couple trips planned in that time frame and now I have to blow upgrades to get her up front, plus it's been a struggle just to get her an E+ seat, although the call centers have been very helpful in that regard. (She travels without me a lot.)
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  16. Bay Pisco Shark
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    Bay Pisco Shark Gold Member

    I'm leaving Sunday, and hoping that LH knows that Senator Lounge access is in order, despite my soon-to-be expired status sticker.
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  17. TravelerRob
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    The integration has started. I had a mixed UA/CO reservation. Tonight I checked and the CO flight was removed from the ticket. Checking the flight is now listed as a UA flight and the EUA was processed early. EUA shouldn't have run for another 22 hours.

    Or maybe CO decided to process a bunch of EUA's early anticipating potential issues. Not sure. Thanks UA/CO. Good luck this weekend.

    Edited to note that CO/UA re-issued the ticket at 12:42am CT.

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  18. From NYC
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    I’m a 100 zip and haven’t gotten my card, so I was thinking they were going alphabetically. But what do I know?

    I wish everyone at UA and (sigh) CO all the best on what will be a nerve-wracking weekend. Still astonished at my forgetfulness in booking flights that go from 2 March through 3 March.:confused:
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  19. WilCo
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    WilCo Silver Member

    2 of 4 cards arrived to Budapest. No clue if mail lost others or something else going on...
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  20. Black Cloud
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    Black Cloud Gold Member

    UA Insider, as someone who has six flights on ya'll between today and next Wednesday:

  21. bmg42000
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    bmg42000 Gold Member

    Good luck
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  22. bta
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    bta Silver Member

    I'm a 532 zip code, and a last name beginning with A, and I don't have anything yet
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  23. DCA1K

    DCA1K Silver Member

    I am flying from TUS - IAH - DCA on March 3. Oh, and I am going to try to SDC. I'm not trying to tax the system, but will be curious how it goes. Wishing everyone at United/Continental a smooth weekend!
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  24. mht_flyer
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    mht_flyer Gold Member

    Still no 1K card as of today -- maybe some luck tonight when I get home from work.

    No issues though for tomorrow as I'm in First anyhow. Flight back on Sunday didn't clear yet.

    OPSC didn't really know when it would arrive, and I guess, how would they be able to know that.

    I went over to and printed my 1K card out. (By the way it does show the 1K phone number now on that page instead of standard old CO elite line).

    Checked in for my flight tomorrow. That seemed to work OK. Granted it's still on the old system, so my status showed as "Platinum" instead of 1K which I will "officially be" tomorrow. What I'm curious is will my return BP be updated to show 1K -- my gut thought is probably not, but time will tell.

    That said, the Boarding Group number (1) was correct this time, so at least they resolved the issue of 1k/Plat showing up a BG 2.

    Should be a fun time, my flight is at 6am tomorrow and according to the above all the mobile apps/ websites most likely be down when I get to the airport around 4:30ish. Hopefully no issues and no delays.

    Good Luck to all, CO/UA and all travelers tomorrow. Hopefully it will be just another non-eventful travel day :)
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  25. IDGflygirl
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    IDGflygirl Gold Member

    I'm in a 07 zip & nothing here, either!
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