Maynard Jackson International Terminal and Concourse F Tour

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  1. jrp2

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    I, along with a few others, got the privilege of touring the new terminal and concourse today. I'm no photographer but I did take a few pictures. The complete album can be viewed here.

    Our little tour group:


    I did ask a few questions which may or may not be new or of interest to folks.

    Q: Any gates on the F concourse support the A380
    A: No, the select concourse E gates that are being reconfigured are the only ones at the moment.

    Q: Will those who's trip terminates in ATL have to recheck bags and go through security even just to get out of the building as is done currently.
    A: No!!!!

    Q: If my trip starts domestic in ATL but on the return comes back International, how do I get back to say the park and fly?
    A: There will be a shuttle that runs from the arrivals part of the international terminal back to the domestic terminal where you can pick up the park-n-fly shuttles.

    During the tour they talked about other items of interest. If you have a specific question, I may have an answer if it was covered during the tour.
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  2. flyingdawg
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    Thx for the pics. Looks like a great place to catch a flight!
  3. diver90
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    Thanks for posting this. Greatly appreciated.
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    How did you get included in this tour group jrp2 ?
  5. jrp2

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    The Atlanta airport public relations (@Atlanta_Airport) did a contest on twitter. If you retweeted their post (which I did) you would be entered to win a chance to tour the terminal and concourse before it opened. I got a direct message from them a few weeks later letting me know I had won a spot on the tour. A few emails and a notarized letter later, I'm in!
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    Very cool ! Thx for sharing.
  7. autolycus

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    Based on the layout of the terminal, I don't think the A380 will ever get near it. It just doesn't look like there's enough space. I wonder if there will ever be a way to accomodate two A380s, but I also wonder how likely it is that the capability will ever be needed. Only AF and Korean are likely users of the plane to/from ATL, and they could easily coordinate schedules, considering it'd be TATL and TPAC, and those tend to arrive and leave at fairly different times already.

    I wonder if you can check in to a domestic flight that's the first leg of an international trip at the international terminal, if the airline is at both. DL, for instance.

    And thanks very much for posting the gallery!
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  8. jrp2

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    From a physical access view it is possible as you can get to the trains and they go through T thru F. Now whether DL would let you check in there is another issue. The PR guy was saying that the airlines, TSA, and CBP are looking to staff appropriately based on international traffic schedules and said they would not really want a bunch of people checking in for domestic at the international terminal. IMO, if you start domestic in ATL in route to gateway, I don't see why you shouldn't be allowed to check in at the international terminal.
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    Thanks for the added bit about staffing. That definitely makes sense. Of course, I'll be taking MARTA most of the time, so leaving from the domestic terminal will be by far the easiest for me, but I want to know all my options in case I'm being picked up, dropped off, etc.
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