Mileage posted but EQM not incremented

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  1. Morris

    Morris Active Member

    Is anyone else experiencing this? Frustrated with all the problems I have been experiencing, I added up the miles I have been credited this year, and realized my EQM was missing 8761 miles. This is either my flight to or from Singapore from Lax. When I called customer service, they said this was a known problem and would be fixed at the end of the month. I am pretty sure the leg that did not increment EQM was the one I had to document to get posted, for some reason it did not post automatically. However if this is a known bug, it seems like a big one to not have been fixed by now.
  2. carsonheim
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    Yeah, i've got the same problems. a month ago they told me to call in a week. two weeks ago they told me the computers were down. last week they told me the computers were down. I'm just gonna hold out for a couple months then deal with it if I don't see any fix in my account.
  3. HaveMilesWillTravel
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    I've been tracking my postings pretty closely since the beginning of the year, and everything's been fine (sometimes with a slight delay).

    When you look at

    Can you tell which flight didn't have permier-qualifying miles posted? Or do all flights show correct and just the balance (total) is wrong?
  4. Morris

    Morris Active Member

    Good idea, why didn't I think of that. Weirdly it is the flight from LAX to SIN, which posted right away. Plus it is pre-cutover (02/03/2012). Doesn't make sense....
  5. HaveMilesWillTravel
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    Since you presumably don't need those EQMs urgently, I'd do one or two things:

    1. Print out the statement showing the flight with missing PQM, circle/highlight it, attach a little note (post-it?) explaining in one sentence what's wrong, and send it via snail mail and/or fax to Mileage Plus. Contact info:

    2. send a short email to with the same information

    Then wait. It will likely take a while (I received a reply from 1KVoice after three weeks, but they did address my issue), but assuming the flight was eligible for miles it should post.
  6. Morris

    Morris Active Member

    Good idea, will do.

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