Milepoint v. Flyertalk

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  1. beofotch
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    beofotch Silver Member

    I think Milepoint will eat Flyertalk's lunch once it gets critical mass. Good luck to the team!
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  2. Gargoyle
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    Gargoyle Milepoint Guide

    I'm thinking both will be around for a long time. Each has it's strengths, and once milepoint is more established and has built up a strong content core, the most significant difference will be in personality, character, and interface functionality; each will appeal to different people.

    That said, milepoint doesn't have to eat flyertalks lunch, because we already have much better food here. In fact, they might want to come here for meals. See the food porn thread!
  3. misman
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    misman Gold Member

    Thanks for posting. We're really not here to "eat anyone's lunch." FT and MP will compliment each other in the long run, and are already doing so to a large extent now. In fact, most of us are still active in both forums!
  4. sobore
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    sobore Gold Member

    The more travel related information in cyberspace the better, may they both flourish!
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  5. milchap
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    milchap Gold Member

    Indeed !
    May both sites meet the needs of frequent flyers.
  6. milchap
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    milchap Gold Member

    Milepoint does not need to eat FT's lunch. Both have menus meeting the needs of FFs.
  7. ACMM
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    ACMM Gold Member

    It is not only the menu but the ambiance that is important IMHO.
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  8. Chimpy
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    Chimpy Gold Member

    Very well said. [​IMG]
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  9. jbcarioca
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    jbcarioca Gold Member

    I agree with Chimpy. That said, FlyerTalk will evolve too. It already is doing that. Check out the TalkBoard Forum, for example. My preference is obvious by comparing my start date and activity, but there will be lots of people wanting a more stilted formal place with a more aggressive tone. There are otehrs who want a more casual and mellow experience. Now there are both.[​IMG]
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  10. thegrailer
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    thegrailer Silver Member

    That still leaves two full meals and probably some snacks along the way. So there is no need to worry about FT's caloric consumption. (plus some [a lot?] of us still eat at the "other" table too)

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  11. yosithezet
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    yosithezet Silver Member

    Why? In what way? How about some information about why you feel this way?
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  12. Canarsie
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    Canarsie Gold Member

    Regarding and FlyerTalk, I actually believe that each Internet web site will help — and ultimately be beneficial to — the other.

    Time will tell to see if I am indeed correct.
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  13. toddreg
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    toddreg Silver Member

    How so I don't see it. The posts on the two sites already mirror one another in many cases.
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  14. swisshera
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    swisshera Silver Member

    This is more "lively" and fun than FT. I tried to post things there but to navigate through that was a little difficult. I like the fact that I could actually "like" haha!

    And not to mention - Monopoly discourages competition and improvement, like Microsoft.

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  15. Gargoyle
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    Gargoyle Milepoint Guide

    We can always complain about the catering and demand compensation.
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  16. craz
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    craz Silver Member

    I dont think either MP or FT will kill off the other, I just hope that MP doesnt go down the same path as FT has and be in a way the FW or SD of the Frequent Flyer sites

    To me FT back in '99 when I found her was I thought a great way for Road Warriors to share their secrets with each other how to max out the different programs. It then it seems became (due to the types of people joining) more of How can I fly to XYZ for $0, while till then it was how can I fly to XYZ for the least amount of $$ earn EQMs and score an Upgrade or VDB etcetc

    It seems as FT was getting mentioned all over the typical FW or SD type came aboard wanting to cash in how they can travel for $0. Therefore when an Error in a Fare or Hotel Rate was made known they would make a million reses hoping to cash in on a buyout, instead of booking what they thought they would actually use

    Its GREAT seeing so many Handles that I remember always seeing on FT but have been absent from there for awhile already, I might not have met any of you in person but in a way since '99 I felt as if I did and its my pleasure to once again beable to read your posts
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  17. yosithezet
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    yosithezet Silver Member

    FS? SD?
    FT was not a monopoly.
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  18. noname2
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    noname2 Silver Member

    It's the difference between going to a great buffet or being served a gourmet meal. At Flyertalk you have to do some picking to find the good stuff buried between all the fillers.
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  19. I have yet to see any useful information in this thread regarding the title of this thread...
    As an active FF yet casual "web consulter", can someone please explain why I might want to be on site vs the other?
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  20. Gargoyle
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    Gargoyle Milepoint Guide

    The other site has a huge amount of information, however much of it is "legacy" contained in "megathreads", threads that are hundreds of posts long; so it can take a lot of searching to dig up the gold. It has an interface based on the 1999 vision of internet social networking.

    This site is very new, so there isn't yet a really substantial amount of content; however, the content is fresh and easier to search and find. This site has an interface based on the 2011 vision of internet social networking.

    I'm not going to pass judgment on whether the 1999 vision or the 2011 vision is better. Both work well, and each has different appeals. Much of that is personal taste.

    While there is a big overlap in membership, the other site has more of an entrenched attitude of people who've been around a long time, already know it all, and have little patience for a question that they've seen too many times; so they can come off as snippy or unwelcoming. Here there is still a fresh attitude of newness, acceptance and welcoming. We are trying to build a sufficiently strong foundation of that attitude that it will (we hope) endure.
  21. Dovster
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    Dovster Gold Member

    If you want to research the past, FlyerTalk is the place for you. It has a databank going back over a decade.

    If you want up-to-date information, you should first look for it on Milepoint. If (and that still is a big "if") it is posted here it will be much easier to find than on FlyerTalk -- where it is apt to be buried in that large databank I mentioned.

    If you have a question you want someone to answer, which board is likely to provide the answer is questionable. FT has more members, so there are more people available to respond. are more likely there to be told to do a "Search" for the information than you are here.

    If you want a very structured environment, with moderators strictly enforcing a host of rules (some necessary, some not), then FT is the place for you. If you want to be part of building a tradition which will determine what kind of environment your board will be, then you are better off on MP.

    Frankly, however, I see no reason to be on "one site vs the other". Both have their strengths and weaknesses and I prefer to post on each of them.
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  22. Dovster
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    Dovster Gold Member

    Interestingly, although expressed in different words, Gargoyle's response, posted while my was being written, actually says the exact same things.
  23. Gargoyle
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    Gargoyle Milepoint Guide

    Then again, you are legendary for your promiscuous capacities; if there were 10 sites you'd post on all of them. :D

    Birds of a feather peck each others eyes out. :D
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  24. jbcarioca
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    jbcarioca Gold Member

    Why is that a surprise? the only difference is that Gargoyle may be slightly more centrist in his views [​IMG]

    Hah; try to define that!
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  25. Skyvillager
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    Skyvillager Silver Member

    You two have been enjoying each other's company for so long, that you now think alike. [​IMG]
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