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Answered: My status question

Discussion in 'Feedback/Support/Suggestions' started by estnet, Dec 15, 2011.  |  Print Topic

  1. estnet
    • Original Member

    estnet Gold Member

    My points have stayed the same for months despite posts, likes, etc. Am I missing something?
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  2. Tim
    • Original Member

    Tim Admin

    Status points happen a different levels posts/likes/etc. they don't constantly get added to your profile. So you will see status point increases, but they don't come quite as quickly after you get into the Silver status.
  3. Gargoyle
    • Original Member

    Gargoyle Milepoint Guide

    We have a long discussion some related "points" (maybe too long a discussion) in the Newbie forum, http://milepoint.com/forums/threads/what-are-milepoint-points.21825/ but I'm not sure that directly addresses your point.
    The gist of it is, early on points come quickly and in small increments, later on they come further apart but in larger increments. I think you'll probably next get points at 200 or 250 posts and at 200 likes, then perhaps no more until either of those numbers hit 500, and then not again untill either of those hits 1000. There are some undefined spots in between where you may get a few others. After that the gaps are even larger.
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  4. estnet
    • Original Member

    estnet Gold Member

    Thanks so much - sort of felt "stuck", but now I know I'm in uncharted territory:D
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  5. Gargoyle
    • Original Member

    Gargoyle Milepoint Guide

    You can click the points number in my profile to see the award tiers and thresholds, but keep in mind they change. In the first couple months of MP, and especially in the beta period, Al Gorithm as we call him was very loose- to test the system and see that it was working points earning was pretty quick. Over the summer it tightened up, and is subject to change again at any time. Therefore, some of the break points you see in my points record no longer exist or are further apart.
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