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  1. travelinmike33
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    For those of you who use MyPoints, which rewards do you choose? Thanks to the free Award Wallet signup via this board, I noticed that I have just shy of 10k points in my account. I used Banana Republic $100 GC because it was the least points for $100 GC and it was a good little present to my wife.

    Does everyone else stick to the travel rewards? On first glance, I didn't think the United miles were a good deal, but it's over a 50% discount from what it normally costs to buy miles, so that might be the best on there, particularly if you view using gift cards as missing out on CC miles. :)

    I'm interested to hear other things I haven't thought about and why you choose what you choose!
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  2. intueri
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    I use it for Starbucks gift cards. It's not the best value for the points, but it funds a big chunk of my modest away-from-home coffee habit, and it's something I would otherwise spend cash on, unlike the majority of other redemption options. (Oh, how I remember when 1000 points would buy you a $10 gas card...)
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  3. jaw_24
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    jaw_24 Silver Member $25 for 3850 is an ok deal for general merchandise, at 0.649 cents/point. But there are quite a few specialized retailers with the 3550 points $25 gift card, bumping up to 0.7 cents/point (or 0.74 cents/mile if you save up for the $50, which is one of the better deals. Sears and Kmart have 3600 points $25 gift cards, which are also really good if you shop at either place.
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  4. dayone
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    The best value, by far, is the Marriott $75 gift card for 9,000 points (0.83ยข/point).
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  5. free101girl
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    If you're not earning quickly (for instance, if you don't shop through MyPoints and only earn points by clicking on emails, etc.), it can be a bit dangerous to keep saving the points toward one of the higher-value awards like the Marriott $75. The reason is that MyPoints periodically devalues its points. You might find yourself just shy of hitting 9,000 points and boom, now the award costs 10,000.

    Personally I do most of my shopping through Ebates, which rewards in cash and often has a better percentage of return. I use MyPoints for a few aberrant merchants (Lancome is one) that have high payouts only on MyPoints, and of course I collect all the "free" click-through points I can. I can usually get a $25 gift card two or three times a year that way... generally Starbucks, for the same reason intueri cited. Most airports have at least one Starbucks, so the cards come in handy for travel.
  6. flyingdawg
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    Last time I redeemed was $100 Sears card for 14,000pts IIRC. Decent value for me as I was in need of a new diswasher at the time and that knocked my of of pocket cash down by 20%.

    I don't make purchases thru mypoints. I only accumulate points thru click-thrus and surveys. Needless to say it took several yrs for me to hit 14K pts.
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  7. unroadwarrior
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    In the past I have redeemed for UA miles. This time around I went with a store card. $50 for 7,500 points for most stores.
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