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  1. okrogius

    okrogius Silver Member

    Calculator. Technically it isn't super clear that this is also one partner pricing (mentions that it likely is, but price may vary) but a few dummy bookings gave me same numbers. Cost is by segment.

    Plugging in some random data points:
    YVR-HKG J is now 120 vs 100. (20% increase)
    YVR-HKG F is now 180 vs 150. (20% increase)
    JFK-HKG J is now 140 vs 100. (40% increase)
    JFK-HKG F is now 210 vs 150. (40% increase)
    JFK-HKG-DPS J is now 190 vs 100. (90% increase)
    JFK-HKG-DPS F is now 260 vs 150. (73% increase)
    JFK-SCL-IPC J is now 150 vs 80. (87.5% increase)

    2+ partners is still super-expensive.

    However, to end on the bright note, if you actually do fly BA metal, it looks like an improvement in a number of cases.
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  2. IDGflygirl
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    IDGflygirl Gold Member

    Thanks for posting this!
  3. hauteboy

    hauteboy Active Member

    It looks like award cost is calculated per segment too.. eg. AQJ-AMM-BEY (147mi+148mi) is coming in at 9000 (4500+4500) not 4500.
  4. okrogius

    okrogius Silver Member

    Indeed, every segment is priced separately and then added to the total. So something "simple" like JFK-SCL or YVR-HKG have gone up slightly. But those previously "free" (in addition to the base award costs) things like DPS or IPC are now an extra 50+ per round-trip.
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  5. HaveMilesWillTravel
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    HaveMilesWillTravel Gold Member

    I think Chase will see a significant drop of BA card holders and users. This household will likely cancel two when they come up for renewal.
  6. hauteboy

    hauteboy Active Member

    so yeah there go the free stopovers.. :(
    AA oneworld awards are calculated zone(A-B+B-C+C-D..) vs zone(AB) + zone(BC) + zone (CD) ...
  7. Beefeater
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    Beefeater Active Member

    Wow. What makes this chart really interesting is that now your choice of connecting point has an impact on the number of points needed.

    Example: JFK-HKG-MNL (all on CX) prices at 85K in business one-way. JFK-NRT-MNL (all on JL) comes in at 90k in business.
  8. daemon14

    daemon14 Gold Member

    But look at this when you try to leave from the west coast:

    CX: LAX-HKG-MNL in J = 70K + 15K = 85K (same price)
    JL: LAX-NRT-MNL in J = 50K + 20K = 70K :eek:

    So CX is cheaper from NYC, but JL is cheaper from the west coast.

    Also, it should be noted that the Iberia chart that had the tiers is not a hard-fast rule. For example SFO-HKG in CX J and JFK-HKG in CX J are the same price (70K one-way), but fall under two different tiers according to GCMap. According to IB, they are priced under the 6501-7000 mile tier, but JFK-HKG is 8000+ miles.

    The only 50K Y/100K J/150K F routes I've been able to find are SYD-LHR/LAX/DFW and the like. That's odd, because JFK-HKG is 8072 miles flight by 70K one-way J. LAX-SYD is 7488 miles but is 100K one-way J. So not entirely distance-based as some were saying.
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  9. NYBanker
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    NYBanker Gold Member

    The majority of people who have the BA card actually fly BA I suspect. For those pax, the changes in the partner award table will be less meaningful. It is a very small subset of their cardholders who got the card for the cx/LAN arb. Those of us on the east coast who use British Airways to fly to London just got a reduction in miles needed. Coupled with the 2-4-1, flights to lhr from JFK are less miles than a domestic trip using UA or AA points. One of the best values going frankly.
  10. jmrich1432
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    jmrich1432 Silver Member

    Thanks for posting this. Glad I listened to predictions and booked my South American trip yesterday with lots of stop-overs. :D
  11. JohnnieD
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    JohnnieD Silver Member

    So glad I booked our trip next fall on CX in Business for 100K... Includes HKG,BKK,SIN and DPS.....;)
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  12. craz
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    craz Silver Member

    I ended up booking zippo and Im :D I did that as I will now use my Pts for US trips, JFK-MIA was 25k now 15k, JFK-SJU was 35k now 20k LGA-YUL was 12.5 now 4500

    theres a lot of flights I wouldnt purchase since the cpm per eqm was way too expensive and at the same time it wasnt worth blowing thru 25k in miles. and JFK-LAX remains at 25k

    also Im a Pt to Pt person = I usually dont do say JFK-NRT-HKG-SIN if SIN is where Im heading and doing stops at the others If Im heading to EZE I dont want to stay in LIM or GRU etc etc I want to get to EZE. Id rather do 2 trips JFK-SIN and later JFK-HKG then do them both in 1 trip,

    so those destinations that are no longer a decent deal I wont use my Avious pts no prob and I will use them wher it now costs less then using my DL,UA,CO,AA,US miles
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  13. JohnDeere19
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    JohnDeere19 Gold Member

    JFK-JNB is pricing at 135,000 EACH WAY in First Class according to that Unless you want to pay $1,300 + 67,500 each way...a real bargain.
  14. JohnDeere19
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    JohnDeere19 Gold Member

    LAX-JNB/CPT is 150,000 each way in First
  15. HaveMilesWillTravel
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    HaveMilesWillTravel Gold Member

    Could be. I preside over a stash of about 300k miles, both from sign-up bonuses and card earnings. I will probably not continue to add to them significantly as the value proposition has changed here on the west coast. But I just couldn't get myself to book flights before the deadline because they wouldn't have fit into our travel plans.
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  16. Quasiconvexity
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    Quasiconvexity Silver Member

    Funny how we are in the same boat. Our household account has ~250K miles left after a recent redemption on CX J (for Dec 2011 which we were planning anyway). In spite of all the fuss, I couldnt bring myself to make any new bookings before the deadline because I dont foresee any travel within the next year that fits naturally, and we have schedules that dont always allow us to book that far in advance. We went on a multi-stop South American itinerary earlier this year and dont want to book one just for the sake of maximizing a good deal. I will probably end up using the rest of the miles on trips on BA metal to Europe or for shorter haul flights within the US.
  17. Blue Skye
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    Blue Skye Silver Member

    hadn't bothered to look at the charts yet, but your post gave me some good ideas for future redemptions. thanks!

    it is nice to have a variety of miles to use for unexpected trips where purchasing a ticket would be too high. IMO it makes planning for trips less stressful. :)
  18. MJLouise

    MJLouise Member

    How hard would it have been to publish a new partner awards chart months ago, when other changes were announced? It's the secrecy that was irritating to many North Americans.
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  19. Globaliser
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    Globaliser Silver Member

    But actually using BA Miles on BA was such terrible value before. Why has it suddenly become the world's best thing, so much so that you're going to clamour to redeem on BA?
    Yes, now that you mention it, why would someone call the airline "British Air" when it has a perfectly good and simple name to use?

    After all, it wouldn't be acceptable, would it, to contract a different aairline's name to "Mercan Air"?
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  20. milestoburn
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    milestoburn Gold Member

    using miles on british air has always been good value to MFU a WT+ to CW or CW to F. now it takes fewer miles to get to JFK from eastern location where there was always cheap WT+ tix and cheap CW tix versus other cities in the US/Canada. so yes, with 4500 miles or 9000 return in Y to get to JFK to use miles to MFU on british air, yes, it is now a better deal. so i can perhaps take solice in this and plan my trips to the UK/EU and help the economy out with some tourist $$
  21. milestoburn
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    milestoburn Gold Member

    very easy.
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  22. apume

    apume Active Member

    What am I missing? According to the chart at - I can see that NA-FarEast is still 50K Avios for single partner in Coach class, which makes it 100K in BIZ... which was the same before! Unless those are one-way miles now... we are screwed...literally doubles the mileage requirement! Any thoughts?
  23. apume

    apume Active Member

    And if I use the point calculator from OP - I see it being 70K one way (should have been 50K) in BIZ...weird! Totally!
  24. rajuabju
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    rajuabju Silver Member

    All I can say is...

    1) Thank goodness I'm in Buenos Aires as of about 2 hours ago, and going to be enjoying my 2 week trip that cost 80k miles in J per person.

    2) Thank goodness I've already booked my trip to Japan, China & Hong Kong in F for August next year.

    I can see the beneficial changes for some.... for me... based out of LAX... the changes are a disaster.
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  25. Randy Petersen
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    Randy Petersen Founder

    Thanks, I'll do some calcs from DEN going the only way that BA metal flies.

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